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CPP, CFE, Private Detective, ACFEI Homeland Security Level III


Richard A. Woldt, ASIS-CPP, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), American College of Forensic Investigator (ACFE), Licensed Private Detective, Incident Command & Control System Instructor (ICS-III), Member of Southwest Wisconsin Homeland Security Partnership, ASIS Chapter 067 Chairman, Life Member of VFW Post 8337, AMVET Post 51, AM-Post 527... Member InfraGard, Wisconsin & National Chiefs of Police Associations, Wisconsin Financial Crime Investigators!

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Richard "Rich" Woldt  Risk Management career began in 1963 at the University of Wisconsin graduating with a BBA  in Risk Management and Insurance in '68. He served an extended tour in Viet Nam from 68' until 71' before joined the Risk Management Department of CUNA Inc.

From '71 until '77 Rich organized credit unions and conducted Risk Management training for credit unions, chapters, leagues, and CUNA and Affiliates in the U.S. and for the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) and CUNA Mutual Group's International Department overseas.

In 1977 Rich accepted a Senior Risk Management position with CUNA Mutual Group, moved to Albany, New York  and managed CUNA Mutual Group (CMG) Northeast District' Risk Management operations.

In 1980 Rich returned to CMG's world headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin and worked closely with WOCCU's to promote International Credit Union Risk Management performance standards throughout the world credit union movement.

On June 29, 2001, after 30 years working throughout the world credit union movement, Rich retired from CMG's Risk Management Department and on September 11, 2001 in response to the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil, formed "Risk Management 007 LLC," the parent company of "The Risk Management Learning Center." Early in 2002, Rich launched to provide internet support for a fast growing cadre of International Credit Union Risk Management professionals.

Beginning in spring of 2002, CUNA Mutual Group's International Department retained Rich through his Risk Management Learning Center to write "International Risk Management manuals and establish international credit union RM performance standard for Great Britain, Ireland, Poland, Jamaica and the Caribbean, Australia, South Korea and Asia, etc.  International Credit Union Risk Management performance standards included conducting Risk Management train-the-trainer workshops throughout WOCCU and CMG's international operations. 

Between 2002 and 2012, Rich obtained his Wisconsin Private Investigator (PI) license, ran for Sheriff in Door County, Wisconsin, continues to serve on Midwest Protection Incorporated's advisory board, was a charter member serving two terms as Chairman of ASIS International Chapter 067, is current Chaplain and two term Past Commander of his VFW Post 8337, and play crime fighting and homeland security role with Wisconsin's Financial Crimes Investigators (FCI),  the FBI's InFragard, and Southern Wisconsin Homeland Security Partnerships (SWHSP).   

In 2005, Rich launched a community outreach website and a business community outreach website to teach Risk Management, contingency planning, and Incident Command and Control at the local "community" level. Note: was sold in 2011 and is now operated by ASIS Wisconsin under

In 2006, Rich launched a veteran outreach website to field test "private sector" emergency response protocols when the scope of a community crises overwhelms or its duration exhausts public sector first responders.

In 2007 Rich began construction of a "Private Sector" Risk Management training facility and in 2008 a Private Sector Emergency Operations Center (PS-EOC), "Private Sector" Staging Area (PS-SA) and an underground "Private Sector" Command Post (PS-CP). All are used to model and field test "Private Sector" CIRTs (Critical Incident Response Teams) mobilized through the world credit union movement and US veteran organizations.

In 2010, Rich became a charter member of the University of Wisconsin Risk Management Alumni Association and continues to preach what he affectionately refers to as his "International Credit Union Risk Management Gospel."

In 2012: The RMLC mission statement for 2012 includes launching a "Risk Management Graduate School" that will focus on promoting internationally recognized Risk Management methods and Homeland Security emergency response protocols throughout the private sector.  learn more   

Additional Background Information from past Biographies:

Based on benchmarking of International Risk Management programs In 2009 Risk Management Learning Center missions and strategic action plans will focus on three major projects: 

Rich's Risk Management career now spans over 42 years. Recently, he designed risk management programs for CUNA Mutual in Great Britain, Ireland, South Korea, and the Caribbean. He is currently designing an internet based "Virtual Incident Command System" that was tested in Jamaica during Hurricane Ivan and again throughout the US gulf during Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma. His Virtual Incident Command System will eventually be able to direct and coordinate a response to any natural disaster or terrorist attack.

Rich has a BBA in Risk Management from the University of Wisconsin, experience in law enforcement, he's a Viet Nam Vet and currently Chaplain for VFW Post #8337. Rich is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) awarded by the American Society of Industrial Security International. He's also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and a licensed Private Detective. Recent accomplishments include being certified as a Level III Homeland Security instructor by the American College of Forensic Examiners International (ACFEI).

  • His passion is to promote Risk Management principles that are consistent with the "People Helping People - Not for Profit, Not for Charity, but for Service" philosophy of the cooperative movements he has served during his career. 

    His focus is on risks that threaten life safety, the quality of life, and the loss of property through robbery, terrorism, bomb threats, violence-in-the-workplace, and natural disasters. He also conducts workshops on a variety of pure and speculative risks to include: burglary, fraud, forgery, scams, and  embezzlement. He's always ready to discuss any risk of interest to his audience.

    Rich says, "My RM strategy is simple. Through my RM learning center employees learn to create and maintain safer and more security work environments. Through my community outreach center ( they take what they've learned home and prepare not only their family but their community for the next natural disaster or terrorist attack." 

    His heroes include
    Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen; founder of the credit union movement (1849) and Edward A. Filene, who brought the credit union movement to the USA. His hobbies include Alpine skiing in the winter and riding his Harley in the summer.

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