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Press Packet

  Paul J. Bergee CBCP
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Professional Biography

  • Served as an elected member of the Disaster Recovery Institute International Certification Board from March 1999 through March 2002

  • Certified Business Continuity Professional since 1990

  • I have over 15 Years of experience in all ten Disaster Recovery Institute International subject areas

  • Over 15 Years of experience in a corporate wide business continuity planning

  • Retired Director of Business Continuity Planning for a billion dollar, multiple site, international financial industry organization in Madison Wisconsin

  • During my 27 year tenure with CUNA Mutual our business disaster response plans were successfully implemented in several real disaster situations including the events of September 11, 2001

  • My disaster response testing programs are publicly recognized as being the most aggressive including multiple site testing and city wide business and public testing programs

  • Speaker on BCP at many Wisconsin professional meetings and at national conferences

  • Featured speaker at the Wisconsin State Governors Conference on disaster response preparedness

  • Founder and current president of the Business Recovery Planners Association of Wisconsin

  • I have performed several Business Recovery Planning external business audits

  • I served for two years on the Survive Advisory Board, London England

  • Designed and conducted disaster recovery planning seminars for over many mid-west companies

Professional Acknowledgments

My disaster response program was implemented during a flood at our Iowa office. At the conclusion of the claims settlement, our insurance carrier stated that they were extremely impressed with our disaster response program and that due to the completeness of the program, the disaster response process saved millions of dollars in additional claims and many hours of recovery time.

During a recent audit
by Lloyds of London of our disaster response plans, they reported to us that we have a "world class" disaster response program.

Peers in the industry have acknowledged to me that our corporate disaster response plans are
far superior in program content, planning and testing.

During a recent staff forum at CUNA Mutual the president publicly recognized
the excellence of our business recovery response program.

Current Objectives

As of October of 2002 I plan to expand and to continue an active professional career in the business continuity planning environment. I want to share my 15 years of business continuity planning experience with others.

I have three primary objectives:

  • Reduce the extensive business continuity planning learning curve to a minimum amount of time for other organizations
  • Reduce the long term development time to a minimum for others needing a business recovery plan
  • Bring a cost effective, yet professional, business continuity process to all companies regardless of size

We have a number of programs that will help you develop your business continuity plans or audit those plans. Please click to see the programs developed by Bergee Business Continuity Planning (BBCP).





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