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CPP, CFE, Private Detective, Homeland Security/ICS  Level III                                         Member: InfraGard, WI-National Chiefs of Police Association

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Rich Woldt



Rich Woldt - White Paper on the RMLC Pyramid Road to Recovery and Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs!"

Rich Woldt - White Paper on...Risk Management Lessons Learned During Hurricane Season 2005

Rich Woldt - Hurricane (IC):  R&D and White Papers on (Ivan, Katrina, Rita, Wilma, etc.)

Rich Woldt - Sample form for basic damage assessments and incident reports.

Rich Woldt - An Introduction to International Risk Management

David McGuinn: Safe Deposit Box Compliance and Legal Issues

David McGuinn: Safe Deposit Box Security & Liability

Paul Bergee: Contingency Planning Test from The Paid Paranoid

Paul Bergee Business Continuity Planning: Pandemic - Is this Y2K-II?

Paul Bergee Business Continuity Planning: Continuity Central Pandemic Planning Survey Results

Paul Bergee - Pandemic - Is this Y2K-II?

Paul Bergee - BRPAW Event 2-15-06

Paul Bergee - Pandemic Planning Survey Results

Toni Conti - Incident Report on Katrina

Comments and Incident Reports: Note to Reader: "Our policy is to post comments and Incident Reports as they are written once we confirm the source and consider the incident report to be "first hand" and written in "the first person." Agree or disagree, this is the only way we can ensure an upfront and candid research environment. Read these at the risk of being offended."           Rich Woldt

Deep Throat 007... files and faculty white paper are open only to RMLC faculty,   authorized RMLC faculty mentors and law enforcement personnel.

Deep Throat 007:  Katrina Incident Report /04-09-17_news Rich Woldt - release on hurricanes of 2004



Risk Management  Awards & Certifications  

Effective 1-1-12 contact our RMLC faculty members for their most current list of workshops and presentations.


Goals and Objectives:

Create RM Power Point and video presentations... credit unions, chapters, leagues, associations can use during RM continuing education sessions and private sector Homeland Security briefings.

Continue to provide risks assessment tools... appropriate for the world credit union movement and segments of the private sector.

Continue to provide basic "Incident Command and Control" training... for the private sector through credit union chapters and U.S. veteran organizations.

Streamline RMLC VIPER and CIRT response protocols...for the private sector to speed the formation of "unified" incident commands anytime the scope of a crisis overwhelms or it's duration exhausts public sector response assets. .

Continue or work with our RM affiliates to enhance public-to-private homeland security partnerships.

Launch our RMLC Graduate School.        


Community Outreach Specials...


It's important for your credit union, chapter, and community to understand and use the "Incident Command System (ICS) and deploy "mission-ready" Critical Incident Response Teams (CIRTs) during the next natural disaster, terrorist attack, pandemic, or large scale community crisis, we're offering what I call our Immediate Response Community Outreach Program - 2009. If you have a last minute speaker cancellation or similar crisis, call and, if I'm available, I'll come running with one or both of the following RM topics...
If you're looking for a keynote speaker or a one to three hour RM presentations for your credit union chapter, business association, veteran's organization or club, ask about our Community Outreach diner circuits and road shows.

Call me at 608-712-7880               Rich Woldt

The RMLC faculty are ready to assist in planning and delivering a successful learning event centered around your chosen theme.

New and Tried and True Blue! Click on any title below for course details and links to related faculty:

You can develop single topic events or multiple-day seminars from the above categories. The course curriculum subject matter can be presented in any of the following formats:
  • one to three-hour seminars,
  • workshops,
  • presentations,
  • full-day programs,
  • multiple-day conferences.

A typical full-day session usually includes six hours of interaction in two segments: from 9 AM-Noon, followed by a lunch break and a three-hour session in the afternoon (1 - 4 PM). A fifteen-minute break is recommended in the morning and in the afternoon sessions. Questions and answers can be covered both during and after the session.


