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I launched the Risk Management Learning Center (RMLC) on July 4, 2001 two months before Osama bin Laden9-11 terrorist' attacks that changed our lives forever, not to mention how we mobilize during and partner after a large scale community crisis. Until that fate-full day, my mission was simply to continue a 30 year passion for teaching Risk Management through the world credit union movement. Since that day my mission our focus has been on managing Abbottabad site of bin Laden's Waziristan Mansion. al Qaeda leader Osama 'bin Laden . Pakistan's

Abbottabad,Pakiston For years Osama bin Laden was thoughtto be hiding possibly in a cave in the remote tribal region that borders Pakistan and Afgahanistan, Instead he waws residing in a large walled compound in a tiny town populated with retired Pakistani army officer and foundeded by abritish military officer in 1853.  Abbottabad is close enough to Pakistanís capital Islamabad to be a popular tourist getaway. It is located in a scenic valley surrounded by dramatic mountains.

9-11-01 I adopted a mission to teach the same Incident Command System required in the "public" sector to any group, organization, company, or association in the "private" sector willing to listen. If we're going to be adequately prepared for the next attack, we're going to have to work together the "private" sector as well as developing cost Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) and Visual Intelligence of Persons and the Environment (VIPER) squad protocols appropriate for any "private" sector group, organization, company, or association if or when "Public" sector response assets are either overwhelmed by the scope or exhausted by the duration of a large scale community crisis.

We've learned something from every disaster, terrorist attack, and pandemic scare since 9-11-01. What did we learn? We learned when the private sector adopts the same command and control system demanded of public sector' response teams; victims are reached quicker,  supply lines are established faster, targets are secured better, recovery begins earlier, and life returns to normal sooner than when no one knows who's in charge, what to do, or how to help. After ten years of climbing the learning curve, it's time to launch an RM Graduate School. In RM Grad-school you'll vary briefly review the RM principles and methods on which you built your success, test contingency plans on which you depend, and use case studies from our RMLC files to update your CIRT, VIPER, and ICS protocols.

Our 2011 mission includes streamlining all RM policies, procedures, and protocols to make the more cost effective and user friendly!

Tutorial review:   Chapter 1

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CEO Richard A. "Rich" Woldt



Stepping into the public eye can be dangerous!  Are you ready to manage the risks?

April 21, 2011

OK! So you've decided to become politically active. That's a good thing! I commend you for your spirit, your patriotism, and your determination to sway public opinion in your direction. From a Risk Management (RM) standpoint, standing up to be counted means you're no longer willing to sit idle and blindly follow the crowd over the cliff. Standing up means you're no longer willing to "avoid" being shot at, geared at, criticized, or humiliated for voicing an unpopular opinion. It means your ready to join the ranks of Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin, Wisconsin's Senator Robert Cowles, and their fellow legislators on both sides of the isle. It means public service is in your blood, in your genes, and in your future.

For example: Senator Robert Cowles' reputation for community service goes back generations. His grandfather, Doctor Robert Cowles had a reputation in the 1940's for delivering babies for free in Green Bay when parents couldn't afford to pay. His father, Robert Cowles Jr. built and staffed a boy's cherry-picking camp at Horseshoe Bay in Door County so less fortunate kids from Door, Brown, and Kewanee Counties would have summer employment. It was Senator Cowles' family who paid a well known child psychologist Dr. Tom Bleutte to oversee the camp. I share this because  like Sarah Palin and Robert Cowles you'll need both the desire and the courage to stand tall and tough in the public eye.

FYI: As I write, union leaders have flown in personnel from across the country to manage a recall of Senator Cowles. If you signed and now regret signing any recall petition, email your regrets to the legislator involved.  Click here  for a list of Wisconsin legislators.  He and his fellow legislators have received threats against their lives, families, their employers, and private businesses. learn more. Why? Because they all stood up and did what they felt at the moment was right for their constituents. If you think it gets easier at the top, click here for an example of Sarah Palin's poise under pressure.

Now that I've thrown cold water on your desire to run for public office, allow me to help you manage the risks you'll create when to step into the public eye. Be sure to share these recommendations with your family, business associates, and entourage. Don't assume anyone is safe from the wrath of the opposition.

While I can't guarantee your safety or success, I can help reduce your losses no mater what your political stance or future holds in store. While we may not agree politically, I assure you we're on the same side when it come to defending our mutual right to fight for our respective cause no matter how diverse our opinions might be.

If you came here to learn for whom to vote on April 5, you're at the wrong site. If your here to learn how to make it safely from your couch to the polls and back, I can help. (1) Make up your mind before you leave home based on your facts not on your fears. (2) Grab a handful of aspirins in case your heart gives out and head for the polls. (3) When you arrive at the polls give a high-sign to all in the parking lot and smile at everyone standing in line to vote. That'll convince them you're on their side. (4) As you pull the curtain, snort a little, gasp once or twice, and laugh. That'll confuse anyone within ear-shot. (5) Vote for the candidates you feel will act in your best interest. (6) Exit the booth with a smile, the building with a grin, and the parking lot with a blast of your horn. Go home and celebrate, you just experienced the freedom to choose your own destiny.

My goal is not to tell you for whom to vote. My mission is to give you the confidence to think for yourself and the courage to exercise your constitutional right to vote without intimidation. At the end of the day, remember, we're a "Home Rule" nation which means it is your right and duty to rule your home as you see fit. That means carrying concealed if you want, putting Christ into Christmas if you choose, and sending your kids to schools more focused on teaching your family values than how to place condoms on cucumbers.  It's your call, it's your duty, and it's your right! Our country is heading for an economic crisis. Thank God for those who are trying to slow it down.  Learn more....

