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CPP, CFE, Private Detective, ACFEI Homeland Security Level III

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Welcome to our Faculty Mentor's page...
We have over 500 mentors representing most major industries, countries and cultures. Many are active retirees from law enforcement, emergency government, politics, private security, etc. who now have the time to conduct research, offer opinions based on their real word experience, and in every way mentor our faculty. Many prefer to work under cover so you'll not see their name listed anywhere. Some prefer to keep their contact information secret so the email addresses you'll see are routed through our web site. I ask that you respect their wishes and for the most part, don't use any contact information we make public. If you with to have your name moved off our public records, just let me know. Use the faculty mentor input form to the right.  The RMLC  .... Comments & Contributions are Welcome! Click Here! or call me direct!



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Faculty Mentor' Lists for Door, Kewanee, Brown, and Dane County Wisconsin's Virtual - Incident Command System' Project


County, County, Parish, Community Stake Holders:

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Building & Construction Stake Holders / Their mission is to create reliable supply lines to include personnel for cleanup and reconstruction.

Emergency Government Personnel & and EMTs / They are the primary drivers from the moment the disaster strikes until victims are back to normal.

Extended Care Facility Stake Holder / This includes all senior citizen' facilities, hospitials, public and private nursing homes, elder care, those receiving meals on wheels those receiving home care, and anyone recognized as needing assistance due to a disability.

Faith Based Stake Holder / During disasters "faith based" mentors respond as a unit to the staging area for deployment to the incident scene, shelters, emergency operations center, command posts, etc. There mission is to set up emotional support systems for victims, evacuees, first responders, and emergency services personnel.   

Fast Food Stake Holders /

Financial Institution Stake Holders / This includes banks, credit unions, estate planners, etc. They report to the Chief of Finance and focus on victim liquidity needs and recovery funding.

Fire Fighters /

Funeral Home Stake Holders /

Insurance Industry Mentors /

International Risk Managers /

Judicial & Attorney Stake Holders /

Local Law Enforcement /

Military Veterans & Chain of Command /

Sheriff - County & Parish Law Enforcement /

State & Federal Law Enforcement /

Political Stake Holders /

Private and Contract Security /

Southeastern Wisconsin Homeland Security Partnership /

University - Academic Stake Holders /

Volunteer & Private Industry Stake Holders /

 Other Faculty Mentor Stake Holders - This is a partial directory of RMLC mentors. Mentors currently number over 500  representing most countries, major industries and levels of law enforcement.

Door: County, Township, Community, Stake Holders:

Door Co. Development Stake Holders - Employee Concentration Risk / County Statutory Committees, Commissions and Board Stake Holders / County Offices & Personnel Stake Holders / Youth Organizations - Stake Holder / RMLC V-ICS Roster


Mentor Orientation:  So that you might have a point of reference, it might help to read my white paper titled "An Introduction to International Risk Management" and "The Pyramid Road to Recovery" which is based on Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.  
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The Virtual - Incident Command System (V-ICS)

 A RMLC Faculty & Faculty Mentor Briefing!

Goals and Objectives: "Provide fire fighters,  EMTs, law enforcement, emergency government, and Homeland Security professionals with a "training base" resource and the general public with a "Performance Based" tutorial on Incident Command.  

Our Strategic Action Plan...

"Design, develop and deploy web supported Incident Command (IC) templates that can be used by any company, organization, association or group interested in responding to community wide disasters, terrorist attacks, or any life threatening incident. Create training based ICS templates for the public sector, performance based templates  for the public sector and internet based programs to effectively test response protocols and economically deploy response assets.                                                                               Rich Woldt CEO - The RMLC


The Risk Management Learning Center


RMLC Faculty Mentors 2006

"Experience is your greatest teacher!"

"Don't judge anyone's performance until you walk a mile in their moccasins"

The Virtual Incident Command System (V-ICS) is staffed by experienced RMLC faculty who've learned the ICS during the Oklahoma City Bombing, the '95 and 9-11-01 attack on the World Trade Center, 2005 Hurricanes Charley, Ophelia, Dennis, Emily, Ivan, Katrina, Rita and Wilma, tornados in Stoughton Wisconsin , the Town of Dunn, village of Egg Harbor, and less dramatic yet life threatening incidents to include bank robberies, home invasions, extortions, bomb threats, and BLEVEs.

To ensure RMLC conclusions, recommendations, and response protocols work in your "real world," faculty white papers are periodically posted for review by a RMLC "Faculty Mentors." This growing body of frontline, street smart, faculty mentors come from all "walks-of-life to represent both the public and private sectors, their country, community, neighborhood, and personal family unit. Mentors include internationally recognized risk managers and security professionals, community and business leaders, church and school administrators, retired and active military personnel, psychologists, sociologists, as well as convicted felons both currently serving time and back on the street.

Our expressed goal is to create a V-ICS that's endorsed from the top down but built from the "grassroots" or family unit up. Mentor groups are formed around regional RM projects and to support faculty research projects. Following a partial list of mentors monitoring a V-ICS created for Door County Wisconsin. 


Note to Reader: The staffing of the V-ICS only indicates an RMLC faculty person most likely to perform the duties and responsibilities of an ICS position based on career and life experiences. The "My County ICS" recommends staffing based on County government and job responsibilities. We recommend two people be selected for each position and everyone be cross trained. You'll never know who will be available when disaster strikes!