Color Code:
  Law Enforcement & Private Security
  Internal Auditors, Audit Committees, Regulators
  Contingency Planners & Incident Commanders
  ****Top Priority April 28, 2009 Pandemic Risks
  Attorneys & Board of Directors
  Management, Staff, and Community Leaders
Risk Management Principles


Risk Management - A Method of Management (Rich Woldt CPP)


Risk Management - Adopting Theory to Credit Union Reality (Rich Woldt CPP)


Risk Management #101 - A Basic 1-day Training Course to combat crime in credit unions, or any other business or group that seeks to understand, categorize and minimize risk. This program is most appropriate for security officers, operations managers, front line employees, volunteers and those responsible for providing a safe and healthy work environment.
RM-104 The Incident Command and Control System - Your Key to RM Success in 2007!  This one to 4 hours RM session adopts the same Incident Command System (ICS) used by law enforcement, fire fighters, and emergency governments to your credit union, chapter, and industry trade associations. The ICS provides you with a "RM Strategic Action Plan" making you mission ready for the next natural disaster, terrorist attack, pandemic, or large scale community crisis.

This is an ideal subject for a you "community outreach chapter circuits."

RM-105 Basic Training for Critical Incident Response Teams - 2007

This one to 4 hours RM session will help you organize, train, and deploy your own "Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT)" during the the next burglary, robbery, extortion, natural disaster, terrorist attack, pandemic, or life threatening community crisis! During 2006 we've organized CIRTs at every level of the world credit union movement, for veteran' organization, and the faith-based community. These sessions prepare you to take an active role in any CIRT program deployed in your neighborhood.

Robbery - Occurring during business hours - Threat of Force


Action Before, During and After Robbery - Staff Training (Rich Woldt CPP)


Surviving an Armed Robbery (1 hour) - Neil Purtell, Retired FBI
What's it all about and how do we go home at night? The basics and the reality in prevention and survival of a robbery. Als how to survive if you happen to be taken.


Managing Armed Robbery and Other Violence in the Workplace Risks (Rich Woldt CPP,PI)


How to Survive when You're Kidnapped (Neil Purtell, Retired FBI)


NIBESA (National Independent Bank Equipment & Systems Association) Security products are just around the corner! (John Vrabec)


Private Security - Basic training for armed and unarmed guards! (Shawn Smith & Rich Woldt CPP) Robbery Trauma - The After Effects! (Donna Tona)
Burglary - non-business hours with signs of forced entry


Burglary #101 - How to plan and carry out a successful burglary! (Rich Woldt CPP)

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design - An Introduction to CPTED! (Rich Woldt CPP, CFE, PI) (
Rich Woldt CPP)


Physical Security - Building security on a solid foundations! (Rich Woldt CPP)

Burglar Alarms - What Security Officers need to know about design, installation, maintenance and proper use! (
Rich Woldt CPP)


Security Integration - Learn to get the biggest bang from your security bucks! (Rich Woldt CPP)


Burglary - Experience is a good teacher! - A Case Study (Rich Woldt CPP CFE, PI)


Introduction to Safe Deposit Box Services (David McGuinn)


Private Security - Basic training for armed and unarmed guards! (Shawn Smith & Rich Woldt CPP)


Burglary Trauma - The After Effects (Donna Tona)


NIBESA (National Independent Bank Equipment & Systems Association) Security products are just around the corner! (John Vrabec)


How Safe is Your Safe Deposit Box Security? (David McGuinn)
Terrorism - Bomb Threats & Biological Warfare

Attention International Risk Managers... Click here to update your RM research prior to each RM workshop.... Rich Woldt


How to Mobilize your credit union to Combat Terrorism (Rich Woldt CPP)


Mobilizing the Credit Union Movement to combat terrorism (Rich Woldt CPP)


Bomb threat and anthrax scare staff training (Rich Woldt CPP)


The Arabic Culture - A Risk Management Perspective (Neil Purtell, Retired FBI)

This is a 1-hour presentation that will present the basis and characteristics of the Arabic Culture, one shared by all Arabic nations and over 3 million Arabs living and doing business in the U.S. The Arabic culture is one of the oldest cultures and also one of the most misunderstood by the West. The way its followers think, speak and do business should be understood by all Americans, and especially those involved in business.


