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Through the 70's I organized credit unions, teaching Risk Management through CUNA and Affiliates. learn more

Through the 80's and 90's I promoted International Risk Management principles and practices through CUNA Mutual Group's U.S. and International Risk Management Departments.

After retiring from CMG in 2001 I formed The Risk Management Learning Center to continue promoting Risk Management  launched research projects in 2001 to adopt 30 years of Credit Union Risk Management to the teach "Private Sector" Incident Command and Control System (ICS) focusing on a global response to earthquakes, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, and tsunamis. learn more

Since the terrorist attacks of 9-11-01 and Hurricane Katrina I've launched a project to teach our Private Sector ICS and CARVER plus Shock Risk Management protocols to veterans through our community outreach sites at:

During 2009, I'll be working with fellow University of Wisconsin to form the UW School of Business Risk Management and Insurance Alumni Association.

During 2009 I will continue to train an international cadre of Credit Union Risk Managers through credit union chapters, leagues, the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) and CUNA Mutual Group (CMG). I will make many of our R&D files available through the local CMG, League, or WOCCU representatives. Most workshop handouts can be downloaded from our RMLC annual summaries: click below to learn more.

RMLC summary of first 5 years 2001 to 2006 

RMLC summary 2007 to 2009

In 2009, we'll continue to encourage credit union leaders, corporate officials, and veteran post commanders to join and support their local ASIS, CFE, and InfraGard chapters. Click on links to the right!             Rich Woldt http://www.asisonline.org



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CPP, CFE, Private Detective



I'm known for my dedication to the world credit union movement, passion for Risk Management, and commitment to form "Private Sector" unified commands and mobilize my fellow veterans during any crisis that overwhelms or exhausts public sector's first responders.


To be mission ready all veterans must stand mission ready come to the aid and support of our active military. Below, Major General Al Wilkening briefs us on Wisconsin's Public-to-Private Homeland Security Partnerships. 

We're building battalions ...one veteran at at time.

learn more

We building on traditions handed down form Fredrick Wilhelm Rafiesen, founder of the credit union movement.  learn more


We're building "Private Sector" Incident Response Teams through the world credit union movement, veteran organizations, our affiliation with professional associations, and our mutual aid/assistance and unified command projects and program 

Richard Woldt - Commander

VFW Post 8337

Liberty Grove Wisconsin

For more information go to.... 

www.DoorCountyVeterans.com, www.VFWPost8337.com, www.RichWoldt.com


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I salute our International Credit Union Risk Managers who've graduated from CUNA Management Schools in the US and those who've completed their basic training through the world credit union movement and their veterans organization. Faculty at our RMLC continue to promote the continuing education courses offered through ASIS, CFE, InfraGard, and the departments of emergency government. We'll continue to raise the bar on International Risk Management Performance Standards through our on-going support of ASIS International. All International Credit Union Risk Managers are asked to join their local ASIS chapter click here, their local Association of Certified Fraud Examiners chapter click here, and become a member of InfraGard click here.  I will happy to provide a letter of introduction for any Credit Union Risk Manager or VFW member joining their local ASIS, CFE, or InfraGard chapters.       Rich Woldt

RMLC Faculty Bulletin Boards

Mission Focus 2009:  We will continue to provide Operational Risk Management training through the world credit union movement and CUNA Mutual Group. We'll continue to focus on fidelity bond risks (Burglary, Robbery, Forgery, Fraud, Embezzlement, Liability, Bomb Threats and Terrorist Attacks, etc.) as well as contingency and business continuity planning for natural disasters and pandemics. Based on our benchmarking of International Risk Management methods and best practices we'll be offering Risk Management basic training in Incident Command and Control and CARVER plus Shock Risk Management protocols for the private sector.

Personal comment...  I've been ordered to slow down and spend more time on my Harley, on my tractors, and in my "Man Cave." Consequently, I encourage you to go through your education directors at your chapter, league, and national association level for access to our   

International Risk Management Performance Standards: Since taking my 30 year retirement from CUNA Mutual on June 29, 2001, we've continued to build a network of International Credit Union Risk Managers (I-CURMs) linking CURMs at CMG' headquarters in Madison Wisconsin through CURMs at the CMG district and regional levels to CURMs embedded on the front lines at each of their bond holders. This positions the world credit union movement better than any other organization, anywhere in the world, anytime in history to respond to any community crisis no matter the type, scope, potential for scope creep, or duration. In 2008 we laid the ground work to mobilize the private sector during any large scale community crisis using the world credit union movement to stabilize and rebuild the economic infra structure and veterans to establish and maintain command and control during the crisis. Through our RMLC outreach sites at www.DoorCountyVeterans.com, www.VFWPost8337.com, and www.COPs007.com we're going to deliver internet based training in Operational Risk Management, a "Private Sector" version of the Incident Command System, as well as training in CARVER plus Shock as the private sector protocol for conducting regional and community threat assessments.    


United We Stand - Divided We Fall! 

Posted Notes from the CEO:  Click here for an introduction to Crisis Management and Public-to-Private Partnerships!  Rich Woldt 

We've learned much from our surveys of "Best Practices" during hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, pandemics, terrorist attacks, and pandemics. But our best lessons have come from actually setting up a "Private Sector" Emergency Operation Center, field testing our "Private Sector Staging Areas" and running field tests of our "Private Sector Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT)" protocols.

Note: I emphasis "Private Sector" because while we adopt the same Risk Management Systems used by the "Public Sector," we by design assume all public sector emergency government, law enforcement, and fire fighter personnel are more than adequately equipped and trained to be first on the scene and meet all victim needs throughout the duration of the community crisis. Our private sector strategic action plan is based on the reality that at some point the scope of the crisis will overwhelm or the duration will exhaust even the best equipped and trained public sector agency. Our stated goal is to plan for and prepare the private sector so they will be mission ready to seamlessly merger their response and recovery assets into any crisis situation that overwhelms or exhausts public sector first responders.

I emphasis to everyone visiting our Risk Management web sites that they should  first take full advantage of the training and resources offered by their public sector professionals and credit union associations. Directors of emergency governments and training directors from local police and fire authorities should be invited to all of our Homeland Security/Risk Management workshops conducted in your area.


Here is a glimpse into my "Man Cave" / Risk Management Staging Area

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Please Remember! I've been buried in emails so if you really need to contact me, either call my cell phone 608-712-7880 or go through your CUNA Mutual Representative of League Director of Education. I review all credit union and veteran Risk Management surveys monthly.

All Credit Union Risk Managers go through their league, chapter, credit union, or their ASIS and CFE Chapter Chairman, or their InfraGard Liaison to access our RMLC research files and program handouts. All access is to our research is governed by our mutual aid agreements. Veterans should go through their local VFW Post Commanders or InfraGard liaison.


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International Credit Union Risk Managers: Make sure you're including the following in your workshops and RM updates:



Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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In addition to our partnership with InfraGard at www.InfraGard.net, we are also partnering with "Just Stolen" at www.juststolen.net.   Rich Woldt

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