Incident Commander: There is one “Incident Commander (IC) for each incident so all coordination flows to one person authorized to act. The IC should be the one most familiar with the incident. If needed, the IC designates three Command Staff. “Safety” monitors the scene to ensure its safe and all responders are qualified, equipped and ready to roll, “Information” handles the media and makes sure everyone is informed of facts as they unfold. And to ensure everyone know where to go and to who they'll report, the “Liaison” coordinates responding agencies when the IC moves from a “Single Command” to a “Unified Command.”

Operations: Sets up staging areas to assemble response assets and coordinate personnel when the IC requests a “strike” or “mission” operation. For example, a SWAT team might have to strike first to stop a sniper, followed by firemen, EMTs, and transporters on a mission to rescue the injured, followed by engineers and contractors to rebuild the area. The operations section carries out the tactics necessary to achieve the strategic objectives given by the incident command or unified command.

Staging Area(s): Staging areas are used to inventory response assets and assemble personnel at a safe and secure distance from the “Hot Site.” Staging areas are used to equip, coordinate, brief, and deploy response personnel. 

Planning: “Strategic” and “Contingency” planners write “incident action plan(s)” for the duration of the incident based on the incident goals and strategic objectives determined by the incident commander or the unified command. Based on damage assessments and reports from Operations, plans are written for the next operational period which may be 8, 12, or 24 48 hours. During major disasters such as the Oklahoma City bombing, 9-11, and Hurricane Katrina, long range recovery plans for the next 6 to 12 months might be proposed.

Logistics: First determines where the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) and Staging Areas should be located and than makes sure they are properly equipped and ready to occupy. This included providing appropriate table space for Operations, Planning, Logistics, Finance, and other EOC personnel, a separate media briefing room and secured communication links. In addition to monitoring victims, Logistics is responsible to provide housing, food, training and incident supplies for all responders
The following was distributed to Hurricane victims, responders, and evacuees during Ivan, Katrina, and Rita. Share it as your see fit!    Rich Woldt 10-05  Faculty Mentors! Click Here or on ? to submit comments, opinions and white papers!


Per request from some mentors, personal contact information is routed through rmlearningcenter.com email address. Therefore some addresses are truncated. Rich

Faculty Mentor/Advisor

Title or Position 

Email Address & Telephone number



Political Mentors

Political mentors include legislators, registered lobbyists, elected and appointed officials:

Representative Gary Bies

State Representative  Wisconsin



1st Assembly District - Door &- Kewaunee Counties - Corrections, Courts, Highway Safety, Veteran's Affairs, Tribal Rel. etc. 

Representative Frank Lasee State Representative Wisconsin rep.lasee@legis.state.wi.us 2nd Assembly District Brown & Manitowoc Counties
Deb Rasmussen Legislative Assist. 2nd Assembly District debra.rasmussen@legis.state.wi.us Frank Lasee   Legislative  Assistant
Lance Burri 2nd Assembly District debra.rasmussen@legis.state.wi.us Frank Lasee    Research Analyst
Senator Ron Brown 31st Senate District 31st Senate District sen.brown@legis.state.wi.us Homeland Security, Military Affairs, Government Reform, Insurance

Senator Robert Cowles

State Senator


2nd Senate District Green Bay, WI

Representative Scott Suder State Representative Wisconsin rep.suder@legis.state.wi.us 69th Assembly Dist - Homeland Security
Luke Hilgemann Legislative Assist. Legislative Assistant -Media Relations luke.hilgemann@legis.state.wi.us Media Management
Anne Emerson - Research Asst Legislative Assistant Research & Dev. ann.emerson@legis.state.wi.us Legislative Research
Representative Pat Strachota State Representative Wisconsin rep.strachota@legis.state.wi.us 58th Assembly District West Bend - Economic Development Corp
Representative Alvan (Al) Ott State Representative Wisconsin rep.ott@legis.state.wi.us 3 rd Assembly District Calumet County
Representative   Ann Nischke State Representative Wisconsin rep.nischke@legis.state.wi.us 97 Assembly District Waukesha - Insurance -Chair

Charlie Most

Chairman – Door Co. Board


County Government

Jud Genereau

Door County Administrator


County Government

Nancy A. Bemmen

County Clerk – Door County


County Government

Kenney Fisher

Door Co. Board - Finance


County Government

Richard “Biz” Virlee

Door Co. Board –Law Enforcement


County Government – Law Enforcement

Edmond “Ed” Minihan

Dunn Town Chairman


Town Government

Rozaland “Raz” Gausman

Dunn Town Clerk


Town Government

Roger Johnson

Dept Alchole – Tobacco


Regulator – Law Enforcement

Michael Tuten

Wisconsin Dept of Financial Inst.


Regulator - DFI

Steven P. Sheehan

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp


Regulator - FDIC

Jay Zahn

Treasurer – Door County


County Treasurer

Shirley Scalish Door Co. Finance Director scalish@co.door.wi.us County Finance
James T. Jetzke Personnel/Human Resources Director jjetzke@co.door.wi.us County Government Human Resources
Dennis McIntosh Mayor Mayor            Sturgeon Bay WI dmcintosh@baylake.com City Government Fmr. Police Chief, Bank Security officer
Bruce Hill President Village of Egg Harbor lull-abi@dcwis.com Village Government

Fire Fighters & and EMTs

Fire Fighters include all paid and volunteer fire fighters in both public and private sectors:

Kieth Tviet

City of Ashland Fire Dept - Chief

Kieth Tviet

City of Ashland Fire Dept - Chief

Tim Herlache

Fire Chief City of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Tim Herlache

Fire Chief City of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Chris Hecht

Fire Chief Sister Bay, Wisconsin

Chris Hecht

Fire Chief Sister Bay, Wisconsin

Dan Stahl

Fire Chief Gibraltar

Fish Creek, WI

Dan Stahl

Fire Chief Gibraltar

Fish Creek, WI

Mark Boegenschultlz

Fire Chief Egg Harbor, WI

Mark Boegenschultlz

Fire Chief

Francis Formanek

Division Chief, Training Bureau


La Crosse Fire Department

 Jeffery Brohmer

Division Chief Fire Prevention, Fire Safety Control Bureau


La Crosse Fire Department









Emergency Government Personnel

Emergency Government Personnel include employees of local, county, state and national agencies. This also includes Crisis First Responders such as EMTs and Hospital ER personnel.

