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Welcome to the Risk Management Learning Center. It's my "labor of love built on over 40 years of Credit Union Risk Management research dating back to my undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin in 1965. Biography    learn more...

Note Jim Steel, retired from Master Card International has joined our RMLC faculty. You can reach him at Jim.Steel@RMLearningCenter.com

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During 2009 we'll:

  • Benchmark our International Credit Union Risk Management programs and publish updates to our RMLC International Risk Management Performance Standards.
  • Provide "Basic" training in Operational Risk Management, Private Sector' Incident Command System (ICS), and CARVEL Plus Shock threat assessments at our community outreach  www.COPs007.com site, Veteran outreach sites www.VFWPost8337.com and www.DoorCountyVeterans.com
  • Expand our "Private Sector" RM training facility, Emergency Operation Center (EOC), and Critical Incident Response Staging Areas.


In 2006 we launched...a Basic Training program for the private sector focused on teaching Incident Command and Control (ICS) to the private sector.  learn more

Continuing Education: I continue to encourage all International Credit Union Risk Managers to maintain a directory of certified ASIS, CFE, and InfraGard members who live or work within their credit union chapter. Chapter leaders are encouraged to invite CFE members to attend and speak at their monthly meetings.
In 2009, we'll continue to encourage credit union leaders, corporate officials, and veteran post commanders to join and support their local ASIS, CFE, and InfraGard chapters. Click on links to the right!             Rich Woldt http://www.asisonline.org



I formed Risk Management 007 LLC and Risk Management Learning Center (RMLC) in 2001 to research Risk Management (RM) controls and promote international performance standards at the credit union, chapter, league, and international levels. Much of our work is done through members of the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) and CUNA Mutual Group (CMG). Much of our research can be accessed through local CMG, League, or WOCCU representatives or downloaded from our RMLC annual summaries:

RMLC summary of first 5 years 2001 to 2006 

RMLC summary 2007 to 2009

Go to: and

We've launched...community outreach web sites to study regional and international segments of the private sector. I do all my own web development so forgive links that may no longer work. Go to: www.COPs007.com, www.ASIS067.com, www.DoorCountyVeterans.com. and www.GuardianVets.com

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The World Credit Union Movement is positioned better than any other movement, anywhere in the world, anytime in history to respond to and rebuild the economic infrastructure of a community or country destroyed by a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or threatened by a pandemic.  learn more
Effective 1-1-2009 I committed all our RMLC resources to promoting internationally recognized Risk Management performance standards throughout the world credit union movement. Our mission going forward includes promoting continuing education for our International Credit Union Risk Managers and basic training for veterans embedded at every level of the private sector.

In 2008 we built... a "Private Sector" Incident Command and Control Center from which we teach how to set up and manage an Emergency Operations Center and Staging area. We use this center to field test emergency response protocols and provide basic CIRT and VIPER training for Wisconsin veterans. Learn more at..


We're building battalions ...one veteran at at time. to learn more  go to www.DoorCountyVeterans.com, www.VFWPost8337.com, and www.COPs007.com
We're working with youth groups...and colleges to build public-to-private Homeland Security Partnerships. I was a charter member of the UW Risk Management and Insurance Society in 1965 and now a proud charter member of the UW Risk Management and Insurance Alumni Association to be launched in spring 2009.
My interest in Credit Union Risk Management began...while working on my BBA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In the '60s we formed an Insurance Society mentored by a young Risk Management Professor Richard "Doc" Heins who later became President/CEO of CUNA Mutual/CUMIS Insurance Society. It's therefore with great expectations I've become a charter member of the Risk Management and Insurance Alumni Association.

I encourage all...RMLC  International Credit Union Risk Managers to visit our web site at... http://www.uwrmialumni.com:80/  

We're building "Private Sector" Incident Response Teams through the world credit union movement, veteran organizations, our affiliation with professional associations, and our mutual aid/assistance and unified command partners around the world.

Richard Woldt - Commander

VFW Post 8337

Liberty Grove Wisconsin




We build on traditions... handed down form Fredrick Wilhelm Rafiesen, founder of the credit union movement.          learn more

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