April 6, 2011:   Click here for county by county results of the elections in Wisconsin! If election results are too close for comfort i.e. within the margin requiring a recount, be suspicious of the results no matter which candidate wins. Based on the extreme efforts to sway voters during the campaign, the death threats made to candidates, the out-of-state money and personnel hired to influence the election, and the passion of protesters, You'd be naive to think there won't be an effort to miss count votes and/or fail to report those favoring the opposition. I strongly recommend election officials be properly vetted and be required to follow the same internal and audit controls recommended for those in financial institutions who are entrusted with handling large amounts of currency or cash items. For example, internal controls should include dual verification of ballots and voting results, a process similar to cash letters used to document ballots in transit, basic background checks should be conducted on new volunteers manning polling locations, and an in-depth background check should be conducted on anyone suspected of manipulating ballots or failing to accurately report results. When a significant breach of trust is documented, a qualified financial audit of the suspect should be conducted to explain major life style changes and/or spending habits. The primary goal of these recommended internal and audit controls is to safeguard the reputation and integrity of those placed in the public eye. It wouldn't be the first time a vulnerable front-line employee was bribed to embezzle or miss appropriate items of value. From a Risk Management standpoint, we need to position those placed in the public eye so when they're accused of doing wrong their honesty and integrity is beyond suspicion. Read RMLC fraud auditing white papers for more tips to keep your reputation in tack. 

RM tips for voting safely in the midterm election April 5, 2011: Historically, midterm elections have been uneventful and down-right boring hangouts for poll watchers. This year, however, while most will be their uneventful selves, a few select sites will be the scene of angry protests, pickets, and taxpayers frustrated by the fact their State is broke and their life style might have to change. I'm not at all concerned about our economic survival. I'm deeply concerned about the escalating violence and threats made to our legislators as we approach April 5, 2011 not to mention the efforts to recall duly elected officials. I'd be remiss if I didn't help voters identify some of the risks they'll face at the polls and offer RM tips for voting safely on election day. It's basic Risk Management #101. Let's review the escalating violence. While I use Wisconsin as an example, you can rest assured other U.S. States, Great Britain, Ireland will not be far behind.    

In Wisconsin the scope of relatively small local protests quickly grew beyond state lines as news agencies, bloggers, and Facebook friends posted pictures and perspectives of not only the contents of proposed legislation but how it was presented and passed. It's a safe bet much has been learned from Wisconsin's mistakes. You can rest assured the "speculative" risks associated with passing new legislation will be better managed in the future.  

Union leaders have sent letters to businesses threatening "If you don't post signs in support of protestors you'll suffer the consequences." Threats from outside Wisconsin have been followed by personnel bused in to support recall efforts across the state. (learn more)

A Wisconsin women has been charged for sending death threats to state senators.

The first message sent March 9 to Sen. Robert Cowles of Green Bay said the sender and others had decided to kill the Republican senator by "arriving at your house and putting a nice little bullet in your head," the complaint said. The email also claimed the group had planted bombs around the senator's house and car and the Capitol building. The charges carry a combined maximum penalty of 7.5 years in prison.  (learn more)

School boards take action: (learn more)

Union leaders organized pickets and protests at select polling locations to discourage voters from re-electing Judge Prosser to a second term. His opponent vowed to oppose the budget bill, school choice, concealed carry and voter ID legislation. Her liberal stance angered conservatives especially those favoring school choice and right-to-bear-arms. After being accused of running false adds she refused to withdraw the adds which angered both sexual assault victims and those falsely accused (learn more) & (more).

Add the 22  caliber shells found on the Capitol Square, the damage done to State property, and the hostile recall campaigns manned by personnel from out the State; and it's clear that voters will need to take additional precautions when going to the polls on election day. No matter on which hook you hang your hat, be sure to vote on April 5 for the candidates of your choice.

I offer the following RM tips for voters going to the polls on April 5.

  • Cast an absentee ballot on Monday and avoid the polls on Tuesday.
  • Go to the polls with someone who can offer assistance if you find yourself in harms way.
  • Don't hang around the polls any longer then necessary.
  • Don't huddle in groups while at the polls. Remember the #1 terrorist target characteristic.
  • Make sure your cell phone is on, the battery is charged, and you have your ICE number up to date.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing and running shoes.
  • Maintain "pushback" space and "bailout" routes. 
  • Know for whom you're going to vote before entering the booth to shorten your time in harms way.
  • Carry medications you might need if the stress of the moment triggers a medical condition.
  • Let a trusted adult know when you're going to the polls and when you'll return. Have an action plan if you fail to report home.
  • If you feel threatened or observe either a suspicious object or person, notify polling officials immediately. Review your VIPER protocols.
  • Note: If you disagree with the protesters keep it to yourself while at the polls. Challenging them will only put a target on your back. If you signed a recall petition know that your support of the recall could become a public record. That may make you, your business, and your family the oppositions target. Poll watchers and election officials should conduct periodic systematic sweeps of the building interior and surrounding property following recommended VIPER protocols. (learn more)
  • Below: I've posted additional RM steps to include a white paper on steps you can take to safeguard yourself, your family, your business, and your right to vote for the candidates of your choice.
  • Click here for more detailed RM instructions. Contact your company Personnel, Security, and Risk Management departments for corporate specific RM recommendations. Credit unions should contact their credit union Security Officer/Risk Manager and their chapter and league directors of education for regional specific recommendations. .

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Go to our RM R&D Dept.  to track and help the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan. Page down to the tsunami R&D section in red. Go to our Community Outreach Center for Basic Private Sector ICS Training.

Protesting can be fun but dangerous. I'll be introducing Risk Management protocols all elected officials, protesters, and bystanders should follow to stay safe. Incident response protocols are based on my post event risk assessments after the active shooting incident in Tucson, Az. January 8, 2011, and the budget bill protests in Madison, Wisconsin.    

FYI: As an undergrad at the UW-Madison, I protested more than most, at times arm-in-arm with liberal Wisconsin Democrats such as Madison's Mayor Paul Soglin and U.S. Senator Russ Feingold. As a union member for 23 of my 30 year career and now member of the Wisconsin Retired Educators Association, I've sat on both sides of collective bargaining tables. Since the 60's I've moved toward the middle and over the fence so I'm now a registered Republican. That's what a BBA in Risk Management, Insurance, and Finance plus 40 years working in the real world does to your head.                                 

