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Do we need health care reform?  Absolutely!

Do we need government intervention into health care reform? Only to a very limited extent!

Do I support the current bill being shoved down our throats? Absolutely NOT! 

  • Actuaries can't support it!
  • There are no risk reduction incentives!
  • There are no meaningful fraud deterrents!
  • We can't afford it!
  • There are better, more efficient and effective health care reforms that have proven to work well in a free capitalistic society.

You don't have to be... a CUNA Management School graduate to understand the negative impact government is having on the U.S. health insurance industry. Unfortunately, CUNA Mutual retiree's, of which I'm one, got a doss of reality November 6 when we were all dumped unceremoniously into Aetna's Retiree Health Access plan. Go to www.RHAGroup.net and weep for us.

Better yet..., save your energy! If the current health care reform bill passes, you'll be weeeping for yourself.  

CUNA Mutual retirees with pre-existing conditions should immediately go to www.RHAgroup.net or call the Retiree Service Center 1-866-643-8742 between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. central time and lock in coverage. Remember,  it appears that if you don't lock in coverage before November 20th you'll be individually underwritten. Also, it appears the only way you'll get back into the pool is if you have a life changing event such as turning age 65 or you can prove you had an "employer directed" group policy in force continuously after 1/1/10.

I've received a ton of emails, asking for an RM explanation of what's being shoved through congress with RM recommendations for retirees specifically those on Medicare. Unfortunately, I allowed my license to sell insurance expire years ago when I was fired for telling college freshman they didn't need $100,000 of whole-life insurance. I did that the day after my boss had sold them all whole-life contracts.

My best advice at this point... is vote the politicians, who are ignorantly forcing government health care reform down our throats,... out of office!

Now that I have that off my chest, let me see what I can do to help my fellow retirees:

I recommend... you hold an open forum at your credit union chapter and league meetings to discuss the negative impact on credit union sponsors if the proposed health insurance bill passes. Click here for an opinion from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce on 12 requirements that will drive up your taxes, double your premiums, and destroy jobs in your community. Grab your unemployment application and Click here to do your own research.

Don't be afraid to challenge... political rhetoric. Political rhetoric doesn't change actuarial facts that govern the insurance industry, nor does political rhetoric change business practices that destroy jobs or jeopardize long term job security. All the "Cash-for-Clunkers" program did was increase our national debt and drive up loan delinquencies.

If you're covered under a health insurance program administered by your union, I'd be especially concerned. Unions are not insurance companies, consequently, their involvement might go back to a government program that reimbursed companies for administrating health care coverage. It's likely that those reimbursements were passed on to unions. If that's the case, rumor has it that much of the government savings bragged about by supporters of the current legislation will come from canceling such reimbursement programs.  Click here to sort it out for yourself! It won't hurt to compare what you hear on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. 

If you're a retiree, I recommend...you Click here to  complete our RMLC anonymous survey of retirees from across the U.S. and around the world and than click here to view results. Don't expect much in the results file until after the first of the year. We're surveying retirees who've "walked-the-walk" and are positioned to complete the survey based on their individual RM research and personal experience.

I recommend...you go to the websites... of your current health insurance carrier and read their RM research. Also read about the contract changes that will be needed to adjust to government mandated health care reform. Use internet search engines such as Google to obtain quotes. For example, click here if you live in Wisconsin. The following sites have been helpful to Wisconsin retirees:

click here for the Anthem's (Blue Cross/Blue Shields) website.

Click here for WPS Health Insurance

Click here for Humana Health Insurance quotes.

I'll continue to post... health insurance websites recommended through our surveys. Please Click here to  complete our anonymous survey of retirees and than click here to view results.

Finally, I recommend... you use our RMLC RM library and read our RM white papers. Click here for a link to my paper on International Risk Management Principles and Practices and Click here for my RMLC Strategic Action Plan (SAP). Share them both with your credit union Board of Directors. 