Jerry Haberl

Wisconsin State Emergency Gov

Jerry Haberl

Wisconsin State Emergency Gov

Richard “Dick” Burress

Director: Co. Emergency Government

Richard “Dick” Burress

County Emergency Government

Ann Demeuse

Coordinator of Emergency Management Door County

Ann Demeuse

Emergency Management Door County, WI

Jim Olson

Door Co. EMT

Jim Olson

Door Co. EMT

Lawrence C. Reed the III - Response Section Supervisor State of Wis. Dept of Military Affairs larry.reed@dma.state.wi.us Wisconsin Emergency Response Supervisor
Jennifer Lord Kouraichi Drector Director: Clark County (WI) Emergency Management jennifer.lordkouraichi@co.clark.wi.us Emergency Government
Johnnie L. Smith Administrator for State of Wis. Dept of Military Affairs johnnie.smith@dma.state.wi.us Wisconsin Emergency Management

 Keith Butler

Emergency Mngmt Coordinator of La Crosse County


La Crosse Co. (WI) Emergency Services

 Robert P. Ritger

Bioterrorism Coordinator


Ritger Consulting LLC

 Jeanette Lenser

Administrator, Public Safety  Emergency Management


La Crosse Co. (WI) Emergency Services

 Shirley Connors

Coordinator, Rock Co. Emergency Mngmt


Rock County Emergency Mngmt

 Dallas Neville

Emergency Police Services Coodinator


Wisconsin Dept of Military Affairs

Ann Garvey Mitigation & Recovery ann.garvey@hlsem.state.ia.us Iowa Dept. of Public Defense - Homeland Security & Emergency Mgmt













Sheriff - County & Parish Law Enforcement

Include elected Riffs of the Shire, county sheriffs, and deputized department officers:

Terry Vogel

Shiriff – Door Co.



Charles “Chuck” Brann

Sheriff Door Co. Retired



Bill Larson

Sheriff-s Dept – Door Co.



Jim Grondon

Sheriff’s Dept Door Co.



Linda Pederson

Sheriff’s Dept

Dane Co.



Chuck Brann

Sheriff Dept & Co. Board


Sheriff & Co. Government

 Mark Hilsabeck

Sheriff Dept - Door County Deputy.


Sheriff - Deputy Patrolman













City and Local Law Enforcement

Include elected police chiefs, guarda, and deputized department officers:

Mike Boyle

Detective NJPD


Detective NJPD

Chris Nielsen

Baraboo PD


Baraboo PD

Tony Conti




Jim Kasuzbski




Mark R. Ratzlaff

Janesville PD


Narcotics Enforcement Team

Todd Nelson

Chief of Police


La Crescent Police Department (MN)

Ann Wellens

Chief of Police


South Milwaukee Police Department

Susan Riseling

Chief of Police, Vice President at Large; UW Police Dept.


International Association of Chiefs of Police





State & Federal Law Enforcement

Include Federal officers and duly deputized officers:

Dennis Kruger

State Police


State Police

Brad Altman

State Police


State Police

Jerry Kuehn

Sec Service/FCI


State Fraud Investigator

Roger Johnson

Dept of AFT


State Government

Leo Zipperer

State Police Retired


State Police & Co. Board

Neil Purtell


RMLC Faculty


Steven P. Van Hoof

FBI Special Agent



Mike Koll

Secret Service

RMLC Faculty

Secret Service

Derrick Golden

Secret Service


Secret Service





 Insurance Industry Mentors

Senator Ron Brown 31st Senate District 31st Senate District sen.brown@legis.state.wi.us Homeland Security, Military Affairs, Government Reform, Insurance

Eugene Quigley

International RM & Insurance


International Underwriting

Mark Przybelski

Internatioanl RM - Europe


Europe RM


Steve Finnigan

International RM & Police Great Britain – N & S Ireland


RM Financials & Law Enforcement

Paul Treinen

International China &

So. Korea


Asian Financial Cooperatives

Javier Tejeda-Vera

International Caribbean – Puerto Rico – Latin America


RM Financials & Regulators

Gordon Bacon

International RM Europe - Ireland


International RM - Financials

Mike Celichowski

International RM


International RM

Dr. Richard “Dick”  Heins

RM Professor CEO - CMG


Insurance Industry RM

Steve Rabach Agency Owner

State Farm


Agency & Claims

Tom Shcnieder American Family   Agency & Claims
Richard M. Heins CEO CUNA Mutual - CUMIS - Retired Doc.Heins@RMLearningCenter.com Insurance Industry
Robert L. Curry CEO CUNA Mutual - CUMIS - Retired Bob.Curry@RMLearningCenter.com Insurance Industry
Richard Keintz CFO CUNA Mutual - CUMIS - Retired Dick.Keintz@RMLearningCenter.com Insurance Industry
Mark Theisen Thivent Financial for Lutherans Dir of Safety and Security mark.theisen@thivent.com ASIS Regional VP
John Gibson CUNA Mutual Exec. Retired jgibson45@charter.net Insurane Industry RM focus on P&C