No matter your political posture, I encourage everyone to thank all the Wisconsin elected officials for their service. Click here

In my opinion, the death threats and recalls need to stop. We've had one too many death threats and suicides.

God bless those who are willing to step into the public eye and take the heat, risking it all that we might form a more perfect union. Before anyone signs a recall petition, they'd be well advised to ask themselves how dedicated and brave they'd be under fire. If you don't agree with those now in public office, make sure you vote in the next election.  Better yet; take out nomination papers and experience your own day in the political trenches. As Chief Roy Oshkosh often taught, "Never judge another man until you walk a mile in his moccasins!" Whether you agree or disagree with the 14 Democrats who chose to leave the State or the Republicans who stayed in town to vote; all where following their conscience and doing the will of their constituents.

Risk Management: The risks you take when joining a public protest are directly related to the scope of the protest, potential for scope creep, the concentration of protestors in an area with limited pushback space or evacuation routes, and the target characteristics that might attract domestic or international terrorists. The protests on the Madison isthmus and those springing up across the U.S. as well as those in Great Britain, Ireland, etc. are particularly serious because they're fueled by perceived economic disparages between geographical regions and/or social classes. Following are just a few of the risks created when you intentionally or unintentionally get involved in a protest. (RMLC R&D files)

  1. The risk you'll be injured or killed.

  2. The risk you'll damage your good reputation.

  3. The risk you'll be in harms way.

  4. The risk you'll be in a mass evacuation.

  5. The risk you'll be in a shelter or mass housing-in-place.

  6. The risk you'll be held hostage, arrested, or detained beyond your control.

  7. The risk you'll be the victim of a terrorist' attack.

  8. The risk you'll be the victim of an anthrax scare.

  9. The risk you'll be the victim of a bombing.

  10. The risk you'll be the victim of biological warfare.  

  11. The risk you'll be caught in the crossfire of an active shooting.

  12. The risk you'll be called on to render first aid or establish at triage.

  13. The risk you'll be asked to assist in a search for a missing child or adult.

  14. The risk you'll be lost or left behind.

  15. The risk you'll become the target of the opposition.

  16. The risk you'll become financially responsible for damages.

  17. The risk you'll be on the nightly news.

  18. The risk you'll be falsely accused of theft or embezzlement.

  19. The risk you'll encounter a heart attack, stroke, or diabetic seizure.

  20. The risk your vehicle or convoy will be the target of the opposition.  

Loss frequency i.e. the number of active shooters at a protest, and loss severity i.e. the size of bombs detonated are directly related to the scope, potential for scope creep, and protestor's focus. Protests fueled by economic disparages are particularly challenging because they grow geometrically as local protests gain regional, national and international support. It's a safe bet protests are going to become more frequent and more violent. as the U.S. gets deeper and deeper in debt to Communist China and Wisconsin who's already $3.7 Billion in debt continues to borrows to keep afloat, 

Pure economic risks:  At the top of the list has to be going broke and selling national security secretes to foreign powers. if we continue to borrow, increasing our State and National debt, at some point we'll become indebted to our landlords and mortgage holders. At some point we'll be evicted and find ourselves living under a more socialistic government or worse; under Communist China rule. Each time a U.S. company moves overseas we weaken our economic infrastructure and sell out our national security. Foreign powers no longer need to steal our corporate secretes! They're buying U.S. companies to gain control over our most valuable technologies and the science that comes with each sale.

To reduce getting deeper in debt, we might use the U.S. credit union movement as a business model. We need to put cost cutting back in the hands of local taxpayers while creating regional liquidity facilities to provide loan collateral to local businesses focused on creating jobs. For example, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan financials could focus on rebuilding auto plants in Janesville, Rockford, and Detroit, using vacated GM and Chrysler plants as capital assets/loan collateral and U.S. auto workers as a labor force. Once a regional economic strategy is in place, we could reach out to Japan's auto industry damaged by the earthquake and tsunami and together reengineer the global auto industry already in place. Using the global credit union movement as a model, we could than capitalize employee benefits such as life, health, and long term care insurance. One strategic action plan (SAP) would be to borrow not from outside the U.S. but from the residents within the regional liquidity facility thus further adding to the economic stability within the region. If this had been done in the 80's and 90' we'd still have a Chrysler plant in Rockford and GM- plants in Janesville and Detroit. And, the world headquarters for the credit union movement would still be 100% in Madison, Wisconsin.    (learn more about the credit union model).  

Speculative economic risks: We're all speculating on which policy, strategy, legislation, etc. will get us out of debt. We know taxing only takes investment capital out of circulation and increased spending on non-productive assets only drives us deeper in debt. We need to risk reducing tax revenue in the hope the savings will be invested in the local economy; and we need to redirect money spent on non-productive benefits back into the pockets of the employee, hoping it will be better invested in their family's future. We need to risk letting go of government guarantees and go back to charting our own destiny no matter how risky that might be. Harry Truman once said: "If you laid all the economists in the world end to end, they still wouldn't point in the same direction. But even if they did, that wouldn't guarantee it was the right direction." We need to "speculate." more aggressively (They call it dreaming where I come from) and risk taking charge of our own economic destiny. (more to think about).

To reduce "speculative" risks, local governments need to reduce taxes to put money back in family savings accounts while reducing government regulations that limits the freedom of choice and discourages risk taking. Our founding fathers knew that sheltering individuals from the consequences of a bad economic decision both eroded their "self confidence" and their "self competence." While in the short run staying safe might seam to be in our best interest, in the long run it's not. We all need to step-out-from-under government', union', and parental' shelters and take the risks required of citizens in a free democracy. 

There is no better feeling than when you take risks and run the ball as best you can, for as long and far as you choose. There's no more depressing feeling than to rely on others to fight your fights, cover your butt, and score below average in the walk of life.     Rich Woldt - CEO The Risk Management Learning Center

Managing the "Pure" and "Speculative" Risks during a protest!

Go to our RMLC Graduate School website for advanced RM assistance!

Protestors and politicians should read the following RM recommendations!

