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The Risk Management Learning Center (RMLC) was launched in 2001 to study Risk Management methods and performance standards in the world credit union movement.

Through the credit union movement we've promoted Risk Management (RM) methods, surveyed RM best practices, benchmarked private sector's emergency response protocols, and filed tested our "Private Sector" version of the Incident Command System (ICS). 

We've learned:

  • We can't avoid all life threatening crises.
  • Only God guarantees our survival.
  • No one has all the right answers.
  • Dumping money at a problem doesn't solve it.
  • Our best contingency plans have been tested under fire.
  • Not all politicians are good leaders. 
  • Public to Private partnerships work best when both follow the Incident Command System.

RMLC research stored in our R&D library is open to the public. Some proprietary research is available only through CMG representatives or credit union associations who took part in our Incident Command System (ICS) or CARVER Plus Shock development projects.

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We continue to promote Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) training at the chapter and league level as well as at the district level of the Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Legion, AMVET, and Marine Corp League. Our community outreach site www.COPs007.com, business development site www.ASIS067.com, and basic training site for veterans www.DoorCountyVeterans.com will soon join forces to form a "Unified" Incident Command and Control structure focused on mobilizing  the world credit union movement anytime the scope of a disaster overwhelms or its duration exhausts public sector response and recovery assets.

We're working with youth groups...and colleges to build public-to-private Homeland Security Partnerships. As I was a proud charter member of the UW Risk Management and Insurance Society in 1965 I'm now a proud charter member of the UW Risk Management and Insurance Alumni Association launched in spring 2009.
I encourage all...RMLC  International Credit Union Risk Managers to visit our web site at http://www.uwrmialumni.com:80/ 

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 About US

"The World Credit Union Movement is positioned better than any other movement, anywhere in the world, anytime in history to take command during a crisis. Credit Unions regularly test "worst case scenario" contingency plans and stand mission ready to form "unified" incident commands to mobilize first their "field of membership" than chapter, state, national, and global associations.  stand mission ready to take command and implement contingency plans

 command, stage an effective response, and rebuild the economic infrastructure of communities destroyed by disasters, attacked by terrorists, or challenged by pandemics!"


Our Risk Management Learning Center promots internationally recognized Credit Union' Risk Management performance standards through ting continuing education for our International Credit Union Risk Managers and basic training for veterans embedded at every level of the private sector.

In 2008 we built... a "Private Sector" Incident Command and Control Center from which we teach how to set up and manage an Emergency Operations Center and Staging area. We use this center to field test emergency response protocols and promote basic CIRT and VIPER training for Wisconsin veterans. Learn more at..

We're building "Private Sector" Incident Response Teams through the world credit union movement, veteran organizations, our affiliation with professional associations, and our mutual aid/assistance and unified command partners around the world.

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We build on traditions... handed down form Fredrick Wilhelm Rafiesen, founder of the credit union movement.          learn more

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