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I launched my Risk Management Learning Center (RMLC) roughly three months before terrorists attacked the NYC World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

My goal; to continue my passion for teaching Risk Management (RM).

My hope; to keep in contact with the International cadre of Credit Union Risk Managers I'd worked with over the years.

My strategy; to assemble field tested RM professionals willing, able, and well positioned to share their RM wisdom at the grassroots level of the private sector.

My mission; to ensure every organization and common bond has at least been exposed to minimum RM performance standards so they're ready to roll during the next terrorist attack, pandemic, or natural disaster.

My business model compliments the tested model advocated since the 1860's by founders of the world credit union movement. (learn more)

My mantra; "Hand them a loaf of bread and you feed them for a day! Teach them to plant wheat and you feed them for a life time!"   

I've been blessed with a career that allowed me in virtually every credit union back office in the U.S. and across virtually every credit union', chapter', league', national and WOCCU stage in the free world.


My 2011 mission includes launching the "Risk Management Learning Center Graduate School."  It will celebrate our first 10 years with publications that summarize RM research and operations we used to test public sector homeland security protocols.

While RM principles and methods have not changed, RM policies, procedures, and emergency response protocols have changed with each new terrorist attack and natural disaster.

My personal goal; to reconnect with credit union educators around the world using both linked In and Facebook. With help from the next generation, I hope to simplify my websites so they're more user friendly. I also hope to launch subject specific Blogs and Podcasts.

FYI: Soon, will become and my community outreach site will merge with our veteran R&D site My personal site will focus on managing our Door County vacation rental.

Thank you all for your help and encouragement over the past 45 years.   


A Reflection on the Past 10 Years

Strategic Plan: As part of our business continuity and management succession plans, I've created a 12 person advisory board, and 5 member executive team to oversee the RMLC. The advisory board includes representatives for WOCCU, CUNA Inc, CUNA Mutual, and The National Credit Union Administration.

Past Missions:Our mission in 2007 is to create "public-to-private" partnerships in the war against terrorism at all levels of the world credit union movement and throughout US veteran' organizations. Our RM Learning Center will offer both basic and advanced training in Incident Command and Control (ICS) for the private sector. The world credit union movement, US veteran' organizations, and the "faith-based" community will be used to form "critical incident response teams" or CIRTs mission ready to deploy as ICS coaches during a terrorist attack, natural disaster, pandemic or large scale community crisis.     

                  Rich Woldt CEO - The RM Learning Center  

Visit my personal website at and rent our Door County Farmette Cottage. The best deal in Door County, Wisconsin

Visit my community outreach site at and my veteran' outreach site at


My Risk Management' career started in the 60's... as a charter member of the University of Wisconsin Risk Management and Insurance Society. I graduated in '67 with a BBA in Risk Management and Insurance.

I enlisted in the Army... in January 1968 and landed in Vietnam November 10 the same year. After an extended tour of duty in Vietnam I landed back in Madison in 1971 broke and looking for a job.

I was hired by CUNA Mutual and CUMIS Insurance Society... in 1971 to manage U.S. credit union risks through CUNA and Affiliates and international credit union risks through the newly formed World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU).

After 30 years... to the day, retiring June 29, 2001 and formed Risk Management 007 LLC the parent company of my Risk Management Learning Center. 

I'm... a "past" Chairman of ASIS Chapter 067 and an ASIS International Certified Protection Professional (CPP). I'm a Certified Fraud Examiner, Licensed Private Investigator, and graduate of a number of Federal and State Homeland Security training forums to include the National Incident Management System and the "Incident Command System (ICS)," CARVEL plus Shock, and the all hazard 3D simulator training. I'm... an InfraGard member and a proud charter member of the Door County Community Credit Union now merged with the Pioneer Credit Union and I'm a charter member of the University of Wisconsin Risk Management Alumni Association. learn more.

Overview (1-1-06): This is a Risk Management Research and Development site I originally created to support educators in the credit union movement.  In 2006 I'll be launching a sister site at which will act as a  "Community Outreach Program" site. Our plan is to take the complex RM research done at our learning center and translate it into "user friendly" and entertaining RM presentations for community leaders, business associations, social groups, veteran's organizations, schools, churches, etc. Our RMLC faculty and faculty mentors come from all walks of life but primarily they represent law enforcement, private security, emergency governments, security manufacturers, and corporate Risk Management professionals. Mentors

