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Fellow veterans!  If and when we're called for help...   - Rich Woldt

Issued Day Seven (7)--Veterans in Door County Wisconsin can stand-down but remain vigilant!

Attention Wisconsin veterans! The gas explosions in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin appear to be over and the Incident Commander (Chris Hetch) indicated he'll be releasing resources. Congratulations Door County fire fighters, law enforcement, and Emergency Government for a job well done. Thank you Wisconsin veterans for the role you played during this international incident. I've received comments from around the world. 

While it might be time to stand-down and regroup, it's also time to remain vigilant and prepare reinforcements incase we're hit by another disaster (tornado, gas explosion, wild fire, toxic spill, terrorist attack, etc.). Experience has taught us that terrorists target already stressed communities, using disasters to trigger attacks where resources have been depleted. Their goal is to spread panic, traumatize victims, and benefit from an already in place global media blitz. 

If the Ellison Bay incident had gone past 14 days, there had been more explosions or escalation in "scope creep," we would have automatically surveyed Wisconsin veterans and created a data base of resources for the Incident Commander. Remember, we're in the middle of our tourist season, our first responders need a rest, and we're already attracting international attention. I think it's prudent at this time to survey veterans, identify potential reinforcements, and write an incident action plan we can implement if the tide turns back to a crisis situation requiring mass evacuations. 

Please click here and log in through our survey of veteran resources. Note you don't have to be a veteran or live in Wisconsin to help.

Issued Day Three (3)---Fellow Door County veterans! Our Door County fire fighters, law enforcement, emergency government, Red Cross, hospitals,  EMTs, business associations, and citizens continue to do an excellent job responding to and recovering from the explosions in Ellison Bay. We can be extremely proud of Fire Chief Chris Hecht as he continues to take command and control of this life threatening, community wide, level two incident. A level two incident is one that can be handled by professional first responders, mutual aid agreements, and local residents. In my opinion, this incident will move to level three if there is another explosion, if gas pockets are discovered outside the current incident perimeter, or its duration exceeds 14 days. At that time, the Incident Commander may need to identify reinforcements to support his Chief of Operations.

Door County veterans represent a pool of trained military professionals who've been tested under fire and stand ready to respond through an established chain of command. We need to designate our Incident Commander and "unified" command structure, become mission ready, and inventory our potential response personnel and recovery assets for the Ellison Bay Incident Commander.

Caution!  The role veterans play during this or any future incidents must only be under the expressed direction and control of the Incident Commander. Unless otherwise told, the Incident Commander is always the local Fire Chief. The reason for this has to do with laws that hold municipalities responsible for all response and recovery efforts. Failing to respond under the direction and control of the Incident Commander can endanger recovery personnel, frustrate the recovery process, and expose you to personal liability for your actions.  For additional information, refer to my white papers on Katrina best and worst practices and Incident Command System tutorials.    

  • Veteran' Incident Command Structure - County Level: At the county level the County Service Officer (Scott McFarland/Jayne Buelow) will be the Incident Commander. The members of the Veterans Service Commission (Kenny Wendt - Chairman, Edson Stevens, and John Mahoney, Jayne Buelow - Secretary) would serve Command Staff. Members of the Veteran's Service Council (Terry MacDonald - Chairman) would represent each veteran post in Door County.  
  • Veteran' Incident Command Structure - Post Level: Considering the incident involves Liberty Grove I'll us my VFW Post #8337 as an example: The Post Commander (Carl T. Carlson) is automatically the Incident Commander. Our "Safety Officer" would handle Safety (John Mahoney), Post News Chairman (Jeffery Budzis) would handle Information, and Adjutant (Lee Burnett) would be our Liaison. The Incident Commander would designate an Operations Chief (Richard Woldt), Planning Chief (John Mahoney), Logistics Chief (Jeffery Budzis) and Finance Chief (Lee Burnett). Operations Chief would designate a Staging Area Manager (Col. Richard Davis). 
  • Preparing Troops to be "Mission-ready!" All veteran's should receive Incident Command System "Basic Training." There are many excellent tutorials on the web sites for emergency government and homeland security. I'll volunteer to brief all posts in the county on Incident Command. I recommend veterans, download and read the instructions for Katrina' First Responders, Evacuees, Contingency Planners/Victims, and for Fighting Wild Fires. These were used during Katrina and in western states during the 2005 - 2006 wild fires.
  • Inventory "potential" Veteran' response personnel and recovery assets: The goal is to catalog "potential" personnel and recovery assets by zip code so the Incident Commander can mobilize resource as close to the scene as possible. This reduces response time and costs. It also, allows the commander to bring in temporary relief for those needing downtime or replacements for professional first responders needed somewhere else. Door County Veterans should all complete the "Survey of Veteran' Response and Recovery Assets." Note: Completing this survey does NOT mean you are committed to respond. It only provides the Incident Commander with your contact information and pre qualifies your response. CLICK Here To Complete the Survey!
Attention Veteran who plan to respond!  It is important for you to monitor the incident on an hourly basis. To do this I recommend you place a hot links to all local news media web sites as well as web sites for Door County Emergency Government and the Red Cross on your desktop. Take time now to familiarize yourself with each site so you can quickly navigate sites when you're called on to respond.

Here are some local news media links:  http://nbc26.com/  http://www.wbay.com/  http://wfrv.com/

Also, download and study the Instructions for First Responders. These are general instructions so expect them to be periodically updated by the Incident Commander or Chief of Operations. You are also welcome to use my Risk Management R&D Library to learn what to do and how to respond to other natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or pandemics. I encourage you also to read our white papers on executive protection and Katrina' best practices. Click here for a link to the R&D center: You are also welcome to download any handouts I'm using at the management schools in Texas and at the WOCCU security conference in Dublin, Ireland. Know that I'm using your response to the explosions in Ellison Bay as a role model for others to follow. Thank you for making us all look so good!




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If you are a Door County veteran and you're willing and able to reinforce the recovery efforts in Ellison Bay, please complete the resource survey ASAP. Rich Woldt



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Mentors, during major incidents, the Incident Commander's might include you in a resource survey. Please complete the survey as you see fit!

Incident Command and Staff for Explosions in Ellison Bay, WI 54210

Incident Commander     Fire Chief Sturgeon Bay - Tim Herlache
  Safety :  Sheriff -       Terry Vogel       
  Information:  Chairman of County Board -         Charlie Most
Operations Chief                       Fire Chief              Sister Bay -    Chris Hecht
Planning Chief Director of Emergency Government -Richard “Dick” Burress 
Logistics Chief Coordinator of Emergency Government -   Ann Demeuse
Finance Chief Shirley Scalish County Clerk - Nancy A. Bemmen
Staging Area Director   Deputy Sheriff - Bill Larson
Law Enforcement Liaison      Deputy Sheriff - Jim Grondon
Fire Fighter Liaison            Egg Harbor Fire chief  - Mark Boegenschultlz

Door County Veterans Marching Orders:      Click here

Veterans County Service Officer - Scot McFarland & Jayne Buelow - Kenny Wendt Chairman Count Service Commission

Veteran Service Commission - Chairman -   Kenny Wendt

Veteran Service Council Chairman Terry MacDonand



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