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Please remember... Do NOT trust my email accounts. If you can not reach me on my 608-712-7880 cell number, go through your Credit Union Risk Manager, your local CUNA Mutual Representative, your Credit Union League, your CU trade association, or  the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU).    Rich Woldt CEO The Risk Management Learning Center
In 2009, we'll continue to encourage all Credit Union Risk Managers and VFW Post and District  Commanders to join and take an active role in their local ASIS, CFE, and InfraGard chapters.

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Update...December 2008!  The third edition of our "International Credit Union Risk Management Performance Standards" will be released during the first quarter of 2009. I'm preparing a tutorial for our RMLC faculty and cadre of CMG International Credit Union Risk Managers. Our 2009 mission statement and SAP includes Credit Union Chapter Risk Management "Fireside Chats" and US Veteran District - Post level "Basic Training" in Risk Management Principles and Practices, Incident Command and Control, EOC/Staging Area Management, and "CIRT/VIPER Best Practices" training for the Private Sector.

Update...November 2008!  I'm in debt. No not to the mortgage companies but to the thousands of Credit Union Risk Managers and my fellow veterans around the world who've shared their RM Best Practices, RM failures, as well as RM incident report, responded to RMLC RM surveys, and linked our their RM research files to ours over the past seven plus years (I launched the RMLC July 4, 2001). Your professional courtesy and kindness will not be forgotten.

FYI: Our "Private Sector" Incident Command Training Center and Staging Area will be closed from December 7 (Pearl Harbor Day) until Memorial Day 2009.

Update... October 2008!  We accomplished much in 2008 to include updating our "International Risk Management Performance" standards and building an addition to our RMLC training center. We now have a operational prototype "Private Sector" Emergency Operation Center (EOC) and "Private Sector" Staging Area from which we conduct Risk Management, Incident Command, and Homeland Security workshops as well as field test of our "Private Sector" Homeland Security and Emergency Response procedures and protocols.

In early 2009... we'll focus on mobilizing the world credit union movement and US military veterans during any crisis who's scope overwhelms or who's duration exhausts the public sectors ability to perform. 

As commander of VFW Post 8337, I'll be establishing mutual aid agreements first between VFW posts in District 8 and Wisconsin and than with VFW posts across the country as well as with credit unions throughout CUNA Mutual's international markets. Our network of International Credit Union Risk Managers will coordinate our global RM training initiatives. 

Goals for 2010: Our mission statement for 2010 includes staging regional private sector assets that potentially could be deployed through the world credit union movement supported by veteran' posts and international veteran organizations.

I know our RMLC goals are high... but so are the stakes if we don't act aggressively to meet the terrorist' and natural disaster' risks that have already threatened our international economy.

I urge all International Credit Union Risk Managers... as well as Credit Union Leagues, and credit union trade associations to raise the bar on their Homeland Security RM training and contingency planning programs and projects. 

The current state of our global economy... is going to drive up our fidelity bond losses. All Credit Union Risk Managers should immediately review all credit union' internal and audit controls, conduct cash flow analyses on all cash operations, evaluate all burglary and access controls, test all surveillance systems, and conduct bomb threat and robbery response training. 

Memorial Day 2008! Our Homeland Security Salute to Veterans reached our troops in Iraq through links at and Thank you WDOR.  

Credit Union Risk Managers: I've sent out the "Basic Homeland Security" training updates to our US Veteran/Credit Union Risk Management Advisory Council. Those attending CUNA Management schools will share them with their class. Those attending fall VFW District Meetings will conduct "Incident Command and Control" as well as Internal Control and Fraud Auditing recommending by Credit Union Risk Managers during every community crisis. 

Credit Union Risk Mangers: Don't miss Dave McGuinn's article on Katrina' SD Boxes. Read it in our RM White Papers files.