Financial Institution Mentors

Includes banks, credit unions, credit cooperatives, and registered lending institutions:  

Tom Herlache President

Baylake Banks







CUNA Management  School – Denton TX

Credit Union Presidents & VPs SW USA


Credit Unions

CUNA Management  School – Athens Ga. Credit Union Presidents & VPs SE USA


Credit Unions

CUNA Management  School – Madison WI Credit Union Presidents & VPs NE & Central  USA


Credit Unions

CUNA Management  School – California Credit Union Presidents & VPs NW & West  USA


Credit Unions

ABCUL Credit Union Presidents & VPs - Great Britain & Ireland


Credit Unions

JCUL Credit Union Presidents & VPs - Jamaica & Caribbean Islands


Credit Unions

Asia & Pacific Credit Union Associations Credit Union Presidents & VPs - Asia, Australia, So. Korea, etc.


Credit Unions

Canada & So. America - Includes CULAC Credit Union Presidents & VPs - Canada & South America


Credit Unions

CUNA Inc. & Affiliates Credit Union Presidents & VPs - US Credit Union Leaders


Credit Unions

Associations of CU League Educators  Global CU Educators


Credit Unions

WOCCU World Council of Credit Unions


Credit Unions

Credit Union Cruise Educators Educruises - CU Conferences & RMLC Fox at Sea


Credit Unions

Tom Polocheck Christ the King Financial consultant tomp@dcwis.com RMLC Faculty
Lynn Polocheck Christ the King Registered Nurse RN lynnp@dcwis.com RMLC Faculty
Patrick R. Lolares Director of Ed & Training California CUL partricks@ccul.org Credit Unions
Dana Russell Education Director Colorado CUL drussell@colocu.com Credit Unions
William Blumenberg Security Specialist bill.blumenberg@micorp.com Marshall & Ilsley Corporation (M&I)
Kathryn Denton Securities Examiner; Bureau Registration & Enforcement kathryn.denton@dfi.state.wi.us State of Wisconsin - Dept. of Financial Institutions

Funeral Home Mentors


Clyde C. Casperson - Director

Casperson Funeral Home


Funeral Home

Gregory K. Casperson - Owner

Casperson Funeral Home - Sister Bay, WI


Funeral Home

 Harold R. Forbes Director

Forbes Funeral Home Sturgeon Bay, WI


Funeral Home

 Mark S. Forbes Director

Forbes Funeral Home Sturgeon Bay, WI


Funeral Home

Todd W. Huehns Director Huehns Funeral Home huehnsfuneralhome@charter.net Funeral Home
Renee Huehns Representative Huehns Funeral Home huehnsfuneralhome@charter.net Funeral Home

Private and Contract Security Mentors

Shawn Smith



Private Security

Dave Meeker

Specialized Protection Services

970-925-7810 www.specproserv.com 877-925-7810 & 970-925-7810

Executive Protection





Judicial & Attorney Mentors


Richard Tierney

RMLC - Legal



John Eliason

RMLC - Legal



Stephen Johnson

Door County Attorney


Legal & Red Cross & Boy Scouts, etc.









University - Academic Mentors

Dr. Dan Anderson

UW- RM Professor


RM Professor

Ian Schwartz

UW – President of Risk & Ins Society


RM Student

Angela Fisher

RMLC Student Liaison


RM Student

Robert Nickel Principal

Sevastopol            High School


High School Principal

Linda Schultz Director of Building and Grounds

Sevastopool School District - Door Co. WI ICS & NIMS Trained


School Security & Safety

 Sue (Jarman) & Skip Kaeske

School Psychologist


School Psychologist So. Wisconsin

Carl Scholz Retired Savastopol High School Principal carlscholz@doorpi.net High School Principal - Veteran
Richard M. Heins CEO CUNA Mutual - CUMIS - Retired Doc.Heins@RMLearningCenter.com Insurance Industry
Robert L. Curry CEO CUNA Mutual - CUMIS - Retired Bob.Curry@RMLearningCenter.com Insurance Industry
Vicki M. Bier Ph.D. Uof Wisc University of Wisconsin bier@engr.wisc.edu Pandemic Risk Analysis UW
Anthony Macintyre, MD Associate Professor, Medical Emergency Management & Response Program amacintyre@mfa.gwu.edu Associated Professor, George Washington University
Marilyn Hansmann Vice President Finance & Facilities marilyn.hansmann@roch.edu Rochester Community and Technical College
Patrick Fisher Law Enforcement Coordinator fisherp@wwtc.edu Western Wisconsin Technical College
Radford Jones Academic Specialist - School of Criminal Justice jonesrad@msu.edu Michigan State University

Southeastern Wisconsin Homeland Security Partnership

Hugh Kirsh

Facility Safety Officer


Froedtert Hospital

Jeffery Clark

Attorney – Homeland Security


Reinhart -Boerner - Van Deuren Law Firm

Mathew D. Meyer

AVP Corp Business Continuity Planning


Marshall & Ilsley – M&I Bank support Corp.

Richard D. Janezic

Business Development Executive


CC&N Communications Corporation

William Thiemann

1st VP Bus Continuity Mgmt – Information Technology


Baird Investment Corp.

Gary Daniels

Director Corp Bus Continuity Planning


Marshall & Ilsley – M&I Bank support Corp.

Ann Winchell

Business Continuity Coordinator



Insurance Company

Steven Kay

Process & Crisis Mgr.