Background (1-1-05): I created the Risk Management Learning Center so that I might continue my 30 year career of teaching Credit Union Risk Management to the world credit union movement. You see, my career began with CUNA Inc. in 1971 when I was hired to organize credit unions and train their officials and staff how to manage risk created by a financial institution. The World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) had just been formed so my services soon included working with credit union cooperatives around the world. In 1976 CUNA Mutual and CUMIS Insurance Society funded an expansion of RM services and I moved to New York to manage RM programs in the northeastern United States. In 1980 I moved back to Madison and became Manager of Risk Management Special Services which included efforts to design and develop Risk Management programs throughout the International Credit Union movement. I retired in June 2001, crashed my Harley and while recuperating wrote and past the exams for my Private Detective license and Homeland Security certifications. I than set out to benchmark and redesign RM programs in Jamaica, Great Britain, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Ireland, and Rwanda. Risk Management 007 LLC was formed as the parent company for the Risk Management Learning Center and our soon to be implemented community outreach site. Currently I'm redesigning the Virtual Incident Command System we inaugurated when Hurricane Ivan threatened Jamaica.  
Risk Management  Awards & Certifications  

Help find lost children from Katrina  Click on.. Missing Children...


Our RMLC Mission Statement (1-1-02)...

"To make the world  safer through more effective Risk Management policies, procedures and practices and to provide focused and entertaining RM presentations, workshops, consultations, and on-site training. " 

Our Strategic Action Plan...

"We'll guide your family, business, association, community, and country through any crisis using internationally recognized Risk Management methods, the Incident Command System (ICS), and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) as a quality standard!"                                                                                      Rich Woldt CEO - The RMLC


Focus: Our focus is on managing fidelity bond, property, casualty, natural disaster and all  life threatening risks, including bomb threats, biological warfare, terrorism, extortion, home invasions, gang warfare, and pandemics. 

This site is NOT a substitute for what's taught by your local Emergency Government and Law Enforcement professionals. Rather, it's designed to support their efforts and reinforces their training!

For example if you need to learn about the latest in "Incident Command" contact your local Director of Emergency Government or Fire Chief. If you need to understand the latest in Law Enforcement policies and procedures, contact your County/Parish Sheriff, Chief of Police, Riff-of-the-Shire, or Guarda Chief.  Click here for a link to US Government Federal, State, and Local resources.

These trained Emergency Government and Law Enforcement professionals will provide you with the most current Risk Management, Incident Command System (ICS), National Incident Management System (NIMS), and First Responder' protocols. Our mission at this site is to study current Risk Management, ICS, NIMS, and First Responder protocol' theory, and practices and than adopt what works best to the community at large. Please visit our sister site to learn how your community can benefit most from what's taught at this site. 


(9-12-01)The official word "About Us" is...

The Risk Management Learning Center was born the day terrorist attacked innocent men, women and children at the World Trade Center, September 11, 2001. Our RM center is staffed by a cadre of professionally trained and  "street smart" risk managers focused on life threatening risks such as natural disasters i.e.: hurricanes, tornados, floods, earthquakes, etc. and terrorist attacks, armed robberies, home invasions, kidnappings, homicides, extortions, and gang warfare. Some research is focused on funding of organized crime and terrorist activity which includes money laundering, drug trafficking, forgery, fraud, embezzlement, and scams.

Risk Management 007 LLC is the parent company while our sister site,, offers Community Outreach Programs via the Internet along with our Virtual Incident Command System (V-ICS) offered as a no cost tutorial. 

RMLC faculty are mentored by over 500 frontline Risk Managers from the public and private sector representing major industries and most counties and cultures. Mentors monitor RMLC research and white papers and offer their candid opinions and comments to ensure our RM methods and conclusions will work on the street and in the "real world."

RMLC faculty are all independent business men and women who benefit from the RMLC as a point of contact with their clients and customers. Many faculty seek new clientele and teaching opportunities while others are content to stay close to home and spend time with grandchildren and on retirement hobbies. All faculty benefit from keeping in touch with our global cadre of professional Risk Managers. All are willing to share their RM wisdom, access to personal research files, and their white papers documenting years of experience fighting crime on the frontlines. 

Our "Community Outreach Programs 007" ( site offers Risk Management training, workshops, and presentations for your business, association, school, church, or club, including contingency planning before and incident management during and after a disaster, terrorist attack, or life threatening incident.  Both sites use the RMLC  "Virtual Incident Command System" to promote Incident Command (IC) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) around the world.   Rich Woldt

Thank you for visiting our site!

WorkshopsFacultyR&D CenterContinuing Ed HLS Mentors

R&D LibraryAbout UsFacultyPresentations Deep Throat Files Follow-up Support   

Richard Woldt

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