learn more!        Rich

Credit Union Risk Managers and Veterans: Watch for our 2009 Basic Training and Chapter Circuit RM programs on forming effective and efficient Homeland Security Partnerships in your community. We'll be launching a fall series of "Fire-Side-Chats" on homeland security focused on what credit unions chapters need to do before the next terrorist attack, man-made or natural disaster, pandemic, or large scale community crisis requiring mass evacuations or mass housing-in-place. Watch for our "When you're first at the scene!" chapter series later this year. I'll also plan to publish an update to our International Risk Management Performance Standards for Credit Unions later this year.
  • Reminder #1: You can still download handouts from our 2006, 2007,  and 2008 workshops. Credit Union Risk Managers should go through their CUNA Mutual Representative and/or League Director of Education to access our RM R&D files.
  • Reminder #2: If you're a US veteran, join our RM VIPER Squad at If your a biker, join our biker Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) program and come ride with us. Watch for rides posted at Downloading our VFW tool bar will allow you to hear our radio HLS updates from anywhere in the world.
  • Reminder #3: Don't trust reaching me via email! Contact either your CUNA Mutual Representative or call my cell phone. 
OK! My book on International Risk Management Performance Standards is still on my desk, in files on the floor, and buried in conference handouts I've been collecting over the past 40 years. Rest assured it'll soon be on your shelf of things you don't have time to read or uploaded to your laptop' file marked "I'll get around to it someday." I've posted drafts Excerpts will be used to support our "Veteran's Basic Risk Management Training" and "Credit Union Risk Management Fireside Chat" tours. 

This site will continue to support our RMLC R&D projects to include our U.S. Veteran & Credit Union Risk Management Volunteer' Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) programs. Both our community outreach site and business development sites will continue to be used for field testing our private sector Homeland Security - Risk Management projects and protocols. 

I've been reelected Commander of VFW Post 8337, so our veterans' site and will continue to be used to deploy regional Critical Incident Response Teams (CIRTs) and VIPER (Visual Intelligence of Persons and the Environment Recon) squads under the joint command of VFW Post Commanders and Credit Union Chapter Presidents.

Confused? Me too!

I'll eventually merge all sites into is currently under construction. That will unite US veterans and our global network of Credit Union Risk Managers in a Homeland Security project focused on protecting and defending any local or regional economy.

Once completed, credit unions and veterans will mobilize under a "unified" command structure and  I'll have time to publish my book, "The Best and Worst Risk Managers I've Worked with Since Graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a Degree in Risk Management in 1968!"  Maybe that title's too long? 

Since officially retiring on June 29, 2001 I've been richly bless and will continue to travel the world teaching Risk Management to anyone who'll listen. God willing; that will never change! What's exciting now is I have the time to drive my tractor and talk on my cell phone, time to read my credit union security and risk management magazines, and time to learn about the latest and greatest RM method saving lives around the world. Since I've retired, I've had time to expand my Risk Management Learning Center so now we're spreading credit union wisdom around the globe through the international credit union movement.  

PS: To those who think my web sites suck? You're right! The best RM sites are managed by financial institution' regulators such as or credit union trade associations such as the World Council of Credit Unions, inc. at    . The first Credit Union Insurance and Risk Management site you should us is . CUNA Mutual was formed in 1935 by and for the credit union movement. CMG has been financing CU Risk Management programs ever since. Click here to learn more!

No one has all the right answers. Effective Risk Managers learn something new each day.

The following comes from Information Media Security Group:

Tax Schemes and Scams - The Dirty Dozen
Phishing Scams, Frivolous Arguments Top IRS List of Fraud Threats to and From Taxpayers

New Identity Theft Study Meets Mixed Reviews
Banks Downplay Findings; Advocates Call for Further Disclosure

Disaster Recovery Case Study: Surviving Rita
Louisiana Credit Union Relocated, Rebuilt After Devastating Hurricane

Customer Awareness: Best-Practices in Spreading the Word on Security
Interview with Banking Attorney Charlotte Bahin

Security Awareness: How to Create an Effective Program for Employees
MaryAnne MacIntosh of Nu Union Credit Union Discusses Her Growing Initiative

Societe Generale: Lessons Learned on the Insider Threat

Pandemic Planning from the Securities Industry Perspective
Emergency Management Leader Offers Business Continuity Insights for Banking Institutions

Tom Field
Editorial Director
Information Security Media Group


Attention all International Credit Union Risk Managers!

Posted 3-21-08

The US Federal Financial Institution Examination Council has issued a  revised booklet containing Business Impact
Analysis and Pandemic Planning guidelines.