Critical Incident Management - Post 911 Protocol (Rich Woldt CPP)


Executive Protection - Getting Back on Board with confidence! (Rich Woldt CPP)


Domestic Terrorism (Neil Purtell, Retired FBI)

Have we forgotten about Oklahoma City? A look at our home grown terrorist. The threat is not always from overseas. They have changed, but they are still there. A look at the trends in the movement and examine what it means for us.


International Terrorism (Neil Purtell, Retired FBI)

A frank discussion of the nature of terrorism. Why some things are done by the terrorist groups, how they operate and some of the things we could do to protect ourselves.


Money Laundering & The USA Patriot Act (Neil Purtell, Retired FBI)

Terrorism and Trauma - The After Effects (
Donna Tona)


The Pentagon at 9/11 - Neil Purtell, Retired FBI
Neil Purtell provides a look at the events of 9/11 from inside the Pentagon. Learn about how rescue and investigation was managed from someone that was there - how the victims, their families and the workers were aided.
Violence in the Workplace


Victim Assistance & Trauma Management - The walk hand-in-hand (Rich Woldt CPP, CFE, PI)


Taking the Fear out of Firing (Neil Purtell, Retired FBI)


Hostage Negotiations - The Ultimate Challenge (Neil Purtell, Retired FBI)


Critical Incident Management (Neil Purtell, Retired FBI)


Mock Robberies - They can Hurt more than heal (Rich Woldt & Neil Purtell, Retired FBI)


The Pentagon at 9/11 - Learn from an insider how victims, their families and the workers were aided (Neil Purtell, Retired FBI)

Advance Trauma Management Training (
Donna Tona)
Extortion - Executive Protection and Hostage Negotiations

Attention International Risk Managers... Click here to update your RM research prior to each RM workshop.... Rich Woldt


Extortion Survival - For Upper Management & Board of Directors (Neil Purtell, Retired FBI)


Executive Protection - Learning from Experience (Neil Purtell, Retired FBI)


Managing Extortion Risks - Staff Training - (Rich Woldt CPP, CFE, PI)


Kidnap Survival - Neil Purtell, Retired FBI
Years of working with Americans who were the victims of kidnappings by criminal gangs and terrorist groups provides us with tips they used to survive. Excellent training for employees that travel overseas on personal or Credit Union business as well as Executives and Board members. As Americans, we are all targets.


Management of an Extortion or Kidnap - Neil Purtell, Retired FBI
This is the decision making process that Manager and Security Officers should be prepared for. What is the role of the Credit Union? What need to be done? What should we say or do? Who really makes the decisions? We will discuss all of this and much more.
Liability - The Risk You Can't Avoid


Credit Union Board of Directors - Duties and Responsibilities (John Eliason, DJP)


Liability - A Risk You Can't Avoid (John Eliason, DJP)


Board of Directors - Professional and Personal Liability (Rich Woldt CFE & John Eliason, DJP)


When Regulators Talks, It pays to listen! (John Eliason, DJP)


Liability Insurance - An Underwriters' Perspective (Eugene Quigley)


Safe Deposit Box Security Failures - Your Liability Nightmare! (David McGuinn)
LIA 2005

New - Fall 2005: (David McGuinn)

  1. Safe Deposit Box Compliance and Legal Issues
  2. Safe Deposit Box Security & Liability


Bond & Insurance - The Tool of Transfer


Your Bond - To know it is to love it! (Eugene Quigley & Rich Woldt CPP)


Bonding and Insurance - An Underwriters' Perspective (Eugene Quigley)
Scams & Forgery, External Fraud - Identity Theft, Plastic Card Fraud, New Account Fraud, Kitting, Money Laudering, Etc.