Please share the following "Executive Protection" brochure and white paper with your Republican and Democrat legislators!

Follow operational period #1 homeland security protocols. 

A wise diplomat once said, "Never shoot to kill the guy on the other side of an issue because tomorrow he just might be on your side of the fence!" Remember, we are all in this together. As I sat on the steps to the Capital this afternoon, I had to smile at the passion of students protesting the budget bill. They reminded me of myself during the '67 protests against the Vietnam War. Fortunately, 45 years ago the war we protested was fought a world away and despite the Armstrong boys blowing up our Chemistry building, the risks we faced on the Isthmus were for the most part non-life threatening. That's not the case today.

Today, while still reeling from the shooting rampage in Tucson that seriously wounded U.S. Representative Garielle Gifford and took the life of her aide Gabe Zimmerman along with five others waiting to meet their Representative, we're confronted with no less than three life threatening risks: First, there is the risk someone will shoot or physically attack one or a group of our legislators, their staff, their entourage, or their family members. Second, there is the risk that protestors will need emergency medical attention or face the dangers of a mass evacuation from the Isthmus. And third I'm concerned that someone holding a grudge or a terrorist looking for an opportunity to attack will take advantage of the protest to set off an explosive device or introduce a biological or chemical agent into the crowd. Remember the first three characteristics of an ideal terrorist' target includes achieving a high body count, having predictable victim escape and first response routes, as well as the presence of mass media. (FYI: you can page down for my Risk Analysis and post incident assessment of the Tucson Safeway shooting). Protestors on the Isthmus need to constantly monitor their surroundings, have a "bailout" plan, tested communication links, reassemble and roll-call plan, and contingency plans if communication links fail or a member of your group gets lost or injured. Click here and read the "Dressing for Success" red highlighted text in my Executive Protection" white paper.   

I recommend the following not only here in Madison, Wisconsin but across the country and around the world. First, a review of all private sector "Executive Protection" protocols to include making sure VIPER (Visual Intelligence of Persons and the Environment Reconnaissance) Squads know what to look for and how to report suspicious activity to the public sector and a review of private sector CIRTs (Critical Incident Response Teams) to make sure all know how to report into a Unified Incident Command Center.

Please read and share the following white paper and handouts.

Click here for an "Executive Protection" white paper to share with your legislative staff, body guards, entourage, etc. Note the "red" highlighted text!

Click here for an "Executive Protection" brochure to share with family and neighbors. Ask them to report all suspicious persons, vehicles, activity and objects to the police.

 Page down for a post-incident Risk Management Analysis (RMA) I conducted at the 7110 N. Oracle Safeway store in Tucson; the site of the January 8 active shooting incident.

Click here if there is a need for a mass evacuation during the protests.  This could be triggered by an explosion, gun fire, anthrax scare, etc.

Page down for more Risk Management help or go to my community outreach site www.COPS007.com or veteran RM site www.DoorCountyVeterans.com. You can also rent my Door County Cottage at www.RichWoldt.com


FYI: Soon, www.ASIS067.com will become www.ASISWisconsin.org and my community outreach site www.COPS067.com will merge with our veteran R&D site www.DoorCountyVeterans.com. My personal www.RichWoldt.com site will focus on managing our Door County vacation rental.  learn more

Thank you all for your help and encouragement over the past 45 years.   

 Risk Management Learning Center

Ten (10) year mission statement (September 11, 2001):

"The RMLC will field test emergence response protocols the "private sector" can deploy through the world credit union movement whenever the scope of a crisis overwhelms or its duration exhausts the public sectors ability to response."

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January 8, 2011:

6 dead - 13 wounded

An RM response to the shooting at Safeway in Tucson!

We owe it to our elected officials to cover their backs now that they're in office. In my neck of the woods, that would be Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, Reed Ribble, J.B. Van Hollen, Gary Bies, Frank Lasee, and "Riff of the Shire" Terry Vogel.  

So what do Risk Managers do?  They...

  1. Keep their heads up, eyes open, and ears to the ground. Shelve our fear of being politically not-correct and get ready to act in the face of danger. Review you five step action plan when carrying concealed. I salute the young man in Tucson who helped save lives without drawing his weapon. If only he'd been on scene a minute earlier, the little girl would not have died.

  2. Practice their "rear-strangle-take-down-hold," vertical and horizontal butt strokes I taught at CUNA Management School.

  3. Rehearse their "Identify - Measure - Control, and Avoid -Reduce - Spread - Assume - Transfer" RM strategies and now what to do if they suspect a threat or are confronted by an active shooter? 

  4. Join and support law enforcement through InfraGard at  www.InfraGard.org. Call me if you need a reference.

  5. Click here and review the white paper I wrote to support RMLC workshops on "Executive Protection" and "Violence in the Workplace." Ironically, this paper was used to support the AZ League workshops I did in Tucson and Phoenix. WOCCU, CUNA Management School, U.S. League, CMG, ABCUL and JCUL Credit Union Risk Managers, pull out your RM manuals and study the sections on event and contingency planning as well as setting up defendable zones and conducting a mass-evacuation.

  6. Terrorists will strike when we're most vulnerable. Click here to review protocols if your first to the scene. Click here to review protocols prior to a mass evacuation, and click here to review important contingency planning protocols.

  7. You can also review our CIRT, VIPER, and Incident Command and Control R&D protocols tested through  www.COPs007.com, www.DoorCountyVeterans.com, and www.ASIS067.com.

Please share these with your elected officials. There offered at no cost to victims and law enforcement. If, however, you're credit union wants to reprint them, I request $20 with a note indicating your intentions sent to me at my office address (Rich Woldt, 1906 Barber Drive, Stoughton, WI. 53589.

Note: I'll be in Arizona from January 17 - 25th.  Call me on 608-712-7880. I'll be in Aspen until then.

Don't rely on email or Facebook or Linked in. I have over 5000 not read email, I think someone stole my linked In account, and I'm trying to find time to learn how to better use Facebook.  