GE Healthcare

Jean Lambert

Internal Audit Mgr. RN


Hospital Internal Auditor -RN

Bert DuChateau

Security Manager



Insurance Company

Jack M. Reyes

Director Corp Security


Alarm Company & Access Controls













Volunteer & Private Industry Mentors

Carl Carlson

Commander VFW Post 8337



Mark Follett

Founder/CEO of Relevant Radio











Joe Gryz

Associeated Banc-Corp


Financial Security Officer

Al Roder

Hartland CU VP Security Officer


Financials Credit Unions

Robert Carmichael

Credit Union Security


Financial Security

Richard Bertrang Jr.

Security Coordinator


Auditorium Entertainment Center

Larry M. Steffes CPA

Insurance Claims Adjuster


Insurance Industry Claims and Auditing

Ronald T. Parker CPA

Clifton Gunderson LLP


Financial & Fraud Audits

 Nancy Taylor




 Joe Boppre Government Acct Representative

SPRINT Nextel       414-788-6704


Communications during Disasters Response teams





Extended Care Facility Mentors

Dave Broock Administrater

Scandia Village Good Samaritan – Sister Bay, WI


Extended Care Facility

Martha Coventry RN Administrator

Hearthside Cordial Care


Extended Care Facility

Vickie Gonzales LPN

Hearthside Cordial Care Sister Bay, WI



Lynn Christenson Benet Specialist Door County Senior Resource Center lchriste@co.door.wi.us Senior Care





Faith Based Mentors

This includes all faith based organizations include all church leaders and their support organizations.

Bishop David Zubic

Green Bay Diocese


Catholic Priest

Fr. Anthony Burtsell

Corpus Christi – Sturgeon Bay



Paul Zenefski Deacon

Corpus Christi – Sturgeon Bay


Catholic Deacon

 Fr. William Stevenson

Stella Maris Parish - St Michael, St Mary of the Lake, St John, St Paul, St Rosalia & Washington Island


Catholic Priest

Rev. Richard Mauthe Weekend Assistant frstevenson@dcwis.com Catholic Priest
Penny Biwer Stella Maris Faith Formation Coordinator faithchurch@dcwis.com Catholic Mentoring
Jim Jauquet Stella Maris Business Mgr. managechurch@dcwis.com Catholic Mentoring
Nancy Taylor Christ the King Catholic Church nctaylor@verizon.net Mission Home Building
James Taylor Christ the King Catholic Church nctaylor@verizon.net Mission Home Building -McFarland WI
Robert Mecum Christ the King Catholic Church robt@merr.com Photography & Assistance to Visually Impaired
Sue Gunderson Paster Immanuel Lutheran Church Baileys Harbor WI immanuelchurch83@juno.com Paster
Sherry Buresh Disaster Relief - Human Service Missions Assistant Director sburesh@chrisapp.org Christian Appalachian Project (Mt. Vernon, KY)

Building & Construction Mentors

This includes all building and supply companies, architects, engineers, excavation & heavy equipment companies, licensed electricians, carpenters, plumbers, etc. A link the yellow pages can help select local resources. The goal is to keep as much reconstruction labor and materials coming from the victimized neighborhood as possible.

Roger Bergen – Manager Lamperts

Lumber & Blding Materials


Building and Construction & Red Cross & Disaster Recovery

Kurt Vandenhouten

Van’s Lumber Company


Building and Construction

Dave Burke

Dave’s Tree Service


Tree Removal Service

Todd Burke

Dave’s Tree Service


Tree Removal Service

David Lund Architect Engineering Consultant lund@rmlearningcenter.com Shelter-in-place Engineer