Attention International Risk Managers... Click here to update your RM research prior to each RM workshop.... Rich Woldt


Scam Alerts, Are they worth the effort? (Rich Woldt CPP, CFE, PI)


From Forgery to Fraudulent Deposits and Back! (Rich Woldt CFE)


Staff Training - Forgery, Fraud and your Front lines! (Rich Woldt CFE)


Closing the Door on Kiting (


Check Kiting and Loan Fraud - Neil Purtell, Retired FBI
We start with basic and move on to: What happens when a fraud is discovered? What are the signs we should look for? What can go wrong when people try to cover up a fraud? We move from theory to past cases.


Money Laundering - To Catch a Thief (Neil Purtell, Retired FBI)


Money Laundering - What Credit Unions Need to Know! (Neil Purtell, Retired FBI)

This is an introduction to the concept of money laundering and a look at money laundering by terrorist organizations. The presentation will explain the methods used by the 911 terrorist to fund their acts and discuss the role of Credit Unions to uncover these links. We also discuss the Credit Union's new role in meeting obligations of the Patriot Act.


Identity Theft - How Safe is Your Reputation? (Mike Koll)
Embezzlement - Internal Dishonesty

Attention International Risk Managers... Click here to update your RM research prior to each RM workshop.... Rich Woldt


 A Profile of The Credit Union Embezzler (Rich Woldt CFE)


 Supervisory Committee Training 101 (Rich Woldt CFE)


 To Catch A Thief (Rich Woldt CFE)
Contingency Planning - Business Resumption - Disaster Recovery


(B) Contingency Planning - Keeping it simple, efficient and effective! (Rich Woldt CFE)


(I-A) "Bench-marking" - How does your contingency plan compare to others? (Rich Woldt CFE & Paul Bergee CBCP)


(B) The Evolution of Recovery Management - Disaster Recovery to Business Resumption to Contingency Planning (Rich Woldt CFE &/or Paul Bergee CBCP)

 Instruction Level:

B = Basic - Appropriate for a general audience.
I = Intermediate - Appropriate for response teams and those familiar with planning terminology.
A = Advanced - for plan writers, recovery teams and experienced professionals.

FYI They called me the "Paid Paranoid" because it was my job to worry than plan for every possible contingency. I'm now retired and ready to rest. Attend this session and learn from my experiences with floods, tornados, hurricanes, and BLEVEs.      Paul Bergee


(B) Introduction to Business Contingency Planning (Paul Bergee CBCP)


(I) The Myths of Business Contingency Planning (Paul Bergee CBCP)


(BI) A General Review of Business Contingency Planning (Paul Bergee CBCP)


(BIA) An in-house Business Contingency Planning Workshop (Paul Bergee CBCP)


(BI) Are You Prepared? - Testing to Measure "Preparedness" (Paul Bergee CBCP)


(BIA) Let's Audit your Business Contingency Planning program (Paul Bergee CBCP)


(BIA) Training for EOC (Emergency Operations Center) Personnel (Paul Bergee CBCP)


(B) A Full Scale Business Contingency Planning Development Program (Paul Bergee CBCP)


(B) A Full Scale Business Contingency Planning Management Package (Paul Bergee CBCP)


(BI) Testing Your Business Contingency Plans (Paul Bergee CBCP)


(BIA) Business Continuity External Dependency Audit (Paul Bergee CBCP)


Advanced "Bench-marking" - How Does Your Contingency Planning Program Compare? (Paul Bergee CBCP)
FYI: Incident Command & National Incident Management Systems:

Fire fighters have used a version of the "Incident Command System (ICS)" since the 1940s to fight fires spreading across municipalities. The "National Incident Management System (NIMS) is setting performance standards for law enforcement, emergency governments, etc. RMLC programs incorporate ICS and NIMS performance standards to your company, organization, and community response protocols.       Rich Woldt 