To learn more: Go to  

Posted 2-24-08 An update on the RMLC International Credit Union Risk Management Homeland Security R&D project:  As most of you know, we created a number web sites to support our Homeland Security R&D projects started on the first anniversary of the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks. As of 1-1-08 we merged these sites and will soon launch "Basic Training (BT)" and "Advanced Individual Training (AIT)" Risk Management programs for veterans through, and "Special Operations" training for credit unions and the private sector through

Credit Union Risk Managers are encouraged to use all of our RMLC web sites when teaching at the chapter, national, and international  levels. In the US, credit unions are encouraged to go through their league, CUNA Inc., and CUNA Mutual Group to ensure they are complying with the latest USA HLS rules and regulations for financial cooperatives.

RMLC faculty have formed a "Special Operations" unit and will soon be posting a new series of Homeland Security presentations. Our RMLC mission is to promote internationally recognized credit union RM performance standards, reduce and simplify emergency response and recovery protocols, focus on promoting Incident Command System training in the private sector, and with the help of the world credit union movement, advocate the formation of cost effective public-to-private homeland security partnerships focused on terrorist threats, natural and man-made disasters, pandemics and other large scale community crises.     

Note to US Veterans: During 2008 we'll implement mutual aid agreements between US veteran posts and join forces with the Veterans of Foreign Wars to promote Public-to-Private  HLS partnerships through our R&D site at  and our international business development site at All "Private Sector" emergency response and recovery protocols will be  taught by our "Special Operations" faculty at All RM and operational protocols will be field tested through WOCCU and the International Credit Union Movement. 

Posted 2-8-08:  Attention International Risk Managers! Please read the US Federal Financial Institution Councils statement on Pandemic Planning posted below on 2-6-08. Also, read our posted white papers and use our R&D library to focus your credit union and credit union chapter on similar financial institution letters issued in your country. As soon as possible, go to and review what we discussed during our last RM benchmarking exercise in the UK and Caribbean.                                                           Rich Woldt

Homeland Security Terrorist' Risks 2008:

Terrorists continue to recruit credit union employees who have access to confidential member' information, knowledge of security systems, access to security policies and procedures, and the ability to compromise physical, alarm, and computer access controls. Al Qaida has franchised operations to gangs and extremist organizations well positioned to infiltrate at all levels of both public and private sectors of societies around the world. We know terrorist' target objectives include a high body count from the initial attack followed by vulnerable secondary targets, the ability to disrupt communication links and attract mass-media attention, and the ability to have a maximum negative impact on housing-in-place or mass evacuation protocols. Their goal is to overwhelm public sector response and recovery assets and thereby traumatize the local population enough to weaken and disrupt first the local than the regional and national economy. In summary, the terrorist' resolve is to destroy the economic infrastructure credit unions are resolved to support and defend.

To manage Homeland Security risks and defend against terrorist' threats, the world credit union movement needs to adopt the Incident Command System (ICS) as their crisis management system of choice and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) as their crisis management vocabulary. Once the world movement is on the same page and speaking the same language, credit unions need to make RM training, contingency planning, and crisis management a regular topic at credit union, chapter, league, national and international education forum. 

Since the formation of the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) in 1971 credit unions have been positioned better than any other movement, anywhere in the world, any time in history to protect and defend the economy on which members, communities, and countries depend. Since the first credit union was chartered in Germany in 1835, credit unions have stood mission-ready to respond to any any crisis; no matter what the incident type, scope, or potential for scope creep. Because credit unions network though local chapters, leagues, national and international associations, they'll be among the first at the scene and the last to leave. Because of their global reach, credit unions can more quickly identify and measure critical incidents, mobilize a first response, and affectively manage the liquidity needs of victims and the recovery process. 

International Credit Union Risk Managers involved in our 2008 "Risk Management Fireside Chats" should study the following:

  • Click here or on Credit Union History to read our white papers on credit union history and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (Right Column).
  • Review the case studies, tutorials, and handouts linked throughout this website (page down).
  • WOCCU is the world representative of the credit union movement! Click on their logo to enter their web site...
  • CUNA Mutual is the credit union movement's insurance and bonding company. CUNA Mutual was founded by CUNA Inc. and US Credit Union Leagues in 1935, to provide Loan Protection and Life Savings Insurance so, as the motto of the world credit union movement declared; "The Debt Shall Die with The Debtor." CUNA Mutual chartered the CUMIS Insurance Society in 1960 to provide the world credit union movement with country specific fidelity bond coverage. Click on their logo to visit their web site and take advantage of their Risk Management resources...   
  • Use the links at the top of this page to visit our R&D library.    

International Credit Union Risk Managers... need to tighten their security protocols, revisit their internal, audit, and access control procedures, and expand their security perimeter to include at least if not a tri-chapter area.                            