Our current economic and Risk Management challenges are not new. According to our surveys, the only credit unions, leagues, affiliates, bonding companies, etc., who're failing their membership are those who've lost their moral, ethical, and movement compose. If you're one of those I suggest you click here and get back on board with the credit union movement.  CMG Retirees click here for updates.       

Rich Woldt - CEO The Risk Management Learning Center

Attention: RMLC Faculty and our International Credit Union Risk Managers holding the ASIS International CPP, PCI, and PSP designation.  Don't miss your 12-31-09 recertification dedline. Click here to view my recertification update.

Update: Credit Unions can be...proud of their Risk Management Best Practices" born out of their response to bank failures, the increased domestic terrorist threats this summer, and their mobilization during this fall's H1N1 pandemic scare. Credit Union Chapter and League educators are welcome to use our Risk Management research and training tools for veterans posted at our www.DoorCountyVeterans.com and www.ASIS067.com websites.

In early 2010 I'll be launching a website... focused specifically on... mobilizing the Private Sector anytime the scope of a crisis overwhelms or its duration exhausts Public Sector response assets. 

The goal is to merge... the World Credit Union Movement with Veteran' Organizations, forming a "Unified" Private Sector Incident Command structure that will work for any organization, anywhere in the world, during any crisis, anytime in history.

2009 Pandemic Response Protocols:: Our International Credit Union Risk Managers should review their H1N1 phase I to III pandemic response protocols and their ABC - 1-2-3 contingency plan for pandemics as well as table top test mobilizing a credit union/chapter level unified incident command to support sponsor companies in their field of membership. Go to our R&D library to download RMLC white papers and handouts. learn more
RM Tips from Rich...
  • Use your car alarm actuator to alert neighbors of a home invasion, stalkers, or predators in the neighborhood.
  • Wash teller counters with diluted bleach daily to ensure better finger print forensic evidence.
  • Avoid turning in written statements to the police after a robbery. Discrepancies will be used against you in court.
  • Update you Contingency Plans, Incident Command System, CIRT and VIPER response procedures at least quarterly.
  • Review our mass housing-in-place and mass evacuation protocols every six months.   
Elvis, i.e. our RMLC faculty member is back from a crushing injury and the Swine Flu.. Learn more   He's ready to "Rock and Roll" at your next annual meetings.     click here to book "Elvis" and our RMLC "Mayberry Deputy" him.                          

Rich Woldt

  • Give my cousin-in-law an economic boost!

I send a special salute... to our cadre of Credit Union Risk Managers who are attending CUNA Management Schools this summer.

More than any time in our history... we need to update Credit Union Risk Management, Homeland Security, Incident Command, Contingency Planning, and Pandemic response policies, practices, and protocols. Terrorist threats are real and focused on our economic infrastructure. 

The continued failure of government stimulus packages and... the growing resentment of governments' who are blindly intervening in the private sector, will continue to play into terrorist hands and spark new interest in frauds and scams in the private sector. Click here for an example!

In my opinion, the reputation of the global credit union movement is on the line. Credit union officials and upper management need to aggressively step up to the plate at the chapter level and remind the world why and how credit unions have brought us through the great depression, many wars, and unwanted government intervention into the private sector let alone our private lives and individual freedoms.

The Risk Management Learning Center will celebrate... its 8th anniversary this summer. While we continue to launch new programs through veteran organizations and international business associations our hearts remain with the thousands of  International Credit Union Risk Managers who've we've had the privilege to serve since June 29, 2001 let alone during the 30 years I worked for CUNA Inc, WOCCU, and CUNA Mutual.      

Swine flu (H1N1) Advisory: April 28, 2009

This is a pandemic "advisory" not an alert! Advisories help mobilize the private sector during a time of crisis. Credit Union Risk Managers should review our pandemic RM white papers on handouts.

  • Our International Credit Union Risk Managers should... immediately review our pandemic risk management white papers, (click here),

  • use our R&D library (click here), and

  • contact their Cuna Mutual Group Risk Management Representative.