Rich Woldt     

Coming in 2011...
  • Free RMLC Homeland Security "Best Practices" for the private sector!
  • Free on-line briefings based on RMLC field tests of mass evacuation and housing-in-place protocols.
  • Cost effective RMLC Risk Management training and support.
  • Concealed carry classes and more!  
Credit Union Risk Managers! Use operation "Rubber hits the Road" to table top test your contingency plans for a mass evacuation!   Thank You!  Rich Woldt

Most Wisconsin credit unions joined forces with veteran organizations around the world to welcome Wisconsin Vietnam Vets Home to "Landing Zone (LZ) Lambeau"  May 20 - 24, 2010

Attention Credit Union Risk Managers: From a Risk Management standpoint, we're using operation "Rubbery hits the Road" to field test chapter level mass evacuation protocols. Use the IC briefings to update your 72 hour stand-alone contingency planning protocols.


Our table top test includes benchmarking how many and who answer Roll-call between now and May 23, 2010. For example: we will look to see at least 80% of those pictured below answering roll-call.

If you recognize any of them alert them to this exercise. All responses will be filed in our "Deep Throat" files after the operation. I'm doing this only to field test our Risk Management log-in capabilities. At 65 I have little interest in leaving my guard post stationed off Door County shores.

Now go to: www.DoorCountyVeterans.com and join operation

"Rubber hits the Road"

Welcome Home Wisconsin Vietnam Vets


Landing Zone Lambeau "Field"

Home of the world champion Green Bay Packers

Door County veterans have joined the State wide effort to welcome Vietnam vets home to Lambeau Field while honoring our 5 vets Killed in Action (KIA). Learn more
  • Operation "Boots-on-the-Ground" enlists all Door County residents in a mission to locate and land all Door County Vietnam vets with family members of the 5 KIA inside Lambeau Field before 7:30 p.m. May 22; the official "Welcome Home Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans." Learn more
  • Operation "Rubber-hits-the-Road" enlists bikers on Friday, May 21, in the Memorial ride of 1244 (The number of Wisconsin Vietnam vets Killed in Action (KIA), Missing in Action (MIA) or were Prisoners of War (POWs). Our "one-way" ride (Symbolic of our 5 who did not make it home!) will start on Washington Island the home of KIA Richard Perez, and travel south past all four High Schools from where the other 4 Door County KIAs graduated.

Learn more

  • At this time, there are three destinations once the ride crosses the southern Door County line. Some, at least 5 will head for Timmerman Field in Appleton to meet up with the 1244 coming from La Crosse, others will deploy to LZ Lambeau where they'll form a "flag line" through which the 1244 will pass, and others will park in the Pioneer Credit Union parking lot at 825 Morris, Ave. Green Bay (two clicks from LZ Lambeau). The most important first step you can take is to log into our tracking system and answer "Roll-call." Once OB1 finalizes our route and pause points we'll let you know where and when to fall-in!


Vietnam Vets: Contact your credit union President/CEO, Chairman of the Board, or Risk Manager/Security Officer and join the welcome home from anywhere in the world. Click here for more information.

Veterans: FYI: Credit Unions are "Not-for-Profit'; financial cooperatives organized to serve a defined field of members (FOM) such as our comrades at Navy Federal. They hold monthly chapter meetings where they share Risk Management and Homeland Security "Best Practices."

  • I recommend you attend the next credit union chapter meeting in your area and learn more about how your credit union plans to respond during the next terrorist attack, natural disaster, or pandemic.

  • Contact your State League Director of Education and take part in the latest CIRT, VIPER, and Incident Command and Control training offered through your local emergency government.

  • Many credit unions across the U.S. have already been involved in similar Welcome Home projects. Some of their "Best Practices" include:

  1. Logging into locater systems and explaining to vets why they should use their night depositories to make donations to the Moving Wall and their ATMs to safely manage their liquidity while on the road.

  2. Credit unions are providing vets with customized financial counseling through their local veteran post and/or VA centers.

  3. My best advice is join your local credit union - "It's where you belong!"                                                     Rich Woldt - Charter member of Door County Community Credit Union now Pioneer.

Click here to learn more about LZ Lambeau

Do we need health care reform?  Absolutely!

Do we need government intervention into health care reform? Only to a very limited degree!

Do I support the current bill being negotiated behind closed door? Absolutely NOT! 

Risk Management Logic:

  • Actuaries can't support it!
  • There are no risk reduction incentives!
  • There are no meaningful fraud deterrents!
  • We can't afford it!
  • There are better, more efficient and effective health care reforms that have proven to work best in a free capitalistic society.

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CUNA Mutual Retirees Click here for help.

Attention: RMLC Faculty and our International Credit Union Risk Managers holding the ASIS International CPP, PCI, and PSP designation.  Don't miss your 12-31-09 recertification dedline. Click here to view my recertification update.

Update: Credit Unions can be...proud of their Risk Management Best Practices" born out of their response to bank failures, the increased domestic terrorist threats this summer, and their mobilization during this fall's H1N1 pandemic scare. Credit Union Chapter and League educators are welcome to use our Risk Management research and training tools for veterans posted at our www.DoorCountyVeterans.com and www.ASIS067.com websites.

In early 2010 I'll be launching a website... focused specifically on... mobilizing the Private Sector anytime the scope of a crisis overwhelms or its duration exhausts Public Sector response assets. 

The goal is to merge... the World Credit Union Movement with Veteran' Organizations, forming a "Unified" Private Sector Incident Command structure that will work for any organization, anywhere in the world, during any crisis, anytime in history.

2009 Pandemic Response Protocols:: Our International Credit Union Risk Managers should review their H1N1 phase I to III pandemic response protocols and their ABC - 1-2-3 contingency plan for pandemics as well as table top test mobilizing a credit union/chapter level unified incident command to support sponsor companies in their field of membership. Go to our R&D library to download RMLC white papers and handouts. learn more
RM Tips from Rich...
  • Use your car alarm actuator to alert neighbors of a home invasion, stalkers, or predators in the neighborhood.
  • Wash teller counters with diluted bleach daily to ensure better finger print forensic evidence.
  • Avoid turning in written statements to the police after a robbery. Discrepancies will be used against you in court.
  • Update you Contingency Plans, Incident Command System, CIRT and VIPER response procedures at least quarterly.
  • Review our mass housing-in-place and mass evacuation protocols every six months.   
Elvis, i.e. our RMLC faculty member is back from a crushing injury and the Swine Flu.. Learn more   He's ready to "Rock and Roll" at your next annual meetings.     click here to book "Elvis" and our RMLC "Mayberry Deputy" him.                          

