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CPP, CFE, Private Detective, Homeland Security/ICS  Level III               Member: InfraGard, WI-National Chiefs of Police Association

International CURMs and Veterans continue to use

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Rich Woldt - CPP, CFE RMLC Owner & CEO... 
My personal   ASIS International CPP Continuing Education credits Reported for 2007 through 2010

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FYI: On the first anniversary of the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks, the Risk Management Learning Center launched a study of  "Private" sector' crisis management systems and the roles played by the private sector before, during, and after any large scale community crisis that requires mass housing-in-place or a mass evacuation. Credit Union Risk Managers from across the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, Poland, South Korea, Canada and throughout the Caribbean all contributed during the study. The study benchmarked private' sector contingency plans as well as private sector emergency response and recovery programs and protocols. 

I launched three web sites through which we conducted best practices survey, built training modules and crisis management templates, and field tested Risk Management controls specific to an industry or geographical region of the world.  For example:

  • and focused on mobilizing veterans and forming private-to-private and public-to-private homeland security partnerships and unified commands.
  • and focused on benchmarking private sector' contingency, business continuity, and business resumption planning programs and projects.
  • focused on mobilizing a global response during the next terrorist attack, natural disaster, pandemic, or large scale community crisis involving over 5000 victims requiring relocation for more than six months.

Each web site identified a cadre of street smart local instructors supported by a network of public, private, and international liaisons. Credit union education directors at the chapter and state levels should be working closely with their local law enforcement, fire chiefs, and emergency government officials. You're more than welcome to use our chapter presentation templates. click on the 2008 curriculum icon above for more information. learn more...

Go to for an example of our Risk Management liaison networks. Note, liaison change almost daily so those found in our HLS templates where placed there for training purposes. Like the structure of a "unified" command, liaisons used in our case studies change based on the type, scope, and duration of the worst-case-scenario.

Advanced Individual Training (AIT)

Go to to sign up for your CPP continuing education courses.

Go to to register for your Certified Fraud Examiner continuing education courses.

Go to to join our network of InfraGard - International Credit Union Risk Managers.


Allow me to introduce ..  our cadre of "certifiably "street smart" RM professionals. They conduct RM research and and offer their wisdom through RM presentations, workshops and consulting services. 

 Please feel welcome to use our research links and library and post your own RM white papers either over your signature or as a "deep throat" paper for password protected readers.

Because RM methods are constantly changing, our posted workshops and presentations are also updated and customized to your audience. Consider the posted titles and promotions as a starting point when working with our facutly.   Click here for a list of suggested RM topics and promotions.  

Risk Management 007 LLC is our parent company and is our "Community Outreach Site!"

We use to pull-it-all-together and translate RMLC research into RM presentations for your family and friends, clubs and associations, neighbors and community leaders.

To my many friends and RM mentors around the world...

 September 2005 marked my 42nd year of pounding the podium to motivate and spread Risk Management wisdom around the world. You have all richly blessed me with a career that's taken me to most cities in the US and countries in the free world. I've been blessed to have worked with so many good friends and  RM professionals. You've all shared your time and experience and in the process you've taught me much about life in the real world. I've learned; "There are no silver bullets" and it will take all of us working together to ensure a safe and secure future for our loved ones.

Now, thanks to the internet, we'll can keep in touch, continue to share, and move out with courage to prepare, protect, and defend your homeland.     Rich Woldt  

 The RMLC  .... Comments & Contributions are Welcome! Click Here!


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Press Packet

R&D White Papers.. Note to readers: White papers are RM research papers often in rough draft that RMLC faculty post for comment before creating workshops and presentations based on their findings. Their goal is to ensure what they recommend will work in the real world.               
Rich Woldt - White Paper on the RMLC Pyramid Road to Recovery and Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs!"

Rich Woldt - White Paper on...Risk Management Lessons Learned During Hurricane Season 2005

Rich Woldt - Hurricane (IC):  R&D and White Papers on (Ivan, Katrina, Rita, Wilma, etc.)

Rich Woldt - Sample form for basic damage assessments and incident reports.

Rich Woldt - An Introduction to International Risk Management

David McGuinn: Safe Deposit Box Compliance and Legal Issues

David McGuinn: Safe Deposit Box Security & Liability

Paul Bergee: Contingency Planning Test from The Paid Paranoid

Paul Bergee Business Continuity Planning: Pandemic - Is this Y2K-II?