  • place their... Critical Incident Response Teams (CIRTs) on alert,
  • and contact their... league, trade association, and CUNA Mutual Group Risk Managers for a briefing on credit union pandemic response protocols. Our veteran' CIRTs should contact their veteran' post commander for marching orders.
  • For more information go to... www.fda.gov/oc/guidance/emergencyuse.html.

Most credit union have well written, table-top tested, and recently updated "pandemic" contingency plans and response protocols.

Most credit union employees need only wash their hands and chair-backs and mobilize a chapter wide  response.

Credit unions need only plan before gathering, verify push-backs defendable zones, closely monitor surveillance systems, update locate-lockdown-and link procedures, and deploy security personnel to more effectively protect properly and personnel during a pandemic.

At the chapter level, credit unions need to deploy community support teams to reinforce both public and private sector responders on the front lines.

Following is my advisory with links to our R&D files.

The Center for Desease Control (CDC) warns of a possible swine flu pandemic (H1N1 Virus).  click here to learn more about the H1N1 virus.   Rich Woldt

  • Health care professionals... and consumers may report serious adverse events (side effects) through the FDA's MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program either via Regular Mail: use FDA form 3500 available at: www.fda.gov/MedWatch/getforms.htm and mail to MedWatch, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20852-9787 or
    --Fax: (800) FDA-0178 or
    --Phone: (800) FDA-1088
    --Online: www.fda.gov/MedWatch/report.htm 
  • FYI: From our R&D files...Click on the following and pass it to first responders and care givers:
  1. Interim Guidance for Patients and Case Definitions for Infection with Swine-origin Influenza A (H1N1)Virus (S-OIV) ..

Rich Woldt 

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The Risk Management Learning Center is dedicated to promoting internationally recognized Risk Management performance standards throughout the world credit union movement. About US

Credit unions should expect an increase in robberies, burglaries, frauds, and embezzlements caused both by the pandemic and the panic caused by ill conceived pandemic alerts.

Credit unions are not only better prepared than during the last pandemic but in most countries they have a more advanced health care system that was available during the last pandemic.

The Risk Management Learning Center promotes the formation of "Private" sector Critical Incident Response Teams (CIRTs) and VIPER squads. In 2008 we built... a "Private Sector" Incident Command and Control Center to teach the private sector how to set up Emergency Operation Centers, manage Staging areas, and mobilize VIPER and CIRT squads during a community crisis. learn more...

We're working with youth groups...and colleges to build public-to-private Homeland Security Partnerships. I was a proud charter member of the UW Risk Management and Insurance Society in 1965 and I'm now  proud to be a charter member of the UW Risk Management and Insurance Alumni Association.

Quotes from our alumni...

" Everyone is a Risk Manager"

"We never stop learning from each other!"

I encourage all...RMLC  International Credit Union Risk Managers to visit the UW RM Alumni web site at


On April 25, 2009 we official launched our alumni association during Risk Management Professor Dan Anderson's retirement party.  UW Risk Management Alumni came from all over the world for the celebration.  Dan joins are cadre of RM professionals and will continue to mentor our RMLC international risk management programs and projects.

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The Risk Management Learning Center (RMLC) was launched in 2001 to study Risk Management methods and performance standards in the world credit union movement.

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We build on traditions... handed down form Fredrick Wilhelm Rafiesen, founder of the credit union movement.          learn more

We're building "Private Sector" Incident Response Teams through the world credit union movement, veteran organizations, our affiliation with professional associations, and our mutual aid/assistance and unified command partners around the world.

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ASIS Chapter 067 officers 2007-2008 meet regularly to schedule speakers, arrange critical infrastructure security tours, and plan regional training workshops. Pictured left to right are Shawn Smith (Pres CEO Midwest Protection Inc., Jim Manhowski Owner JBM Protection & Patrol, Curt Haugen, CEO/Operations Director Scuro Group LLC, and Rich Woldt CEO The Risk Management Learning Center
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