Rich Woldt

Posted 2-7-08:  Attention US Veterans!

2007 was a great year at our Risk Management Learning Center. Through our network of International Credit Union Risk Managers we taught Credit Union Risk Management at every level of the international credit union movement. Through our veteran' outreach and Homeland Security sites at,, and our emergency response and recovery site, we promoted emergency response protocols, and taught contingency planning, event planning, and Risk Management methods throughout the private sector.  On September 11 we completed our five year study of public-to-private partnerships formed during and after the terrorist attacks on 9-11-01, Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami, and earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and wildfires in the US.

We'll celebrate our seventh anniversary this summer and launch a three year strategic plan that will promote internationally recognized RM performance standards at the chapter level in the credit union movement, District level of the VFW, and regional level of the private sector of society. FYI, I will turn 63 this spring and have resolved to spend less time in hotel rooms and more time on my Harley. So it's full speed ahead for the RMLC and the credit union movement.  Please remember to use my cell phone to contact me as far too many emails either get blocked or buried in the Viagra ads and scams we all receive each day.

Rich Woldt

Posted 2-6-08: Attention Credit Union Risk Managers: The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council has issued the attached "Interagency Statement on Pandemic Planning" (Statement) identifying actions that financial institutions should take to minimize the potential adverse effects of a pandemic. An institution's business continuity plan should address pandemics and provide a preventive program, a documented strategy scaled to the stages of a pandemic outbreak, a comprehensive framework to ensure the continuance of critical operations, a testing program, and an oversight program to ensure that the plan is reviewed and updated.

Click here for more information!                      Rich Woldt

Posted 9-11-07  I thank all the Emergency Governments, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security agencies (The Public Sector) and all the credit unions, credit union associations, the business community, and trade associations (The Private Sector) for your RM R&D support over the past 5 years. Our five year Terrorist' Risk Management R&D project officially ended on 9-11-07. The "Best & Worst Practices" surveys completed in the US, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean helped make this RMLC project an "International" success. I send a special thank you to my InfraGard, ASIS International, and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) partners. Oh yes, one last thank you to our US Medal of Honor recipients.

Keep an eye on this site and our sister sites at and to see the fruits of our labor.

Posted 9-1-07  Click here for Financial Institution Letter on

Regulatory Relief
Guidance to Help Financial Institutions and to Facilitate Recovery in Additional Storm- and Flood-Affected Areas of Ohio and Wisconsin

Posted 8-25-07  Life has not changed, SPAM blockers continue to block important emails. Please don't assume what you've emailed me made it to my desk top.  That being said, know that I'm going T.D.Y. with US Military Veterans until the end of the year. If your credit union needs RM support go direct to our R&D library and contact your League Director of Education. Most have direct access to our deep-throat files and survey summaries.  All are very familiar with the Credit Union Incident Command System as it relates to contingency planning and responding to credit unions during a large scale community crisis.

Posted 8-23-07  Thank you for all your damage assessment and best practices feedback you've sent through  our damage and best/worst practices surveys. Your input will help us better support credit union that find themselves in harms way in the future. 

Please click here and continue to share your experiences!  Rich

Posted 8-20-07:  To all credit unions effected by 2007 Hurricanes, don't forget to file a "Best & Worst" RM practices report ASAP! We always learn from our experience, good and bad!

The fraudsters and scam artists after the hurricane passes. Please don't forget to file VIPER and damage reports of suspicious activity anytime and as many times as you can. You never know when what you've seen might be the "tip of the iceberg!"

Click here.. To file "Best & Worst" practices!

Click here.. To file VIPER reports!

Posted 8-19-07:  The reported category 5 Hurricane DEAN is over Jamaica. Credit Union Risk Management VIPER Squads are asked to submit scope, scope creep, and damage reports ASAP. US and Caribbean Critical Incident Response Teams are ready to respond. 