ICS - 101 ICS Fundamentals: Design, Develop and Deploy your own business, association and family Incident Command Systems (ICS)
ICS 102 Hurricane Katrina's Incident Command System - What worked, what went wrong and the role you play in response and recovery!
Top Priority Pandemic Risks --- Top Priority April 28, 2009

Web Results


To Identify, Measure, and Control Pandemic risks, GO TO...
News results for Pandemic risks - View today's top stories
External risks demand careful handling - Bangkok Post - Dec 29, 2005

Pandemic risks from bird flu -- Barclay and Zambon 328 (7434): 238 ...
Pandemic risks from bird flu. The risk to humans is small, but we need to be
better prepared. An outbreak of avian influenza is ravaging the poultry ... - Similar pages

Nations Recognize Urgency of Bird Flu, Pandemic Risks - US ...
Nations Recognize Urgency of Bird Flu, Pandemic Risks. State Department hosts 80
nations to plot coordinated efforts. By Charlene Porter ... - 32k - Cached - Similar pages

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Situation overview and pandemic risk assessment . ... prophylactically near the
start of a pandemic to reduce the risk that a fully transmissible ... prone_diseases/afr_avian_flu_31_10_05.pdf - Similar pages

Avian Flu Pandemic Risks Sparking Global Recession - Asian ...
Avian Flu Pandemic Risks Sparking Global Recession - Asian Development Bank.
The ADB said a year-long shock from bird flu in humans would cost Asian ... avian-flu-pandemic-risks-sparking-global-recession-asian-development-bank - 10k - Cached - Similar pages

Comments on: Avian Flu Pandemic Risks Sparking Global Recession ...
File Format: Unrecognized - View as HTML
recession-asian-development-bank Health and Treatment News and Information ... avian-flu-pandemic-risks-sparking-global-recession-asian-development-bank/feed/ - Similar pages

Pandemic risks from bird flu.
Pandemic risks from bird flu. Barclay WS, Zambon M. Publication Types Editorial
MeSH Terms Animals Asia, Southeastern/epidemiology Birds Chickens ... db=PubMed&list_uids=14751872&dopt=Abstract - Similar pages

Pandemic risks from bird flu.
Pandemic risks from bird flu. Barclay WS, Zambon M. Publication Types:. Editorial.
MeSH Terms:. Animals; Asia, Southeastern/epidemiology; Birds; Chickens ... db=PubMed&list_uids=14751872&dopt=Citation - Similar pages Community - H5N1 pandemic risk is still increasing...
What about the pandemic risk? A pandemic can start when three conditions ...
How serious is the current pandemic risk? The risk of pandemic influenza is ... - 58k - Cached - Similar pages

Embassy of the United States of America - Montevideo, Uruguay
Nations recognize urgency of bird flu, pandemic risks. State Department hosts 80
nations to plot coordinated efforts. ... - 21k - Cached - Similar pages

Avian and pandemic influenza–Five questions for 2006
The year’s end is traditionally a time for reflection, and I would like to propose
five fundamental questions about pandemic risk for the start of 2006 ... - 32k - Cached - Similar pages

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Credit Union Philosophy, History, Traditions and Entertainment


"Credit Unions - A World of Difference" (Chuck Eikel)
Acquire an insight into the rich and colorful history of the credit unions: why these cooperatives were successful; why people flocked to them; and the powerful resistance against them in the early years. You'll meet some of the colorful and dedicated pioneers of our movement: Raiffeisen, Desjardins, Filene, Bergengren, and Doig. You'll also meet some later pioneers you may have never heard about - and your audience will hear how credit union history often repeats itself.


The Mayberry Deputy (David Browning, MD)


The Evolution of Risk Management in the Credit Union Movement 1853 - 2003 ( Rich Woldt CFE)


The Evolution of Risk Management through NCUA Regulations! ( Rich Woldt CFE)


Who Done It? - Learning from a controlled crime scene! (Rich Woldt CFE, Private Investigator)


Street Smart! - Front-line employees come face to face with seasoned criminals! (Rich Woldt CFE Private Investigator)

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