International Risk Managers Mentors


Eugene Quigley

International RM & Insurance



International Underwriting

Mark Przybelski

Internatioanl RM - Europe


Europe RM


Steve Finnigan

International RM & Police Great Britain – N & S Ireland


RM Financials & Law Enforcement

Paul Treinen

International China &

So. Korea


Asian Financial Cooperatives

Javier Tejeda-Vera

International Caribbean – Puerto Rico – Latin America


RM Financials & Regulators

Robin Levy

RM Jamaica Financials & Stock Exchange


Jamaica Financials and Stock Exchange

Gordon Bacon

International RM Europe - Ireland


International RM - Financials

Mike Celichowski

International RM


International RM









Dr. Richard “Dick”  Heins

RM Professor CEO - CMG


Insurance Industry RM













Military Veterans & Post Commanders Mentors

Scot McFarland & Jayne Buelow

Veteran’s Service Officer

smcfarland@co.door.wi.us or Jbuelow@co.door.wi.us


Jayne is standing in for Scott until further notice

Terry MacDonald

Chairman Veteran Council

tmac@doorpi.net                                  920-743-6860

Veteran Council

Bob Gamble Adjutant

Veteran Council


Veteran Council

Dave Rokes Commander


Mobile Bay

920-746-9491 home 920-743-2646 work

Coast Guard Commander

Sr. Chief Hiller Commander



Mobile Bay


Coast Guard Commander

Peter Santner Commander

AMVETS Post 51


Post Commander





Michael Roatch Commander

Archie Lackshire Post 72


Post Commander

Terry McNulty Commander

AL Post 372



Wayne Boshka Commander

AL Post 402


Post Commander

Tom Kowalski Commander

AL Post 527


Post Commander

Roger Ohnesorge Commander

VFW Post 9290


Post Commander

Donald Zinngrabe Commander

VFW Post 3088


Post Commander

Carl Carlson Commander

VFW Post 8337


Post Commander

Harold Wolf Commander

Cooties Post 43


Post Commander

Roger Strege Commandant




Col. Richard Davis

Concerned Veteran


Concerned Veteran

Ken Maudsley

MOS – WWII 90 plus


VFW #8337

Bill Oldenburg Chief Coast Guard - Sturgeon Bay botse@itol.com 920-743-1176 Coast Guard
Ben Logerquist Veteran 920-743-1176 VFW
Lee Burnett NAVY Quartermaster  VFW Post 8337 Navy Master Chief FCCM (SW) burnett@dcwis.com VFW Post #8337 Navy Warfare Specialist
Col Richard Davis Special Ops Army - VFW Post 8337 920-854-2415 Army - Combat Operations
Davis Sitte       Army Army Korea           VFW #8337 davissitte@hotmail.com Korea - Combat Operations
John Mahoney Combat Pilot Army Air Corp WWII jemani@dcwis.com Homeland Secuirty - Libbery Grove - Town Government
David Niedzwiecki Navy Special Ops Navy - Korea Underwater Demolition   Navy Operations
Donald Johnson Army WWII Army WWII   Army - Combat Support
Ruth Jischkie WWII Women Aux   Community Relations
Dr. Owen Larson WWII Army Air Corp olarson@dc.wis.com                             920-854-2761 Medic & Triage Operations
Lawrence C. Reed the III - Response Section Supervisor State of Wis. Dept of Military Affairs larry.reed@dma.state.wi.us Wisconsin Emergency Response Supervisor
Tim Thiers - Veteran Service Officer Manitowoc County timthiers@co.manitowoc.wi.us State Legislature Chairman AMVETs 3rd Dist Commander
Richard Jehn     VFW Post 388 Wausau 715-842-2956   Helped Melissa Zastrow
Jack Sliwicki AMVETs          Post  3929 Wausau 715-446-3468   Helped Melissa Zastrow
Zane Mendoz Elgart Baumann AMERican Legion Wausau 715-842-2442   Helped Melissa Zastrow

US Military Active Duty with one or more tours in Iraq:

August J. Richard Army - Parent Mark Richard mrwildlife@dcwis.com  920-868-3924 Military Briefings - Operations

Door County Veterans registered on V-ICS

 Colin Powell   Rich@rmlearningcenter.com Chief of Staff
John Ashcroff   Rich@rmlearningcenter.com  
Lee Dreyfuss - Tom Bluett   Rich@rmlearningcenter.com  
Tommy Thompson   Rich@rmlearningcenter.com  

John Mahoney

Supervisor Town of Liberty Grove Homeland Security Coordinator Liberty Grove


VFW #8337 & Town Government  Homeland Security Director

Lee Burnett Quarter master

Post 8337


Quartermaster & Finance

Bruce Snyder Adjutant

Marine Corps League Door Peninsula Detachment # 1130


Marine Corps - Deployment

Carl T. Carlson Commander

VFW Post 8337 Liberty Grove, WI


VFW Post Deployment

Special Ops Budzis

VFW Post 8337 Liberty Grove, WI


VFW Post Special Forces

Davis Sitte -         SGT - US Army VFW Post 8337 Liberty Grove, WI davissitte@hotmail.com VFW Post - Army
Rich Woldt - Chaplain US Army VFW Post 8337 Liberty Grove, WI Rich@rmlearningcenter.com VFW Post Chaplain
Dr. Larson WWI Army Air Corp VFW Post 8337 Liberty Grove, WI olarson@dc.wis.com VFW Post Medical Triage & Air Operations
Don Jenson US Army Korea VFW Post 8337 Liberty Grove, WI skybluepink@dcwis.com VFW - Planning
Carl Scholz Principal  Retired VFW Post 3088 Sturgeon Bay, WI scholz@doorpi.net School Security & Evacuations
Jeffrey Bastar -  US Air Force VFW Post 8337 Liberty Grove, WI jeffrey.bastar@dcma.mil Special Operations - Airforce
Doug Wilson US Army West Point Unassigned vwilson@itol.com TDY
Dr. Steve Davis  US Army West Point Unassigned   TDY- Dr. Northshore Clinic
Ben Logerquist   US Army VFW Post 3088 Sturgeon Bay, WI Unassigned Combat Engineers
Bill Oldengurg - US Coast Guard Unassigned botse@itol.com TDY

Food Distribution Mentors

Jay Adams - Bus Consultant

McDonald’s Corporation


Fast Foods Industry


Grocery Store - Village


Food Supply & Distribution

 Mike Lautenbach Owner - Operator

Mike's Portside Pub


Food Supply & Distribution

Other Faculty Mentors - Evacuations

Ted Eisenreich Director of Facility Operations Green Bay Packers eisenreicht@packers.com Packer Stadium Operations - Evacuations
Pamula J. Kirchman Facilities Coordinator PMI VP paula.kirchman@pmiwi.com Reich Center Arena Operations - Evauations

Robert Durkin Sr.

Posse Coordinator


Personnel Mgmt

Robert Durkin Jr.