Hurricanes ERIN, DEAN, etc. - Scope, Scope Creep, VIPER, and Suspicious Activity Reports! Credit union suffering damage from the hurricanes or any of the recent earthquakes can CLICK HERE to report their status, damage assessment, or information on incident scope creep. Note, this information will be shared with Unified incident commands throughout the credit union movement. Please assume all information you submit will be posted on our web sites. Attention Incident Commanders! Call me for a link to our report files.   Rich Woldt  

Posted 8-9-07:  I'm on my way to Trinidad and Tobago. Considering the tropical storms such as Erin and anticipated hurricanes such as DEAN, I think it wise for Credit Union Leagues along the gulf and all CMG - International Credit Union Risk Managers to conduct RM briefings on the following:

  • Designing, defending and deploying incident specific Emergency Operation Centers (EOC) in Kingston, Jamaica and off-shore in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Texas. FYI: The Texas League is a sister league to JCUL, and we're in the process of establishing a sister relationship between The Lambeau CU in Tobago and the Pioneer CU in Green Bay, Wisconsin; home of the world champion Green Bay Packers.
  • Deploying CMG - Credit Union Risk Manager' VIPER Squads along the entire anticipated path of Hurricane DEAN!
  • Conduct joint operational briefing with CMG International Department personnel, CUNA Caribbean personnel, JCUL Risk Managers, Trinidad & Tobago League personnel, CUNA Caribbean Advisory Council - POR personnel, CU Regulators throughout Latin America, CUNA & Affiliates, and WOCCU Risk Managers. Your welcome to use the following as an outline for your briefing sessions. Remember, to follow standard RM protocols when dealing with the media.
  • Click here to review EOC briefing logs.
  • Click here to review Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) briefing logs.
  • Click here to review VIPER Squad briefing logs.
  • Click here to review Staging Area Operational briefing logs. Click here to review Chief of Operations, Chief of Planning, Chief of Logistics, and Chief of Finance briefing logs. 

Posted 8-15-07:  Hurricanes are going to be a problem for Jamaica, those in their track through the Caribbean, Texas and Southern USA, etc.  Click here to track this and other hurricanes. We also have a number of potential earthquakes predicted. Click here to monitor them.

For credit unions in Jamaica, Texas, etc. who might be in harms way please Click here for RM evacuation instructions and a copy of the Unified command we used during Hurricane Ivan. To all my CUNA Management School, Coastal and Western States, 2005, 2006, and 2007 RM students, refer to your on-line handouts and power point presentations.

Posted 8-14-07:  Attention... Credit Unions in Trinidad and Tobago! Please complete a short Risk Management survey. Your response will help us focus future RM programs in the Caribbean. Rich Woldt 

Note: I've been having trouble with this survey link. If it doesn't work for you, wait a day or two and try again. Collecting this information is important. The trouble is on our end, not on yours.   Rich

Click Here to complete the survey... Thank You

Posted 8-13-07:  Based on credit union VIPER (Visual Intelligence - Persons and the  Environment Recon) team' reports we've launched a CMG "Unified Command" in the Caribbean to include Jamaica's sister League, the Texas Credit Union League.  Click here for ICS briefings.

Posted 8-7-07:  CU Risk Managers who took part in our Contingency Planning and/or Incident Command and Control benchmarking this summer can now upload their table top test scores and summary RM faculty reports.  FYI, I'll leave them available on-line until I return from our sessions in Trinidad.

Posted 8-5-07:  According to national weather service it's going to be an active hurricane season. Based on these predictions, we've launched a Single (ICS) Command to monitor weather related risks in the Caribbean. Click here to access our IC briefing log.  Click here for a link to hurricane trackers, and click here for link to our Incident Command System (ICS) briefings. Note: Per ICS protocol, all briefing notices will be posted with a green background.  Click here to track hurricanes and Click here to monitor earthquakes.  Note, my links don't always work, nor are they specific to your community. You should have links on your desktop to your local emergency government web site, local TV station web site, local fire department and local police departments' web sites.  Rich Woldt


Posted 8-1-07:  Credit unions who've attended our RM sessions this summer should upload their handouts and power point presentations before August 15. If you forgot your password, contact your league Director of Education.

Credit union involved in our Veteran Special Operations and VIPER units should pass on VIPER alerts ASAP. Click here for the VIPER Alerts  posted on For alerts past 60 days contact your local Post Commander.

Posted 6-11-07: To all RM credit unions and RM students at CUNA Mgmt Schools:  I'm not sure what's the problem but much email sent to is not getting through. Effective immediately, call my 608-712-7880 number when you email me something important. Emails to or my personal account are coming through. To all students at upcoming conferences in June, July, August and this fall, contact your conference organizer for my pre-conference handouts. For those credit unions involved in our CUNA Mutual Risk Management or Incident Command Operations contact your local CUNA Mutual Risk Managers if you have any questions or concerns downloading your RM workbooks. 