Rich Woldt

  • Give my cousin-in-law an economic boost!

I send a special salute... to our cadre of Credit Union Risk Managers who are attending CUNA Management Schools this summer.

More than any time in our history... we need to update Credit Union Risk Management, Homeland Security, Incident Command, Contingency Planning, and Pandemic response policies, practices, and protocols. Terrorist threats are real and focused on our economic infrastructure. 

The continued failure of government stimulus packages and... the growing resentment of governments' who are blindly intervening in the private sector, will continue to play into terrorist hands and spark new interest in frauds and scams in the private sector. Click here for an example!

In my opinion, the reputation of the global credit union movement is on the line. Credit union officials and upper management need to aggressively step up to the plate at the chapter level and remind the world why and how credit unions have brought us through the great depression, many wars, and unwanted government intervention into the private sector let alone our private lives and individual freedoms.

The Risk Management Learning Center will celebrate... its 8th anniversary this summer. While we continue to launch new programs through veteran organizations and international business associations our hearts remain with the thousands of  International Credit Union Risk Managers who've we've had the privilege to serve since June 29, 2001 let alone during the 30 years I worked for CUNA Inc, WOCCU, and CUNA Mutual.      

Swine flu (H1N1) Advisory: April 28, 2009

This is a pandemic "advisory" not an alert! Advisories help mobilize the private sector during a time of crisis. Credit Union Risk Managers should review our pandemic RM white papers on handouts.

  • Our International Credit Union Risk Managers should... immediately review our pandemic risk management white papers, (click here),

  • use our R&D library (click here), and

  • contact their Cuna Mutual Group Risk Management Representative.

  • place their... Critical Incident Response Teams (CIRTs) on alert,
  • and contact their... league, trade association, and CUNA Mutual Group Risk Managers for a briefing on credit union pandemic response protocols. Our veteran' CIRTs should contact their veteran' post commander for marching orders.
  • For more information go to... www.fda.gov/oc/guidance/emergencyuse.html.

Most credit union have well written, table-top tested, and recently updated "pandemic" contingency plans and response protocols.

Most credit union employees need only wash their hands and chair-backs and mobilize a chapter wide  response.

Credit unions need only plan before gathering, verify push-backs defendable zones, closely monitor surveillance systems, update locate-lockdown-and link procedures, and deploy security personnel to more effectively protect properly and personnel during a pandemic.

At the chapter level, credit unions need to deploy community support teams to reinforce both public and private sector responders on the front lines.

Following is my advisory with links to our R&D files.

The Center for Desease Control (CDC) warns of a possible swine flu pandemic (H1N1 Virus).  click here to learn more about the H1N1 virus.   Rich Woldt

  • Health care professionals... and consumers may report serious adverse events (side effects) through the FDA's MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program either via Regular Mail: use FDA form 3500 available at: www.fda.gov/MedWatch/getforms.htm and mail to MedWatch, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20852-9787 or
    --Fax: (800) FDA-0178 or
    --Phone: (800) FDA-1088
    --Online: www.fda.gov/MedWatch/report.htm 
  • FYI: From our R&D files...Click on the following and pass it to first responders and care givers:
  1. Interim Guidance for Patients and Case Definitions for Infection with Swine-origin Influenza A (H1N1)Virus (S-OIV) ..

Rich Woldt 

Operation: Haiti Earthquake

February 12, 2010: It's been a month. We're through the first "Operational Period" we're in #2 and planning for Period #3. It's time to review:

  • Click here to review basic Incident Command and Control from our Community Outreach Project (COP) site.
  • Work with your Credit Union Risk Manager and League Director of Education on plans for Operational Periods two and three.
  • Go to.. www.DoorCountyVeterans.com and include veterans in your response and recovery plans.
  • Go to.. www.COPs007.com and include community leaders in your response and recovery plans.

The Risk Management Learning Center promotes the formation of "Private" sector Critical Incident Response Teams (CIRTs) and VIPER squads. In 2008 we built... a "Private Sector" Incident Command and Control Center to teach the private sector how to set up Emergency Operation Centers, manage Staging areas, and mobilize VIPER and CIRT squads during a community crisis. learn more...

We're working with youth groups...and colleges to build public-to-private Homeland Security Partnerships. I was a proud charter member of the UW Risk Management and Insurance Society in 1965 and I'm now  proud to be a charter member of the UW Risk Management and Insurance Alumni Association.


I encourage all...RMLC  International Credit Union Risk Managers to visit the UW RM Alumni web site at


On April 25, 2009 we official launched our alumni association during Risk Management Professor Dan Anderson's retirement party.  UW Risk Management Alumni came from all over the world for the celebration.  Dan joins are cadre of RM professionals and will continue to mentor our RMLC international risk management programs and projects.

Click for more pictures..


ASIS Chapter 067 officers meet regularly to schedule speakers, arrange critical infrastructty tours, and plan regional training workshops. Pictured left to right are Shawn Smith (Pres CEO Midwest Protection Inc., Jim Manhowski Owner JBM Protection & Patrol, Curt Haugen, CEO/Operations Director Scuro Group LLC, and Rich Woldt CEO The Risk Management Learning Center.

As of 4-21-11 the new domain for www.ASIS067.com will be www.asiswisconsin.com

RICH WOLDT - Biography
CPP, CFE, Private Detective



Do NOT rely on contacting me via email.

A personal reflection

Executive Protection - Active Shooting post Risk Analysis

January 26, 2011:

Safeway, 7110 N. Oracle, Tucson, AZ

I conducted a post-incident Risk Management Analysis (RMA) at the 7110 N. Oracle Safeway store in Tucson; the site of the January 8 active shooting incident.