Paul Bergee Business Continuity Planning: Continuity Central Pandemic Planning Survey Results

Paul Bergee - Pandemic - Is this Y2K-II?

Paul Bergee - BRPAW Event 2-15-06

Paul Bergee - Pandemic Planning Survey Results

Toni Conti - Incident Report on Katrina

Comments and Incident Reports: Note to Reader: "Our policy is to post comments and Incident Reports as they are written once we confirm the source and consider the incident report to be "first hand" and written in "the first person." Agree or disagree, this is the only way we can ensure an upfront and candid research environment. Read these at the risk of being offended."           Rich Woldt

Deep Throat 007... files and faculty white paper are open only to RMLC faculty,   authorized RMLC faculty mentors and law enforcement personnel.

Deep Throat 007:  Katrina Incident Report /04-09-17_news Rich Woldt - release on hurricanes of 2004



Risk Management  Awards & Certifications  


Effective 1-1-13  All RMLC faculty will be independent contractors. With the reelection of Obama and the dictates of his Obama-care we no longer can afford to employ our faculty.

The * denotes RMLC "10-Yeared" faculty.


RMLC Faculty & Mentors...have years of experience in law enforcement, private security, and corporate Risk Management. Over 500 "faculty mentors" representing most major industries, countries and cultures monitor our work to ensure our recommendations will work on the frontlines and in the real world. Look Below for links to faculty biographies and click on "Mentor" icons for a directory of RMLC and project mentors.

* Paul J. Bergee, CBCP
Contingency Planning, Business Resumption and Disaster Recovery. Paul is the architect of CUNA Mutual's contingency plans and has worked with many credit unions to streamline their business continuity plans...

* Dr. James Black Ph.D. Psychologist Trauma Management & Victim Assistance

David Browning, MD

Great Entertainment

* David Browning, MD "The Mayberry Deputy"
Theatrical and Entertaining Presentations. I first met David at the ASIS International Conference in Dallas where wowed thousands with his silver bullet and impersonations. David brings needed humor to ease the pain and foster healing caused by the traumatic times in which we live.   

Visit Tony's web site! That's an order!  Rich

* Anthony Conti, Retired Detective / former specialist with 17 years active duty in the NYPD's "Emergency Service Unit", current CEO of "Tact-Source" Consulting, L.L.C.
Robbery, Burglary, Bomb Threats, Biological Warfare, Terrorism

Deceased: In memory of Charles Eikel

* Charles Eikel, CMG retired
Credit Union Philosophy, History & Traditions


Elvis, i.e. our RMLC faculty member is back from a crushing injury and the Swine Flu.. Learn more   He's ready to "Rock and Roll" at your next annual meetings.  Send get well wishes and booking requests to     Rich Woldt
* Elvis, Alan Graveen as Elvis “stylist” DJ from Wisconsin started impersonating the King at age 7, studied voice at Wausau Conservatory of Music and pursued recording contracts throughout the ‘90’s. If you can’t locate Elvis, email Alan at for the latest sightings in southeastern Wisconsin.

* John Eliason, DJP
Legal Assistance & Regulator Liaison
Angela Fisher - University of Wisconsin School of Business Student, 2004 Wisconsin State Honey Bee Queen, 2005 United States Honey Bee Princes - Conducting Risk Management Research focused on Agricultural Risks created by natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis, earth quakes, and biological warfare. Angela worked with Prof. Rich Hartel on a research project involving honey products. While at the University of Wisconsin – Madison Angela majored in food and nutritional sciences conducting food science studies involving the honey industry. In her spare time, Angela is active in her church, gives private voice and piano lessons, and participates in her family’s percussion ensemble. Click Here for interviews with ABC, NBC, & CBS at Minnesota State Fair...

* Lucy Harr, partner of Fourth Lake Communications, LLP, a firm specializing in credit union communications, including easy-to-use guides and two books commissioned by CUNA Mutual Group.
Credit Union Communications & Publications

For a sample of Curt's work go to

* Curtis M. Haugen, CPP

* David M. Koenig, CPP
Specialist in electronic card access systems, burglar alarm systems, fire alarm systems, uniformed security officers and patrol services, central monitoring station services and locksmithing.