Posted 6-10-07:  I've now been sworn in as Commander of VFW Post 8337 which positions me better to launch the coast-to-coast crisis response network we're building between credit union chapters and veteran posts. Our goal is to create a nationwide CIRT using Credit Union Risk Managers and Veteran' Post Commanders at the local level, Chapter Presidents and District' Commanders at the regional level, and State/National Guard Commanders at the national level.

We've have RMLC faculty on advisory boards and Homeland Security Committees throughout the Great Lakes and are forming a network of InfraGard members across the US. For example, I'm a member of the Southeast Wisconsin Homeland Security Partnership's committee formulating plans to evacuate 200,000 residents from Milwaukee.

In an effort to be more retired than I've been since retiring from CUNA Mutual six years ago, I'll be channeling many of your RM questions and requests to other RMLC faculty and your local CUNA Mutual RM Representatives. I've been richly blessed so I can well afford to speak to your chapter for whatever is in your budget so don't hesitate calling if I can help. However, at 62 it will be in to town the day before, to bed before 3 a.m. and home on the first flight out of town the next day.

I encourage you to invite your local CUNA Mutual Representative to all your chapter meetings...for an update on what they are doing to ward-off the terrorists who have vowed to recruit your disgruntled employees and members, target banks and credit unions in your chapter, and do all they can to disrupt our national economy. RM workshops going forward should include intense regional risk assessments and Q&A sessions on risks of interest within your chapter. 

Posted 6-1-07: To all RM educators using our library...

Do to increase hits on our library from suspected terrorists, I've created a series of access controls to include multi level "authentication" steps needed to reach secured files. Contact your CUNA Mutual Risk Management representative or your League Director of Education to reach these secured wings of our R&D library. Law enforcement and InfraGuard members need to call me direct to obtain or change their access codes. Veterans and community leaders should go through either our veteran support site at or community outreach site at for industry specific RM downloads.

Posted 5-21-07: Attention Credit Union Risk Managers:

We've been storming and performing to keep credit unions one step ahead of international terrorists, the new generation of scam artists and embezzlers, robbers, kidnappers and extortionists, child predators, and the inevitable pandemic. And, thanks to the on-going support from CUNA Mutual, credit union leagues, and a growing number of public and private sector clients, we've been able to invest in a new generation of RM tools and technologies we'll be deploying in fall.

Unfortunately, due to the terrorist threats against U.S. financial institutions and the same need credit union have to baton-down-the-hatches, we too have had to limit access to our research files, white papers, RM survey results, and some sections of our RM library.

Starting immediately, our more sensitive training materials will only be available through your CUNA Mutual, League, or Credit Union Risk Managers. For those who've attended our RMLC sessions at CUNA Management Schools or our RM workshops sponsored by your League, Chapter or CUNA Mutual, you will need to contact your CUNA Mutual or League RM Representative if you've lost or forgotten you passwords to download handouts or access our RM survey results.

This is just a sign of the times. We will continue to post session benefits and summary highlights after each major RM workshop.        

Lost emails!  All email directed to between January 1 and May 4, 2007 was lost do to spam blockers and miss-directed links. SO, if you emailed me and I didn't respond the odds are I never received your email. Please always call me on 608-712-7880 if you don't hear back within 48 hours!  

Posted Reminder to Credit Union Risk Managers and CUNA Management School Students: We've been through much since last summer, wildfires, tornados, bomb threats, extortions, mass evacuations, to mention just a few. For the most part lives were saved and property losses were held to a minimum. The chapters and leagues that deployed pre-trained CIRTs who followed the lead of their CU - Incident Command and Control System (ICS) responded faster, more efficiently, and recovered faster than those who chose to go-it-alone. The "branch banking" work being done at the chapter, league and national levels deserves much credit for the success they've had stabilizing the economy in the US, Europe, and Caribbean. In case our paths don't cross this summer, I've posted a number of white papers and handouts you can share with others at the credit union and chapter levels. Click here for an update on CIRT pre-deployment briefings....

Posted ALERT from the CEO: Be advised that analog cellular systems will be going digital around February 2008. Click here to learn what you can do to protect your alarm reporting lines and links....