Motorola Corporation


Radio & Short-wave Communications

Evacuations Special Operations

Mark Richard Door County Animal Control Officer mrwildlife@dcwis.com 920-868-3924 Wildlife and pet control & Evacuations

Business Association Mentors

Catherine Lynch Director Door County  Chamber of Commerce cathy@doorcounty.com Chamber of Commerce


Michael G. Brown Program Manager mbrown@amti.net AMTI, Inc.
Geary Sikich Principal, Enterprise Assurance Solutions gsikich@logicalmanagement.com Logical Management Systems, Corp.
Nathan K. Garvis Vice President, Government Affairs nate.garvis@target.com Target
Norman Arendt Director, Safety narendt@sehinc.com SEH, Inc.
Brenda Vetting Supervisor, Security Operations Center brenda.vetting@kohler.com Kohler Company
Linda Zimmerman Director of AmeriCorps zimmermanl@wwtc.edu AmeriCorps Wisconsin
William Engfer Director, Recreation Enforcement & Education engfew@dnr.state.wi.us State of Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources
Franz Fredricks Director of Homeland Security Division ffredricks@logisticshealth.com Logistics Health Incorporated (LHI)
Chrystal Woller Assistant Director cwoller@co.oneida.wi.us Oneida County Health Department
Linda Conlon Director / Health Officer lconlon@co.oneida.wi.us Oneida County Health Department
Marge McFarlane Risk Control & Safety Coordinator mmcfarlane@shec.hshs.org Sacred Heart Hospital
Bill Branson Plumbing & Heating Inspector bransonb@cityoflacrosse.org City of La Crosse Inspection Dept.
Kenneth Dentice Director of Building & Inspections denticek@cityoflacrosse.org City of La Crosse
Randy Turtenwald City Engineer turtenwaldr@cityoflacrosse.org City of La Crosse Engineer Dept.
Edward Wall Acting Special Agent in Charge, Statewide Intelligence Center wallef@doj.state.wi.us Wisconsin Dept. of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation
Raj Ramnarace Lieutenant; Midwest Regional Administrator great1@cityoflacrosse.org La Crosse Police
Jeffrey Frenette Captain; Wisconsin State Patrol frenej@mail.state.wi.us Wisconsin State Patrol, District 4
Harlan Johnson Executive Director harlan@mnchiefs.org Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association
Kevin Ruder Police Captain kruder@stevenspointpd.org Stevens Point Police Department
Ben Mendez Colonel, Wisconsin State Patrol benjamin.mendez@dot.state.wi.us Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation
Darren Price Major, Director of Training, WI State Patrol Academy darren.price@dot.state.wi.us Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation
Lauri Steeber Lieutenant, Wisconsin State Patrol, SW Region lauri.steeber@dot.state.wi.us Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation
Brad Altman Sergeant, Wisconsin State Patrol, District 1 brad.altman@dot.state.wi.us Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation
Ted Meagher Lieutenant, WI State Patrol, District 2 ted.meagher@dot.state.wi.us Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation
Paul Bergee   paulbergee@charter.net Bergee Business Continuity Planning
Ray Semko "DICE Man" : Defensive Information to Counter Espionage raymond.semko@dss.mil Security Education, Training & Awareness (MD)
Sandra Huxtable Major, Wisconsin State Patrol sandra.huxtable@dot.state.wi.us Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation
Steve Risser Assistant VP, Corporate Asset & Employee Protection; Corporate Risk Mgmt steve.risser@cunamutual.com Cuna Mutual Group
David Meunier Vice President, Chief Info Security Officer david.meunier@cunamutual.com Cuna Mutual Group
Cris Mattoon Homeland Security Integration; Business Continuity Planning Cris_Mattoon@wowway.com FCS Risk Mitigation Solutions
David Steingraber Executive Director david.steingraber@wisconsin.gov Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance
Steven Kay Process & Crisis Manager steven.kay@med.ge.com GE Healthcare (Waukesha)
Dennis Behr Administrator, Engineering & Operations dbehr@ecb.state.wi.us Educational Communications Board (ECB)
John Schuster Region Director-STS john.schuster@securitasinc.com Securitas Security Services
Ken Shaurette Engagement Manager ken.shaurette@jeffersonwells.com Jefferson Wells (A Manpower Company)
John Hick Department of Emergency Medicine john.hick@co.hennepin.mn.us Hennepin County Medical Center
Gary Warner, Jr. Director - Client Support gwarner@energen.com Energen Corporation
James Brown Computer Incident Response Team; Info Security & Privacy jim.brown@metavante.com Metavante Corporation
Shawn Metzner Wisconsin Chief Operations Officer wtrot@tds.net Safety and Technical Rescue Association
Tony Phillippe Program Administrator enorthwoods@hotmail.com Sokaogon Chippewa Community
John Scholz Network Engineer / Disaster Recovery john.scholz@metavante.com Metavante Corporation
David Schrimp Director,  CIMS: Center Incident Management System dwschrimp@mmm.com 3M Corporate Security
Elaine Meszaros Freelance & Contract Web/ Graphic Design e@emgraphics.net EM Graphics Web & Graphic Design



Convicted Felons  - Federal - State - County

Pool F26   Rich@rmlearningcenter.com Embezzlement, Robbery, Burglary, Extortion, Bomb Threats, Arson, Money Laundering, etc.
Pool S45   Rich@rmlearningcenter.com
Pool C134   Rich@rmlearningcenter.com

Door Co. Development Stake Holders - Employee Concentration Risk!

Company # Employees

Products & Services



Bay Shipbuilding 650

Ship Construction & Repair



DC Memorial Hospital 500

Health Care



County of Door 329

County Government



Hatco Corporation291

Commercial Kitchen Equipment



Sturgeon Bay Schools 213

K-12 Education



Southern Door School 174

K-12 Education



Baylake Bank 165

Financial Services



Palmer Johnson 145

Luxury Yacht Builder



Marine Travel Lift 138

Boat and Industrial Hoists



Wire Tech Fabricators 125

Wire Products



 Total of Top 10 Employers




Development Questions:

Is there an excel data base that could support and automatically update these personnel records. The goal would be to link FrontPage to personnel files?

Note committees, commisstions and boards that are bolded in red. Should these be represted in Planning, Logistics and/or Finance?

