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CPP, CFE, Private Detective, ACFEI Homeland Security Level III



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RMLC Faculty Members...
are a diverse collection of field-tested veterans, individuals who have, for the most part, devoted their lifework to perfecting certain aspects of risk management security.

Paul J. Bergee, CBCP
Contingency Planning, Business Resumption and Disaster Recovery

Dr. James Black Ph.D. Psychologist Trauma Management & Victim Assistance

Dean Boes,
Mr. Boes worked for CUNA Mutual Insurance Group for 15 years in key roles including loss prevention specialist and fraud auditor. He has visited and worked with hundreds of credit unions and finishing his career at CMG in operations management.
Embezzlement, Internal Dishonesty, Fraud, Scams, Forgery, Kiting, External Dishonesty

David Browning, MD "The Mayberry Deputy"
Theatrical and Entertaining Presentations

Anthony Conti, Retired Detective / former specialist with 17 years active duty in the NYPD's "Emergency Service Unit", current CEO of "Tact-Source" Consulting, L.L.C.
Robbery, Burglary, Bomb Threats, Biological Warfare, Terrorism

Charles Eikel, CMG retired
Credit Union Philosophy, History & Traditions

John Eliason, DJP
Legal Assistance & Regulator Liaison

Lucy Harr, partner of Fourth Lake Communications, LLP, a firm specializing in credit union communications, including easy-to-use guides and two books commissioned by CUNA Mutual Group.
Credit Union Communications & Publications

David M. Koenig, CPP
Specialist in electronic card access systems, burglar alarm systems, fire alarm systems, uniformed security officers and patrol services, central monitoring station services and locksmithing.

Michael Koll, Retired after 34 years of federal law enforcement experience
Financial Fraud, Service vs. Responsibilities, Forgery/Bad Checks, Identity Documents and Identification Procedures, Social Security Numbers - their use and misuse, Identity Theft and Identity Fraud, Anti-Terrorism Identity Issues and Technology

David McGuinn, President of Safe Deposit Box Specialists
Safe Deposit Box Services

Neil Purtell As an FBI agent, Mr Purtell worked on Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing and at the World Trade Center on 9-11 to mention just a notable events. At the time he retired from active FBI duty he was Supervisory Special Agent assigned to the Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) based at the FBI Academy at Quantico, VA. He is recognized as one of the best in the world in his field. Over the years, it's been Neil that agencies and organizations have turned to time and time again. Critical Incident Management, Extortion, Executive Protection and Money Laundering, International Law Enforcement

Gene Quigley, Vice President Bond Underwriting Retired
Insurance & Bond Contracts, Tools of Transfer

Dick Radtke, partner in Fourth Lake Communications, Madison, Wisconsin. His previous credit union experience includes 25 years with CUNA Mutual, where he was vice-president and Senior Public Relations Officer.
Credit Union Communications & Publications
  Florence Rogers Retired CEO, Federal Employees CU - Oklahoma City
Trauma Management & Victim Assistance

Jim Rosenberger spent 27 years with CUNA Mutual as a Division Manager of Underwriting, administering programs for the Fidelity Bond, Directors and Officers Liability, Property and Liability Coverage issued for credit unions. Since retiring, Jim has leveraged his intense interest in the Lewis and Clark Expedition into a business venture - Corps Essentials, LLC, devoted to presenting the story and providing related products.

Shawn Smith, Owner/CEO/President M.P.I.
Private Security, Law Enforcement Liaison and Guard Training

Richard M. Tierney, President, Richard M. Tierney, P.A., Attorney at Law, founded 1996

Donna Tona, Certified Trauma Specialist, Ms. Tona was a crisis intervention leader at the Oklahoma City bombing site and a crisis intervention leader in New York City at the World Trade Center after the 9-11 terrorist attack. She is internationally recognized for her victim assistance efforts and trauma management skills. Visit the web site (under construction), or e-mail Donna directly at:
Trauma Management & Victim Assistance

John A. Vardallas CAE, Speaker/Trainer/Consultant
A Developer of People and Organizations, John is dedicated to helping people and organizations reach their full potential in order to prosper in the world of tomorrow.

Risk Management Cruises

John Vrabec, National Independent Bank Equipment & Systems Association
Security Equipment, Safes, Vaults, Alarms, Surveillance, Access Control, Etc.

Rich Woldt, CPP, CFE, owner and CEO of "Credit Union Risk Management 007" a resource service provider for credit union educators around the world delivering risk management training and educational presentations, workshops and classes on Robbery, Burglary, Bomb Threats, Biological Warfare, Embezzlement, , Fraud, Scams, Forgery, Kiting, External Dishonesty, Workers Compensations, Office Safety Risks, Ergonomics, Internal Dishonesty, Terrorism and Facility Security Consulting

RMLC Cruises
Featuring RMLC Faculty:
Rich Woldt CPP,
President/CEO: Risk Management Learning Center

Neil Purtell
President/CEO: Madison Research Associates

Paul Bergee
President/CEO: Bergee Business Continuity Planning

Workshops on the high seas!

You'll be comfortable, relaxed and well equipped to learn at sea Risk specific  lectures and workshops will cover any risk of interest scheduled or requested during the cruise. All RMLC faculty on board will attend all sessions to add depth and value to discussions. They will also be available throughout the cruise for personal, private consultations.

Contact us for a list of sailing dates or to customize your own cost effective learning opportunity at sea!

Rich Woldt         608-712-7880




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