* Michael Koll, Retired after 34 years of federal law enforcement experience
Financial Fraud, Service vs. Responsibilities, Forgery/Bad Checks, Identity Documents and Identification Procedures, Social Security Numbers - their use and misuse, Identity Theft and Identity Fraud, Anti-Terrorism Identity Issues and Technology

* David McGuinn, President of Safe Deposit Box Specialists
Safe Deposit Box Services

David has had an international impact on Risk Management performance standards throughout our global credit union movement. I recommend all credit unions use David's publications when updating their Risk Management Performance Standard for Safe Deposit Box personnel. Go direct to to preview his latest work.

11-11-11: How safe is a Safe Deposit Box?                                    

Rich Woldt CEO The Risk Management Learning Center

* Neil Purtell As an FBI agent, Mr Purtell worked on Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing and at the World Trade Center on 9-11 to mention just a notable events. At the time he retired from active FBI duty he was Supervisory Special Agent assigned to the Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) based at the FBI Academy at Quantico, VA. He is recognized as one of the best in the world in his field. Over the years, it's been Neil that agencies and organizations have turned to time and time again. Critical Incident Management, Extortion, Executive Protection and Money Laundering, International Law Enforcement

* Gene Quigley, is "the architect of the Credit Union Fidelity Bond" used by credit unions around the world. Gene, the retired VP of CUNA Mutual Underwriting, continues to influence the design, development, and deployment of fidelity bonds around the world. Gene is our faculty "Architect of The Tool of Transfer" and continues to be an internationally sought after authority on Risk Management and Insurance.

Mentors:  Gary Plank and Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen

* Gary Plank, is President-CEO of Arizona Credit Union System and the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU). I first worked with Gary when, in the late 60s, he and I where hired by CUNA Mutual/CUNA to organize credit unions across the USA. Gary started his career in Iowa. As a member of our International - Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) Gary stands ready to come to the rescue during any large scale community crisis. I first met Gary...(click here)

* Dick Radtke, partner in Fourth Lake Communications, Madison, Wisconsin. His previous credit union experience includes 25 years with CUNA Mutual, where he was vice-president and Senior Public Relations Officer.
Credit Union Communications & Publications
* Florence Rogers Retired CEO, Federal Employees CU - Oklahoma City.  Bombing survivor!
Trauma Management & Victim Assistance

* Jim Rosenberger spent 27 years with CUNA Mutual as a Division Manager of Underwriting, administering programs for the Fidelity Bond, Directors and Officers Liability, Property and Liability Coverage issued for credit unions. Since retiring, Jim has leveraged his intense interest in the Lewis and Clark Expedition into a business venture - Corps Essentials, LLC, devoted to presenting the story and providing related products.

John D. Shier is a Registered Nurse with a message. He entered the profession of nursing when he was sixty after having two prior careers. He was an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay for fourteen years. Following that he serviced eighteen years as the Executive Director of the Lake Michigan Area Agency on Aging and Executive Director of the United Way of Brown County. John is a nationally recognized speaker with a portfolio of clients from both the public and private sector. John is well known throughout the credit union movement and severs as a mentor on many of our Risk Management projects. Click here to visit his web site

* Shawn Smith, Owner/CEO/President M.P.I.
Private Security, Law Enforcement Liaison and Guard Training
January 2009:  We welcome Jim Steel to International Risk Management faculty. Jim joined us after a successful career with the Secret Service and Master Card's International Risk Management Department. For years, Jim was a valued mentor of our world credit union movement as we ventured into demand deposits, credit card services, and internet banking. Rich Woldt

James Steel  

13987 Lake Shore Drive

Willis, TX  77318



James Steel and Associates
Credit Card Fraud Avoidance Specialties

Click here of Jim's Biography

Career Summary

Credit card fraud professional with extensive experience in security, risk management, conducting investigations and fraud control: as Regional Vice President of Security and Risk Management with MasterCard International and the US Secret Service. Significant strengths in public speaking, presentations, conducting seminars, supervising investigations, protection of people and assets, and security management and administration. 

Professional Experience 

MasterCard International Risk Manager 1989 - 2008

Regional Vice President Security and Risk Management

Responsible for security, fraud control and risk management issues related to credit card crime involving MasterCard member banks and financial institutions in 25 states of Midwestern and Southern US.

2009  Larry Steffes, archetect of CUNA Mutual's fraud audit programs in the 80's, currently CUNA Mutual's go to guy west of the Mississippi to settle complex fraud claims, mentor of his own neighborhood watch, introduced video technology to speed and improve the claim settling process.