In my opinion, While this traggic incident is fresh in our minds, it's critically important for credit union executives, board members, loan officers, collection personnel, etc. to immediately review their credit union' executive protection protocols and policies. Include but don't limit yourself to:

  • Conducting risk assessments at all CU offices focusing especially where CU executives and officials work i.e. corporate headquarters, admin buildings, etc.
  • Reviewing and updating violence-in-the-workplace response protocols, workstation bailout routes, protocols for locating-lockdown and linking key employees and their family members to "private sector" command centers, 
  • Reviewing  retreat and extrication protocols for executives during violent acts on and off premises.
  • Reviewing, rehearsing, and documenting credit union staff and employee training. Make sure all CU employees know and understand how to reach, defend, and maintain calm at defendable zones.
  • Asking event and contingency planners to update all CU event security protocols to include conducting and documenting pre-event site assessments.
  • Alerting all Credit Union Risk Mangers and alternates to their duty to ensure all credit union executives and officials know what to do and how to act before, during, and after any traumatic event at your credit union.
  • Confirming your credit union's joint operational protocols at the chapter, league, national, and international levels.

NOTE: All credit unions should join the local security association recommended by their credit union league. A key element of being properly trained and ready for the next terrorist attack, natural disaster, or pandemic is to be on the same page with other credit unions in your CU Chapter, CU League, CUNA Inc. and ....  WOCCU   Go to....WOCCU for more information.


Happy New Year 2011

Thank You...

  • Elvis... for your impromptu performance at our Christmas party. Click here to meet Elvis

  • Mayberry Deputy... for maintaining law and order in the USA throughout 2010. Click here and meet the RMLC deputy in charge of keeping the peace.

"The comfort and encouragement they both brought to victims has helped us all deal with the trauma and stress we've faced since they've come on board. 

  • Shawn Smith and MPI for your leadership in private and homeland security training. You're impact on security throughout the world credit union movement has and continues to raise the bar for all Risk Management professionals. 

    * Shawn Smith, Owner/CEO/President M.P.I.
    Private Security, Law Enforcement Liaison and Guard Training
  • Dave McGuinn... for your Safe Deposit Box guides and staff training. You're wisdom and foresight has saved the day more than once. Click here order the most current. 

  • John Vrabec.... and members of the Financial & Security Products Association for all your doing to safeguard assets stored in credit unions and banks around the world. Your professionalism allows us all to sleep just a little better each night. Click here to meet FSPA members and sleep better day or night.

  • Anthony "Tony" Conti... for the search and rescue work you did on 9-11-01 and for the work you continue to do with victims. You're one hell of a hero and a man I'm proud to call my friend. I've got your back! Click here to meet Tony and his tactical source professionals.

    Visit Tony's web site! That's an order!  Rich 


  • I thank every one whose supported our ongoing Risk Management Efforts. You're ongoing RM R&D will keep our learning center on the cutting edge throughout 2011. Click here to meet just a few of our RMLC faculty and faculty advisors.

Click here to interview our "10-Yeared Faculty"


 New Year's Resolutions?  

  • I'll check my Linked In, Facebook, and email accounts weekly!
  • I'll get our MAC driven websites up and running!


  • www.RichWoldt.com will focus on renting our Door County cottage and personal efforts such as voting for Miss America! Kimberly Sawyer's aunt is my father's second cousin. Confused?


Website updates:

About Us  Faculty RM R&D Dept. Community Outreach Veteran Outreach Mentors

Posted 11/1/10: "Anyone who thinks the current healthcare bill is soundly based on Risk Management or insurance underwriting principles needs to review their basic RM tutorials. Read basic RM #101 tutorials and vote the politicians who crammed this legislation down our throats OUT of OFFICE!"   Rich Woldt

"Credit Union Week & Day 2010"  

This year we gathered via an international "webcast" and in person in Madison for the 22nd annual "Filene House Employee Reunion." Both helped us recommit to our "People helping People" philosophy and "Not for Profit - Not for charity - BUT for SERVICE" financial cooperative traditions!

Both helped us reconnect, refresh our memories and recall why credit unions are positioned better than any other organization, anywhere in the world, anytime in history to manage the risks threatening who our founder Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen called "The Common Man."  learn more

As I Reflected back this year on what's now 45 years (1965 - 2010) working in the credit union movement, I can't help but marvel at the wisdom of our founding fathers. I'm particularly proud of how we've successfully merged and consolidated common bonds while preserving our focus on individual members and the unique economic needs of an expanding "field of membership." Credit union chapters, leagues, national and international associations can take particular pride in the cooperative projects they launched to preserve economic stability within a community or region struggling to survive, rebuild, and recover from a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or pandemic.

In 2011, we'll create videos that highlighting Credit Union Risk Management best practices. The research we did during the past 9 years through our  "RMLC Community" and "Veteran" outreach sites will be used to leverage credit union RM wisdom into all segments of the private sector.

RMLC Community Outreach R&D Site RMLC Veteran Outreach R&D Site

Home About Us  Faculty  Mentors - 007  Mentors RM R&D Dept. RM White Papers 2007 Curriculum RMLC  Lounge   RMLC Accomplishments Thank you WOCCU, International ASIS members, and US Military veterans for your involvement during 2010 RM field testing of our mass-evacuation, housing-in-place, CIRT, VIPER, and ICS emergency response protocols. I'll be publishing ICS "best practices" on our community and veteran outreach R&D sites before the end of the year. 

Community Outreach Veteran Outreach

FYI: I've merged www.ASIS067.com with www.ASISWisconsin.org so update your search engines. The www.ASIS067.com domain name will disappear in April 2011.

I pledge to get better at....monitoring emails as well as using my Rich@RMLearningCenter.com and Rich@RichWoldt.com facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Remember, I started teaching Risk Management in 1964 long before computers, the internet, or cell phones. 

Credit Union Risk Managers!

Thank You!