Posted Notes from the CEO: "2007 took off with a series of bangs, unfortunately they were terrorist attacks and bomb threats. Fortunately all targets made it to their defendable zones or executed a safe evacuation out of harms way."    Rich Woldt 

Posted Notes from the CEO: We continue to form Public-to-Private Partnerships at the chapter and regional levels throughout the international credit union movement and train Critical Incident Response Teams (CIRTs) in the same Incident Command and Control System (ICS) taught to law enforcement, fire fighter, emergency governments, and homeland security professionals!     Rich Woldt

Posted Notes from the CEO: "CUNA Mutual Risk Management personnel continue to lead the way to safe havens. Click here to read articles by Ann "my favorite plastic card cop" Davidson, Tom Southern, Jeff Davis, Ken Otsuka, and other Risk Management  professionals. Way to go CUNA Mutual! If you're wondering where to go for frontline RM support, contact any one of my ole team mates out there somewhere in credit union land.                     Rich Woldt

The Credit Union Incident Command and Control System - 2007 - Refer to for veteran' marching orders or for civilian marching orders.



United We Stand - Divided We Fall! 

Posted Notes from the CEO:  Click here for an introduction to Crisis Management and Public-to-Private Partnerships!    Rich Woldt 

RICH WOLDT - Biography

Note: If links on my web site don't work it either means I've failed to set them correctly or your trying to access a secured documents. An increasing number of our documents are being password protected with some secured behind several levels of authentication.

Mission Statement 2008... 

Board Appointments 2008...

International Credit Union Risk Managers: Make sure you're including the following in your workshops and RM updates:


Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Click Here for a Physiological Needs ICS Tutorial for...

Insurance Industry - Financial Institutions -The Business Community

Business Associations Clubs & Societies
Churches - Trauma Councilors & Spiritual Leaders
Schools - Colleges & Universities Trade Schools
All forms of continuing education!
To help find lost children from Katrina  Click on.. Missing Children...
During the rest of 07 and through 08 we'll be training veterans embedded at every level of the credit union movement. They will receive basic training in Crisis Management, Event Planning, Incident Command and Control, Search and Rescue, Bomb Threat Assessment, SWAT, MAT, and SEAL protocols, as well as establishing "unified" and "joint" commands, managing Staging Areas and Emergency Operation Centers, and advanced military operations during a terrorist attack, natural disaster, pandemic or anytime a community finds itself in harms way.

While our will house tutorials and training files, actual operations will be deployed through our veterans support site at: and community outreach site at:

Rich Woldt - Commander Liberty Grover VFW Post 8337

When disasters strike, there's little time to debate who's in charge or what to do first. Throughout 2007, credit unions, CU chapters, leagues and associations should continue teaching the "Incident Command System (ICS)," at all levels of the international credit union movement. Following "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs", chapters should establish branch banking networks at a tri-chapter level to meet the liquidity needs of evacuees, those forced to house-in-place, and those entering the recovery and reconstruction phase after a community crisis. Veteran' posts and the faith-based community should train Critical Incident Response Teams (CIRTs) so they're mission-ready to respond to victim needs as they unfold. 

Our ability to protect and defend our homeland will depend heavily on our ability to create public-to-private partnerships at the local or "community" level. Credit unions should continue to involve local local law enforcement, fire fighters, and emergency government professionals at chapter meetings and Risk Management - Homeland Security forums.  

All Credit Union Risk Managers (CURMs) should have a working knowledge of Homeland Security and Emergency Government web sites, take an active roll in neighborhood watches, and join local security associations such as ASIS International and InfraGard. Credit unions and CU chapter officials should play an active roll in all emergency government tests of warning systems and emergency response protocols. 

During 2007 our we will continue to develop our ICS templates and train "Critical Incident Response Teams (CIRTs) through veteran organizations at and faith-based communities at We'll also continue to expand our community outreach "Homeland-Security" chapter programs to encourage more effective public-to-private partnerships in the war against terrorism. Our RM  R&D department will continue to monitor natural disasters, terrorist' threats, and pandemic risks based on zip/postal codes and deploy RMLC resources accordingly.

Our stated goal for 2007 is to foster public-to-private partnerships so communities will be mission-ready to support and, if needed, reinforce professional first responders. Our primary mission in '07 is to promote the age-old RM principle - "United we Stand - Divided we Fall!"    

Rich Woldt - CEO  The Risk Management Learning Center  


In addition to our partnership with InfraGard at, we are also partnering with "Just Stolen" at   Rich Woldt


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