County Statutory Committees, Commissions and Boards – Stake Holders

Board of Health

Marc Savard

Email Address

Telephone Contact #s

Civil Service Commission

Charles E. Olson



Community Programs Board

Merrell Runquist



Economic Development

Dan Austad




Norbert Schachtner



Highway Safety Commission

Charles Brann



Land Conservation

Hugh Miliken



Library Board

Richard Haines




Daniel Austad



Long Term Support Planning Committee

Kari Anderson



Senior Resources Commission

Leroy Liebe



Veterans Service Commission

Edson Stevens



Ad Hoc Committees: Children’ Services, Community Steering, Veterans Memorial, Building Committee, Communications Advisory Technical Subcommittee, Archives, Bay Lake Regional Harbor Council, Bay Lake Regional Planning Commission, Door County Historian, Door Co. Housing Authority, John Miles Park Commission, Glacier-land RC & D, Lake Shore Cap Rep, Lake Shore Natural Resources Partnership Executive Committee, Local Elected Officials, Local Emergency Planning Committee, Red River/Sturgeon Bay Priority Watershed – Citizen’s Advisory Committee, WI Development Fund Grant – Loan Review Committee, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Court Commissioners, Condemnation Commission, Elected Officials,  









County Offices & Personnel Stake Holders



Email Address

Contact Numbers

County Administrator

Jude Genereaux



Building Maintenance


Ted Cartney



Child Support


Rodney Dequaine



Airport Director

Keith Kasbohm



Circuit Court Judge

Branch I

Todd Ehlers



Circuit Court Judge

Branch II

Peter C. Diltz



Clerk of Circuit Court

Nancy Robillard



Dept. Head:

Cooperative Extension

Community Dev. Educ.

Rob Burke



Corporation Counsel

Grant P. Thomas



County Clerk

Nancy Bemmann



*Community Programs

Program Director

Mark Morrison



*Mental Health


David Hirn



Staff Psychotherapist

Cy Rosenthal



Development Disability 


Cynthia Zellner-Ehlers



Home Trainer

Sandra Brown












Youth Organizations - Stake Holder









Boy Scouts




Girl Scouts




High School Student Counsel Presidents






Risk Management Learning Center Faculty Roster

RMLC Faculty

ICS Position(s)

Email Address & Telepone number


Rich Woldt

Incident Commander,







Risk Management

Neil Purtell

Incident Commander,

Chief of:

Operations & Staging area





Law Enforcement & Liaison

Paul Bergee

Incident Commander

Chief of Planning





Shawn Smith

Incident Commander

Operations & Staging Area


Chief of Logistics




Gene Quigley


Planning  Logistics Finance



Edmond Minihan

Operations Planning


Chief of Finance



Mike Koll


Staging Area Director of Fraud Investigations Planning Logistics Finance



Dick Radkie


Staging Area Director of Media Relations Planning Logistics



Lucy Harr


Staging Area Assistant Director of Media Relations Planning Logistics Finance
























July 11, 2006
The RMLC V-ICS is staffed by RMLC Faculty and guided by RMLC Faculty Mentors!
Rich Woldt

Incident Commander

Shawn Smith
Lucy Harr
Neil Purtell
John Vardallas
Operations Chief
Paul J Bergee
Planning Chief
Shawn Smith
Logistics Chief
Gene Quigley
Finance Chief
Shawn Smith

Staging Area Director

Shawn Smith

Law Enforcement Liaison

David Koenig

Fire Department Liaison

Dr. James Black

Trauma Mgmt Liaison

Michael Koll

Fraud Investigator

Anthony Conti

SWAT & Hazmat Coordinator

John Eliason

Legal Liability

Dick Radtke Media Mgmt & Press Releases

David McGuinn

SD Box Security

John Vrabec

Safes, Vaults, Alarms, Surveillance   Equipment

Charles Eikel Director of Volunteers & Community Outreach  Personnel (The Red Cross, S-Army, Chamber of Com., Schools, Churches, Military Organizations -VFW -AMVET, business Asso., Etc)

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Incident Commander     Fire Chief Sturgeon Bay - Tim Herlache
  Safety :  Sheriff -       Terry Vogel       
  Information:  Chairman of County Board -         Charlie Most
Operations Chief                       Fire Chief              Sister Bay -    Chris Hecht
Planning Chief Director of Emergency Government -Richard “Dick” Burress 
Logistics Chief Coordinator of Emergency Government -   Ann Demeuse
Finance Chief Shirley Scalish County Clerk - Nancy A. Bemmen
Staging Area Director   Deputy Sheriff - Bill Larson
Law Enforcement Liaison      Deputy Sheriff - Jim Grondon
Fire Fighter Liaison            Egg Harbor Fire chief  - Mark Boegenschultlz
 Trauma Mgmt EMT - Jim Olson
Fraud Investigator Sheriff -           Terry Vogel
SWAT & Hazmat Coordinators -Tim Herlache &  Chris Hecht
Legal Liability
  Business Liaison
President - Business Association
  Veterans County Service Officer - Scot McFarland
  Red Cross
Doctors and Nurses
  Chamber of Commerce

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ICS Procedures:  Law Enforcement Fire Fighters & EMTs, Transportation, Special Operations & Special Services

Mission Strategies & Benefits

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E-mail Updates and consultations upon request - NO SPAM
Periodically our faculty publish comments on  important risks such as during a national crises or to promote  risk specific workshops, presentations, additions to our security catalog or to remind you of RMLC learning opportunities. If you would like to receive these infrequent emails .... Sign up today


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