Thank you credit unions for taking part in our www.DoorCountyVeterans.com Risk Management Operations. You're role as "Finance Chief" helped ensure all internal, audit, and collection controls were in place and all physical, alarm and surveillance security recommended in our credit union world were properly tested prior to deployment.

As you know, we're using operation "Rubber hits the Road" to table top test our ability to:
  • Mobilize and mass evacuate a segment of the population anytime they stand in harms way.
  • Form private-to-public homeland security partnerships, and
  • Test emergency response protocols if the private sector has to "stand-alone" without public sector support for 72 hours.

I will post test results as well as our "best practices" in our RMLC library as well as brief credit union education directors who've logged into our operation. Now that I'm 65 I'm slowing down so go through your Director of Education or CUNA Mutual representative to access our test results and operational best practices.

Please share our mission protocols and best practices with your event and contingency planners and feel free to use our briefing logs to table-top-test your EOC and Staging Area management protocols.

I send a special thank you to our international credit union' observers at the Lambeau Credit Union in Tobago West Indies.      Rich
  • Go to www.LZLambeau.org for the most current schedule of events, to locate fellow vets, and for professional posters and promotion materials to use nationwide.

  • Call "OB1" before going to www.RollingThunderwi3.org to register for Rolling Thunder's 1244 Ride. Answering Roll-call and making that call will help make sure you don't get lost in the crowed.

  • Most important; Please click here and answer "Roll-call"!    

Meet our RMLC Faculty Faculty White Papers RMLC R&D Department

RMLC Curriculum Credit Union RM History 

The links below will take you to some of our "retired" RM - R&D web-pages.

About Us Mentoring Organizations       RM R&D Dept. RM White Papers5 Year Benchmarking Reports RMLC Faculty Lounge and Lobby 

Community Outreach Center 

Attention Haiti Earthquake Victims: Get to Know The World Council of Credit Unions!  WOCCU

Join: Credit Union World Online

Read: COO Brian Branch's Blog

Read: European Network of CUs

Read: WOCCU Expands Islamic Financial Services to Afghanistan


"The World Credit Union Movement is positioned better than any other movement, anywhere in the world, anytime in history' to take command during a crisis...  learn more

The Risk Management Learning Center is dedicated to promoting internationally recognized Risk Management performance standards throughout the world credit union movement. About US

Credit unions should expect an increase in robberies, burglaries, frauds, and embezzlements caused both by the pandemic and the panic caused by ill conceived pandemic alerts.

Credit unions are not only better prepared than during the last pandemic but in most countries they have a more advanced health care system that was available during the last pandemic.

Haiti Earthquake 1-12-10: Credit union' earthquake response and recovery recommendations... are similar to those we published for the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks, Hurricane Katrina, the Psunami, and those taught during the 1980' New Madrid earthquake scares.  Contact your credit union league, CUNA Mutual Group Representative, WOCCU, or national trade association for RM support.

Helpful RM Steps to take include:

  1. Declare the incident type (Earthquake), scope (Haiti), and potential for scope creep (Carribean). Click here  Also..Go to our RM R&D Department and page down to "Earthquakes" I've posted map links to support a WOCCU response. RM R&D Dept.
  2. Establish a unified Incident Command System for your credit union, credit union chapter, and credit union league and sponsor group. Click here
  3. Activate your credit union' contingency plans for a  large scale community crisis requiring mass evacuations and housing in place. Also activate your CU Chapter, regional and leauge  mutual aide agreements. U.S. credit unions should assess their vulnerability to the New Madrid Fault System. Click here
  4. Alert your Disaster Recovery (DAT), Damage Assessment (DAT), and Critical Incident Response Teams (CIRT).
  5. Mobilize your Credit Union's Incident Command System to include distributing tutorials for conducting search and rescue operations, setting up Emergency Operation Centers ( EOCs), and managing Staging Areas.
  6. Click here to review our RMLC Incident Command System tutorials for the private sectors. Click here to review operational period protocols.
  7. Monitor local TV and Radio station websites, Google and Bing to learn how you can help victims, donate and seek aide and support. Click here for an example and to learn more. Click here to reach the National Earthquake Information Center
  8. Our cadre of International Credit Union Risk Managers and RMLC Faculty: should Click here for an RMLC IC update. We'll be linking our veteran' and community organizer' VIPER and CIRT tutorials to our www.DoorCountyVeterans.com and www.COPs007.com sites.
  9. Donate through your locally recognized cheritable organizations, your local chapter of the Red Cross, your church, etc. Use textig technologies to donate but make sure it's going to a legitamate organization.
  10. Post fraud alerts and links to fraud detection web sites such as:those posted by local and national TV networks. Use the following when in doubt:    http://www.charitynavigator.org and www.guidestar.org. Go through your credit union, credit union league, national trade association, and WOCCU when in doubt.
  11. Credit Union Risk Managers (CURMs) should monitor their league, WOCCU, CMG, and professional trade association/development web sites. 

    I recommend ASIS International http://www.asisonline.org/), The Association of Irish Risk Management http://www.airm.ie/, etc.  As a member of the FBI InfrGard and The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, I use www.infragard.net and www.acfe.com.   To monitor internet scams, frauds, and embezzlements I recommend www.fraudwatchinternational.org and sites such as http://www.acfe.com/home.asp, https://swern.usp3.org/ and https://mwern.usp3.org/

  12. I'll soon post a white paper on rebuilding Haiti's economy through the world credit union movement (WOCCU). For now, read yellow high lighted sections throughout this site and at www.RichWoldt.com  

  13. Go throgh your CUNA Mutual Representative or WOCCU to contact me.

Rich Woldt - CEO The Risk Management Learning Center

Quotes from our alumni...

" Everyone is a Risk Manager"

"We never stop learning from each other!"


The Risk Management Learning Center (RMLC) was launched in 2001 to study Risk Management methods and performance standards in the world credit union movement.

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The Woldt Council of Credit Unions!


We build on traditions... handed down form Fredrick Wilhelm Rafiesen, founder of the credit union movement.          learn more

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