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 Anthony "Tony" Conti is a friend to anyone in harms way!  He's one of the most "street smart" law enforcement officers I've had the privilege to know. I'm sure you're going to enjoy his latest workshops and presentations. You'll learn from his experiences on the frontlines during the attacks on the WTC in '95 and again on 9-11. I hope you enjoy listening and learning from my "street smart" friend from the NYPD.     Rich Woldt  CEO The Risk Management Learning Center 
Anthony Conti, retired NYPD Detective, Specialist in Emergency Service Unit
"Bringing Law Enforcement And Private Security Into A New Era Of Vigilance!"
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Tony Conti was a First Responder to Ground Zero in New York after the 1995 bombing and again on 9-11. It's an understatement to say he brings a career of frontline experience to his presentations and workshops. Tony delivers an up-close and personal account of his career on the NYPD. Tony is a "straight shooter" and a sincere friend to those finding themselves in harms way. I'm proud to consider Tony my good friend and part of our faculty. The emotions he shares during his workshops, underscore his commitment to his profession.                       Rich Woldt,  CEO of The Risk Management Learning Center
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“RMLC Faculty member Anthony "Tony" Conti will be speaking at the 2nd Annual Focus Seminar on Disaster, Response & Planning! March 7th and 8th 2006 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. For more information call 800-236-3400 or 608-258-3400! Tell them Tony sent you!


Professional Biography

  • 1983 joined the NYPD as a street, patrol and anti-crime officer
  • 1987 became a member of the NYPD's elite "Emergency Service Unit" and for the next 17 years received a continuous stream of training and discipline as an active member of that unit
  • became a chem / bio first responder tech with radiological training and detection equipment
  • promoted to the rank of "Detective-specialist"
  • became a senior instructor in the Emergency Service Unit's " specialized training school " at Floyd Bennett Airfield
  • attended the "Emergency response to domestic biological incidents" school operations level given by the Dept. of Justice at L.S.U.
  • 14 year member of the F.E.M.A. "N.Y.T.F-1 Urban Search & Rescue Team" as a rescue and logistics specialist, being deployed several times including the devastating hurricanes in the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • 1993 first responder in the first World Trade Center attack
  • 1995 deployed as a rescue and logistics specialist to Oklahoma City bombing
  • 1996 deployed as a rescue and logistics specialist to summer Olympics in Atlanta
  • first responder by helicopter as a high-rise rescue technician on Sept. 11, 2003 World Trade Center attack subsequently spending the next 9 months there as a recovery specialist

Current Certifications:

  • New York EMT-D Certified Medical Technician
  • HAZ-MAT Technician Level Training and Certification
  • Member of the Long-Range Counter / Sniper Team & Presidential / Dignitarial Motorcade Team
  • N.Y.S. Certified "Emergency Psychological Techncian"
  • R.O.C.O. High Angle & High-rise Rope Rescue Training
  • attended the Global Maritime & Transportation School at the Kings Point Naval Academy being certified and trained in maritime terminal & seaport security
  • current standing member of A.S.I.S. (American Society Of Industrial Security)
  • currently certified by the American College Of Forensic Investigators in Homeland Security

Current Objectives:
Presently consulting and lecturing as "Tact-Source" Consulting, L.L.C. with public and private law enforcement agencies regarding the "Post 9/11 Society" and on domestic preparedness and incident command structuring.

Cell Phone
FAX: 718.229.8848