*  Larry Steffes, President, Steffes Consulting, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona.  Providing consulting services in:

Bond Claim Questions or Concerns?

 For assistance with all aspects of claim preparation, contact Associated Credit Union Resources. 

  • 50 years combined experience in the handling of bond claims on behalf of a national credit union insurer
  • Staff includes former Bond Claim and Risk Management personnel including a Certified Public Accountant
  • Thorough familiarity with credit union bonds, requirements, and the process for claims preparation
  • Services include claim verification, audit preparation, accounting, preparation of documents, accompaniment to negotiations
  • Two national locations to serve your needs – Madison, WI and Phoenix, AZ
  • Efficient and effective

Contact your Associated Credit Union Resources specialist: 

George R. Buleza          Larry M. Steffes

PO Box 8246                       PO Box 42053

Madison, WI  53708             Phoenix, AZ  85080

608-347-0148                       602-568-1051 


1.  Fidelity bond and contract surety claims;

2.  Forensic accounting/Fraud auditing;

3.  Risk management;

4.  Internal controls;

5.  Computer security;

6.  Expert witness testimony; and

7.  Conducting seminars on related topics.


Richard M. Tierney, President, Richard M. Tierney, P.A., Attorney at Law, founded 1996 is a member of our faculty and behind the scenes project mentor specializing on legal research. A family man living in Jacksonville Florida, Rick is our southeastern US attorney ready on short notice to speak at chapter meeting in the area.

Lloyd Kenneth (Ken) Terrill, is an Incident Command System instructor for Madison Area Technical College- Madison, WI. Ken continues to be instrumental in our "RMLC-Private Sector ICS" course development projects. Ken is our designated IC-CIRT Liaison Officer when deploying a VFW unified command anywhere in Wisconsin. 

 Ken's RMLC' focused leadership includes: Assisting during deployment of Private Sector "unified" commands, ensuring RMLC CIRTs and VIPER's have been properly briefed on NIMS and ICS terminology and protocols.deployment of unified Incident Cammand implementation of the National Incident Management System, Incident Command System, Homeland Security, Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP), Emergency Response Management, Incident Operation Coordination, and Emergency Management Assistance. Ken is a highly respected member of our RMLC faculty.      Rich Woldt RMLC CEO

* Donna Tona, Certified Trauma Specialist, Ms. Tona was a crisis intervention leader at the Oklahoma City bombing site and a crisis intervention leader in New York City at the World Trade Center after the 9-11 terrorist attack. She is internationally recognized for her victim assistance efforts and trauma management skills. Visit the web site (under construction), or e-mail Donna directly at:
Trauma Management & Victim Assistance

Dennis Tweedale, CEO - League of Wisconsin Municipalities Mutual Insurance Company. Dennis is a fellow UW graduate and life long student of risk management. His risk management research is focused on the property, casualty, and liability risks created by a municipality. Dennis continues to be our go-to guy when it comes to managing risks faced by our veteran' critical incident response teams. Dennis is also an advisor to our veteran' special operations task force.  You can reach Dennis Tweedale at 608-833-9595.

* John A. Vardallas CAE, Speaker/Trainer/Consultant
A Developer of People and Organizations, John is dedicated to helping people and organizations reach their full potential in order to prosper in the world of tomorrow.

Risk Management Cruises

* John Vrabec, Executive Director - The Financial Security and Products Association (FSPA)  formerly The National Independent Bank Equipment & Systems Association (NIBESA) your international resource for security equipment, safes, vaults, alarms, surveillance, access controls, Etc.

* Rich Woldt, CPP, CFE, owner and CEO of "Credit Union Risk Management 007" a resource service provider for credit union educators around the world delivering risk management training and educational presentations, workshops and classes on Robbery, Burglary, Bomb Threats, Biological Warfare, Embezzlement, , Fraud, Scams, Forgery, Kiting, External Dishonesty, Workers Compensations, Office Safety Risks, Ergonomics, Internal Dishonesty, Terrorism and Facility Security Consulting

Please call me for links to other faculty who offer strictly one-on-one consultations.             Rich Woldt 608-712-7880 


During hurricane' Ivan, Katrina, and Wilma we posted instructions for first responders, victims, and evacuees. Look below for links to a file of those postings:        Rich Woldt



Faculty Mentors!

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